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  1. Thanks for that bit of info, that clears things up perfectly! I found the packages that are already assembled/tested but it doesn't say how many channels it supports. Also, does it come with the chords and enclosure or do I need to order those separately? If so, where could I find those? And I have another question about one of your earlier posts Tim. You listed some of the things I would need and I'm still unsure of what the "Interface" is? Could you elaborate for me please?
  2. I've been doing research on controllers and as I was looking through Light-O-Rama I found this 16 channel controller http://store.lightorama.com/ba16chpa.html It says you can control up to a 9,000 mini lights display, I'm worried this won't be enough. I'm not sure how many lights I have but not all of them are mini lights. I was thinking of starting with this 16 channel controller for my first year and move up from there next year. Can someone elaborate for me on the whole 9,000 lights thing?
  3. Thanks for the help so far everyone! Tfischer, it's totally cool! Haha It's better now, and a lot easier for everyone! So along with those questions, I'm totally open to suggestions. I kind of like the 1/2 blue 1/2 white icicle lights to accentuate my blue tree. But what about my multi colored lights? I think that is what is making me feel cluttered. I think the whole, blue and white icicle lights in front of each other will be a little too much. Any other suggestions? I like to hear new ideas!
  4. Thanks for the help so far, this is all a lot to think about! Haha I think i'm going to go with "commercial" because I'm not too into the whole building my own controllers. So I have another question, what do I need? In a nutshell. Things like software, controllers? I think I'm looking at something like 16 channels? This is what has been recommended to me for starters. So what do i need? And what are good places for me to get these for a good price and good quality as well? Thanks:santasmileyitty::121_reindeer:
  5. Ok, so I'm not that new at putting up lights. I have been in the game for about 5 years now (I'm only 19) and I have a few questions. You don't need to address every question, but feel free too if you want!:santasmileyitty: 1) I have a lot of lights, and not a lot of time to put them up before December. I live about 20-30 minutes from home and I will only be home October 10-13 and then for the typical thanksgiving break. I'm really just looking for advice, but when do you guys think I should start? 2) Is it better to order online or just go from the store? I live right down the road from
  6. Ok, thanks for the feed back so far! What are some good controllers to look at? And how many would I need?
  7. What are good programs? I'm not looking to spend a fortune. I'm not going to say my price range tho, because I don't want to limit the ideas. So what are some good programs? I'm brand new the computerizing but I would like to try it this year. I would appreciate a lot of help on this ASAP! Thanks everyone!
  8. What is the best bulb type IYO??? Personally I like the G series, the small ones. And I'm looking into the "mini" series, and I was wondering if there would be a noticeable difference between the two? Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone! This is my first post on this website, but hopefully first of many. I'm just looking for a bit of advice with a few questions... 1) Is it a better idea to order lights online or just go get them in stores? I have a target, lowes, home depot, rite aide, the works, near me and they all carry lights so what would be a better idea. 2) I'm a college student, and it's up to me to the put the lights up in my house back home, which is only 20-30 minutes away, so I was just wondering what some of you veteran guys think I should do about putting the lights up. I'm going to be home for 4 day
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