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Found 23 results

  1. Visit www.highcountrylights.com for more information.
  2. Visit www.highcountrylights.com for more information.
  3. Over 35,000 lights and Setup begins in October. Enjoy the lights! https://eurekamochristmaslights.weebly.com/
  4. From the album: Aabeck's album

    My house display for 2017 Christmas. The outside lights and living room window lights are controlled by an Allen Bradley SLC5/04 PLC. The door wreath is controlled by a Siemens S2-200 PLC, with the power to it controlled by the living room SLC5/04. Most of the light strings have been cut into 10 bulb sections to run on 24 volts DC provided by separate power supplies. The flickering candles in the kitchen window are 4 volt bulbs wired to a TTL transistor logic card, and each of the 7 is controlled with it's own subroutine. TO get 4 volts I have a 5 volt power supply run through a potentiometer to reduce the voltage to 3.7 volts - it is easier on the bulbs and makes them a little dimmer than full brightness so they appear more like candles. The kitchen window is controlled by a SLC5/03 PLC, and another SLC5/03 controls the tree that I put out in the side yard this year. The PLC's are synced with messaging by a home control SLC5/05 in my home office, through NET-ENI's. A network COM port on the tree PLC is messaged to through a data-subscriber on the HMI. All features (along with the home controls, monitoring and alarms) are controllable and adjustable by a computer and a Windows tablet both running AdvancedHMI.
  5. I'm not sure this is really linked to Christmas lights as such but thought it was a fun video/product. Have a look see what you think x
  6. I found this on Youtube and thought it was a great idea. How to catch Santa on Camera This Christmas....
  7. 2016 Christmas Display. 30,000 lights
  8. This is the inside version of our Christmas Spectacular 2016. We never get snow, but often get rain in the winter and since this was the first season presenting our display, we wanted to protect our investment. So, I created an inside version to entertain party guests in our home. I hope you'll enjoy. This wasn't the exact set up (so I do apologize). This was from the first tech testing in November 2016. I do not own the music to this video. This is for educational purposes only.
  9. From the album: Aabeck's album

    Update of the shooting star in my LR window for Christmas. I added a few more modes. This is run on an Allen Bradley SLC5/05 and controlled by 2 PC's and a Windows10 tablet running AdvancedHMI. Sorry about the focus, but the camera couldn't keep it's focus range on the flashing lights.

    © none

  10. From the album: Aabeck's album

    Here's a .AVI version I had created because neither of the MP4 uploads would play. This runs on an Allen Bradley SLC503 that I upgraded from a 7 slot rack to a 10 slot rack & added a 120V output card to control the 12V power supply, tree top and the white lights on the pre-lit tree. It's controlled by 2 PC's and a Windows10 tablet running AdvancedHMI through a Ethernet serial port through a WiFi access point. Unfortunately the camera had a difficult time focusing on the flashing lights, but even though some is out of focus the patterns still show.

