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Found 5 results

  1. Been working on a little refresh for these fine fellows. Empire rules my yard!
  2. Looking for any info about mold craft carolers. Looked everywhere and cant find anything on a black one
  3. Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, but have been decorating the house for the past 6 years (since I've owned a house). As I'm sure it is true with everyone on this site, it gets bigger and better each year! I just acquired a complete Empire Nativity (2 camels, 3 sheep, 1 donkey, 1 cow, 1 shepherd, Mary, Joseph, cradle and baby Jesus, 3 wise men, Empire star, 1 angel) and an Empire Santa Sleigh and 9 reindeer! I also picked up an Empire Santa holding a blue present, a empire clown snowman, and 2 candle sticks! I'm glad I took my trailer because I definitely needed it. I have many many questions on decorating, but this is my first question - what is the best way to mount the sleigh and reindeer to the roof? I was thinking about using a 2x10 board and screwing them in or maybe plywood? Any suggestion on what would work best? I also have a question on how to mount the reindeer to the board? I will post pics of my find and all the stuff as soon as I can upload the pics. Any helpful tips/pics/info would really be appreciated! I want to get this on the roof ASAP. :0)
  4. Here's what I'm looking for... Can anyone identify the original? Thanks, Nick
  5. Last year I took donations from all my friends and coworkers to cover my house in lights. It was nice and had a huge turn out. Some of the stuff didnt get displayed. Long story short, I was given eleven blowmolds of the nativity and a few snowmen and toy soldiers. The items are in great shape on the exterior but the wiring and lights seem to be in TERRIBLE condition. I wish to use these blowmolds this year but Im not sure if theres a place to buy replacement wiring or something. Should I just hook up some other lights and put them inside? Im completely out of my element on this one. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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