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  1. This is my current sign. I designed it at www.buildasign.com They have several Holiday themed templates to choose from. I need to change mine tho because the times are incorrect. But here it is.
  2. Because this is going to be my first year participating in any pre-order of any sorts. I'm going to go with LED Holiday Lighting. Their website is professional looking, and they have the products I want. Altho all last season, I heard murmurs of not ever receiving lights from a "Travis". But after reading this whole thread I feel like I understand. (Altho I did not experience this first hand) I'm not saying anyone on here is wrong for being extremely upset and frustrated. It happens to everyone! Even Spock from Star Trek let his emotions get the best of him (2009 version) Haha. So unles
  3. I really like the He's a pirate! I'm actually doing that next year as well!!
  4. Uh, another question... Sorry, I'm kinda new at this ordering online stuff. But how do I place an order for the "pre order"? I just don't want to miss the pre-order deals.
  5. H2Opolo15

    Let it snow

    It's been snowing like crazy here! We have about 3 inches already accumulated and it's supposed to snow all night. Bit it is a pleasant snow. So I can't complain.
  6. Uh I was just wondering if February 1st is the only day to order or does it last the whole month or something? Also, where can I find the prices? What products will be up for pre-oder? Thanks
  7. I have a question Paul. I'm not sure what the proper terminology for this is but are the lights commercial or regular? Haha Like the commercial you need the adaptor to plug them into the extension chord. Also, how long does the pre-order last? When is the latest date you will accept orders for the pre-order? Thanks
  8. Wow... I just finished my first year with an animated display and I must say you are CRAZY You want to expand your display four-fold (not sure if thats a term but you get the point) My biggest advice is start RIGHT NOW. Don't wait another day. Get on the computer and order everything you need right now. You look like you have everything extremely planned out but guess what... No matter how well planned out you think you are, I can tell you it won't end up perfectly. That just doesn't happen that easily. Mini trees and arches alone take hours on end, and then sequencing takes hours. W
  9. Wow! Those are perfect as well! Thanks a lot for the help!
  10. Thanks!:santasmileyitty: I would really like to hear that Van Halen, NutRocker mix as well once you're finished! Haha
  11. Hahahah! I'm going to have to totally agree! That was extremely cool tho!:121_reindeer:
  12. Believe - Josh Groban Carol of Bells - August Burns Red Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - U2 Christmas All Over Again - Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Christmas Canon - TSO He's a Pirate - Klaus Badelt (Upon request from my friends. It's only 1:30) Let's Get Ready to Rumble - Jock Jams (Entry sequence 1:49) A Mad Russian's Christmas - TSO The Night Santa Went Crazy - Weird Al:giggle: Nutroker - TSO (Very excited about this one) Overture from Miracle On 34th Street - The Hit Crew Star Wars Main Title - John Williams (1:25) Step Into Christmas - Elton John We Need A Little Christ
  13. I'm a big fan of the fade... Everything else makes me feel like I'm going to give someone a heart attack or something!
  14. Haha wow. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot Randy!
  15. I've looked far and wide. I just can't seem to find some cheap, small snowflake silhouettes! I'm looking for a price range between like $20-$40 and around 2ft in diameter? Any help?
  16. Ok, I PM'ed you but I guess I don't understand how the poles light up at night?
  17. I do like that idea, the North Poles. They look good in the day time as well as the night. Not quite sure how I would go about that tho? haha I'm assuming you have these "north poles"? Judging by your display videos The main reason for the mini trees was to eliminate the ugly, old candy canes I have that have just become more of a hassle than anything else. I'm going to undertake that project over the summer, so if possible do you have pictures or anything of the sort about your "North Poles"? I really like this idea honestly.
  18. Today, sadly, I tore down my first computerized lights display. It was a huge success, I did a tremendous amount of work in a small amount of time and the show turned out pretty good for a first timer. Well now that I'm going into my second year, I want to make it even better. So as I was taking down my display from last year, I was wondering how I could make the display better for next year and after asking questions on here, to my friends and family. I've compiled a list... Let me know what you all think, please feel free to add to my list. I'm still very new to this hobby and have a l
  19. This was my first year with computerized songs. I spent countless hours synching the music to the songs in my dorm room. I hope you guys like them. I'm open to all suggestions so please help me out! We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Roasted Turkey Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town - Bruce Springsteen Music Box Dancer - DJ Schwede Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Johnny Mathis Finish the Fight - Martin O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori Christmas / Sarajevo 12/24 (Instrumental) - Trans-Siberian Orchestra Carol of Bells - Mannheim Steamroller
  20. I have another question. What is Zara Radio? I've seen it a few times, and I've tried to figure out what it is but I'm still unsure. Is it basically just a way to run the radio with songs going still during the day then integrate the show songs into it?
  21. The computer I run my LOR on is a laptop. How does the EDM connect to computers? Is it through the headphone jack or usb? Or serial port?
  22. I like the idea of lighting up the garage a bit. It is extremely dark. I'm thinking of putting some snow flake wire frames above the garage, and I could outline the garage as well. About the arches... Our drive way is wide enough for 2 cars. 1 is a HUGE expedition, the other is an escape that is parked on the right side constantly. I was actually considering arches because it would look way cool, but I just don't think it would work under those circumstances. As of right now I have plans to replace the candy canes with mini trees, as well as continue that all the way down the driveway on
  23. I'm adding 30-40 mini trees in the off season (probably a summer project). I plan on using this building method, http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=34744 . As well as adding roof lights in blue and white and wire frame snow flakes above our garage. Anyone know where I could find come decently cheap snowflakes? I'm looking for ones that are 1ft, 2ft absolute max.
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