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  1. Well, apparently Black Friday now begins at midnight (they literally can't push it back any earlier any more) so now it isn't at too obscure of a time for me to go. I usually stay up that late anyways. So what stores have the best deals? I live near just about any retailer you could think of, so just post anything you find out. Happy shopping! It's finally the season!! :D

  2. Raining a lot today... Nothing today. Tomorrow at approx 12pm when I get home, overhaul will begin! Weather hasn't exactly been pleasent, but it's supposed to be in the 50's this long weekend, hope I can get everything up by Friday night! Hopefully I can pick up a bunch of stuff Friday morning/Thursday night because apparently Black Friday now begins at midnight.

  3. I need some help with my radio sign. Last year was my first time with my sign from Holiday Coro and I absolutely loved it. I got a lot of compliments about it too. But literally almost once a week I would have to tear it down, replace a stranger and put it back up. How do I prevent this form happening? It seems that one light goes out and then there are gaps or a whole strand goes out. Has anyone else had this problem? Got any solutions/suggestions?

    Counting the days 35 til the first show! :D

  4. Hi everyone. It's been waaay too long since I've been on here. I've been really busy with school but with Thanksgiving almost a month away, I've been working on my show. Unfortunately school and other extra curriculars have eaten up all of my time. So right now I am currently working on a "Holiday Mix" of several different classic holiday songs that is 10 minutes long plus a 3 minute intro audio from the light scene from Christmas Vacation and a 1 minute outro from the aftermath of the same scene. I've always have around a 20 minute show composed of 4 or 5 songs, but with so much school work I simply haven't had the time... So I'm just wondering how long everyone else's shows are?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. I'm sure I'm really late on this response but if you have the PC controller (IMO the easiest) then you don't want to run your lights off of it all season because then you won't be able to use. What I have done is I use Parallels (or bootcamp which is free and an option on your Mac) which allows me to program my lights on my common computer and when the time comes to hook everything up, I transfer it all to the only Gateway computer and create a show on it. You don't want to run your show off your make unless you're willing to give up your Mac every night your show is on... In short, get Parallels (which allows you to run Windows and Mac OSX at the same time but it costs money to purchase this program) or you can Bootcamp your computer (which is an option built into your Mac that you select how much of your hard drive to partition for Windows use. The only problem is is that you have to shut down your computer and restart it and select the Windows start up as opposed to the Mac start up. But it is free) Hope this helps

  6. Unfortunately I have had the same problem with a few strands here and there. One strand actually allowed for some current to flow thru and that particular strand was completely dead but the rest of the tree was just very very dimly lit. Not quite sure what the problem was but hopefully I'm out of the woods now that everything is set up and ready to go and going. Best of luck to you all

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