    © none

  11. Florida Christmas Light decorators have a Facebook page. 'Like it 'to keep up-to-date with what is happening in Florida. We welcome all decorators from all over the world. Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Florida-Planet-Christmas/233759653343533
  12. The Florida Mini is going to be in the Jacksonville area. We are looking at possibly late April or early May. Stay tuned to find out more info. This is for decorators from any state or skill level. It is a wonderful time to meet, share and learn. Also, like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Florida-Planet-Christmas/233759653343533
  13. Here are my House Layouts any suggestions idea's Comments, am i going too big to fast - 64 channel's Expected LOR. and might find other RGB Controllers but as for now i am going with 64 Channel's LOR Halloween Idea Christmas Idea Fourth of July Idea
  14. Here are my shows so far this year - more to come! Wizards in Winter Jingle Bells
  15. Visited the Decorator's Warehouse in Arlington, Texas and Wow! They even have a Christmas Tree that snows itself!
  16. Yesterday at Walgreen's I found a 40" Leg Lamp. I've wanted one of these for years, but the only ones I found were over $250 online.
  17. This weekend at Garden Ridge I saw a 20' Inflatable Snowman, he was awesome. In my mind cme the quote from Wayne's World, "You will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine." My wife's quote came louder and clearer as I stood at the base gazing heavenward at the bohemouth of Christmas decor, "You have absolutely no where to put this." Lucky for me I developed a serious and very painful neck injury. So much so that my wife softened up and suggested that we buy the 20' Christmas yard monument to lift my spirits, which it did. I love my wife. Purchased 20' Inflatable Snowman from Garden Ridge. He is HUGE! Of course we had to blow him up in the driveway just to make sure he is in good shape. It took a while to blow him up since it was 2 minutes before we noticed the hose was twisted shut and then even longer to realize the blower wasn't positioned right.
  18. Megatree made out of big lighted balls at the Gaylord Texan resort in Grapevine, Texas. This is the preshow to their ICE exhibit.
  19. This will be the thread for ALL the Black Friday ads for 2011. The first release is : HARBOR FREIGHT: Adscan http://bfads.net/Ad/...or-Freight-2011 Central Hydraulics 3-Ton Capacity Low Profile Floor Jack $59.99 Chicago Electric 12-Volt Jump-Start and Power Supply $34.99 Haul-Master 500lb. Weight Capacity Aluminum Cargo Carrier $64.99 Rubberized 12-Volt Car Heater with Fan $9.99 US General 3000lb. Capacity Aluminum Racing Jack w/ LEDs $79.99 Bunker Hill 4-Channel Surveillance DVR w/ 4 Cameras $249.99 Bunker Hill Wireless Driveway Alert System $11.99 Chicago Electric 800W900W Max Portable Generator $89.99 WrisTech Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor $12.99 Cen-Tech Non-Contact Laser Thermometer $19.99 Central Pneumatic 10-Gauge 21-Degree Angle Framing Nailer $49.99 Central Pneumatic 3-Gallon Pancake Air Compressor $39.99 Chicago Electric 10″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw $84.99 Chicago Electric 12V Wireless Remote Controlled Portable Winch $49.99 Chicago Electric Chain Saw Blade Sharpener $29.99 Chicago Electric Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool $19.99 Chicago Electric Reciprocating Saw with Rotating Handle $19.99 Chicago Welding Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet w/ Flames $39.99 Drill Master 18V Cordless Drill and Flashlight Kit $19.99 Pittsburgh 13-Piece Cushion Grip Magnetic Screwdriver Set $4.99 Pittsburgh 130-Piece Tool Kit with Plastic Case $29.99 Pittsburgh 3/8″ Drive Torque Wrench with 80 ft.lbs. Range $11.99 US General Pro Industrial 5-Drawer Service Cart $159.99
  20. ocsurf

    Wow Factor!

    I'm a newbie and I gotta say that this forum and all you vets are AWESOME! There have been many great ideas and help here. Anyways, I'm trying to go for the WOW factor with my lights this year. My displays have always been pretty simple with just some mini-lights and icicle lights. I'm in the process of making some mini arches too! My question is this. I have $100 to spend on my Christmas display and was wondering what to buy to give it a little more WOW! Like I said, I just have mini-lights, icicle lights and I'm building the arches. Thanks guys! Brady
  21. just wanted to let everyone know that Boscov's Stores is starting sales on their christmas stuff. 30-50% off ticketed prices - entire stock of trim-a-home department 1.99-859.99 = .99-599.99 life-like christmas trees, lights, outdoor sculptures and inflatables, wreaths, garland, stockings, tree skirts, and more (25 styles of trees) 30-50% off trees, wreaths, swags, garland 6.99-599.99 30-50% off entire stock lights, outdoor lighted decor, and inflatables 1.99-99.99 (lights, sculptures, blow molds, iridescent figures, animated deer, inflatables, outdoor swags) 50% off entire stock boxed cards, wrapping paper, and accessories 1.99-16.00 (gift wrap, ribbon, bows, boxes, bags, tape, traditional, luxury,contemporary cards and more Store locator: http://www.boscovs.com/static/about_boscov/stores_locations.html
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