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  1. I know that there are about a million threads of this and I know a lot of you guys have this song. So for anyone that has it could you please e-mail it to me? Thanks a lot in advance. I know there are a few different versions of the song... I'm looking for this one... Thanks again! Oops, forgot my e-mail... It's mcclurz(at)bgsu.edu
  2. Hi everyone, Well recently I have been thinking about incorporating a few "children's songs" in my display. What are some good children's christmas songs. Preferably Disney ones. I feel like Disney is universally recognized by all children. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for the advice. I actually just ordered quite a few more lights for the upcoming season. Nearly 12000 to be exact haha:giggle: so I will have a grand total of about 16000 lights for next year and I am planning on purchasing another controller to up my list to 32 channels. Those are going to be my huge investments this year. Thanks for the advice and I am going to check out your song list right now..
  4. I must say I do like that Pirate Mix... Could you give me some suggestions on children's songs? I would be more than up to it to sequence them!
  5. Are you referring to this song? This is the only song I can find about fantasmic other than the music that plays throughout which is like 20-30 minutes long?
  6. I appreciate the concern from everyone. Max-Paul you raise a good point. So if I step in cow patty, it will be a learning experience that hopefully will not be too messed up because it's a large sum of money and trust I'm investing in Travis... Hopefully whatever went wrong last year will not and everything will go smoothly.
  7. Haha I understand what happened last year with Travis but I did my research about his situation and since I didn't actually experience it last year I'm always willing to give the guy a chance. He had the best prices and I have already spoken to him about it and the customer service has been satisfactory. I think people still holding a grudge should let the past be the past... Just my 2c
  8. Well it's complete! Yesterday my mom and I successfully completed our first pre-order. And boy was it a first time experience! $1400 later from LED Holiday Lighting we ordered 48 70ct strands of C6 LEDs in blue and red. Plus 55 strands of pure whites and 10, 70 ct red icicles! July can't come soon enough when I come home from work in the summer to my hug box of lights!!:santasmileyitty:
  9. That's really cool! What a great find! Maybe post some videos whenever you get it up and "blinking" haha
  10. There are plenty of websites around here that are actually doing a pre-order right now. ledholidaylighting.com is doing it right now with great prices if you're looking for LED's. So just look around on the vendors page. There are a lot of good websites...
  11. I mean, I never said it was bad? I just said it was taking away from the Christmas aspect slightly. It still is wicked cool! haha
  12. Haha,I just listened to the first 3 seconds of that song and I have to say that's very funny! Haha
  13. It's not about how many lights you have. It's what you do with them! Could be cuz I only have 4k. But next year I'll have 16k if all goes as planned? Haha
  14. All I have to say about the whole fire aspect is... Is that seriously necessary? I mean fire? Haha First off, is it safe??? Second, I feel like it takes away from the "christmas" and the "lights" aspect. But they are really cool. I must give you that.
  15. Haha, I look forward to it!!! I'll have to come down 23 and see some Columbus displays as well!
  16. Agreed, lets keep what happened in the past in the past. If you have a personal problem, stop venting about it to us on PC and do something about it. If e-mail isn't working, call. I plan on ordering from Travis in the coming month once I get all my necessities in line. Planning on ordering more than 12000 lights right now Haha
  17. Well I'm not afraid to put up my advances for next year! Haha 2009 was my first year animating so it was more of a test run than anything else to see what looked good, what didn't. What people liked, and what they didn't. I started with one 16 channel controller and about 3k lights. As I put up the lights I saw I was going to need more lights and eventually ended up with about 4k lights by seasons end. Next year, I hope to really get into this oh so addicting hobby by adding another 16 channels and putting up more lights to make my trees and house change color. This is going to require 1
  18. That is true. Basically, you can run the programs on windows if its on your mac. But is you are running leopard or any mac software
  19. I mean, if you own a mac and don't have a computer with windows on it. Simply buy a program like partition or boot camp etc. That way you can dual run (snow) Leopard and Windows? That's my suggestion. I also own a mac but am fortunate enough to also have an older computer that runs windows. But LOR will not run on mac. Whatever the latest version is.
  20. Wow... I can't imagine how long that took to build, program, or set up! That's dedication! And it turned out amazing!
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