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  1. From the album: Aabeck's album

    My house display for 2017 Christmas. The outside lights and living room window lights are controlled by an Allen Bradley SLC5/04 PLC. The door wreath is controlled by a Siemens S2-200 PLC, with the power to it controlled by the living room SLC5/04. Most of the light strings have been cut into 10 bulb sections to run on 24 volts DC provided by separate power supplies. The flickering candles in the kitchen window are 4 volt bulbs wired to a TTL transistor logic card, and each of the 7 is controlled with it's own subroutine. TO get 4 volts I have a 5 volt power supply run through a potentiometer to reduce the voltage to 3.7 volts - it is easier on the bulbs and makes them a little dimmer than full brightness so they appear more like candles. The kitchen window is controlled by a SLC5/03 PLC, and another SLC5/03 controls the tree that I put out in the side yard this year. The PLC's are synced with messaging by a home control SLC5/05 in my home office, through NET-ENI's. A network COM port on the tree PLC is messaged to through a data-subscriber on the HMI. All features (along with the home controls, monitoring and alarms) are controllable and adjustable by a computer and a Windows tablet both running AdvancedHMI.
  2. Florida Christmas Light decorators have a Facebook page. 'Like it 'to keep up-to-date with what is happening in Florida. We welcome all decorators from all over the world. Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Florida-Planet-Christmas/233759653343533
  3. Hey folks! The holiday parties got someone a little too cheerful and tomorrow that cheer is spreading to you ! Now through January 15th, 2012 we are slashing our already ridiculously low prices by 15%! Be sure to check out store.lightsmusicmagic.com to see the eggnog filled deals available to you! Oh, and we're offering free shipping on all orders over $100! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  4. Visited the Decorator's Warehouse in Arlington, Texas and Wow! They even have a Christmas Tree that snows itself!
  5. I have a window frame that fell out over night last night and when I went to check things this AM- it had fallen out of the window (need to put shims in!).... when I put it back and plugged it in- half of the lights were out.. then I realized that two of the lighting outlets (the place the bulb fits into) had disappeared...obviously in my grass. I "fixed" it by electical taping the wires together to complete the circuit to get me through the night... everything looks fine. Question is- IS THIS SAFE? Am I ok with this fix? Or do I need to replace the strand?
  6. I purchased warm white 100 count 5MM LEDs from Paul at CDI during the pre-sale. I have one strand that has a section of lights out between 2 resistors. Paul is sending a replacement string out (I have always had great service from him!). But if this should happen again, sometime down the road - is there a way to fix these lights? The section that is out is maybe 1/4 of the strand of 100. I looked at all the "obvious things" - no broken bulbs, fuses ok, power ok, etc. Are there ways of fixing these sealed LEDs? Is it unusual that a section goes out? What has likely caused it? I'm thinking about switching my whole display to LEDs next year, and I'd like to know, before I make such a big investment.
  7. Had a question about which lights work best in the blow molds. I know there are different makers and that may make a difference. I am wanting to light up my Empire Reindeer and feel the lights in them now are not bright enough. I have read older posts and haven't seen anyone use these incandescent bulbs I found at Lowes and wanted to see if anyone else used them or if they were safe or better options. They are 15 W Tubular light. I picked up some chandelierbulbs but they were too big to fit in the reindeer and I don't want to modify the hole to get the chandelier bulbs in. The tubular bulbs should fit with no problem. I couldn't find a link on lowes website but here is what I am thinking about using here. Yes/No/Maybe? Something better and more energy efficient? Thanks! Here's a pic of one of my reindeer
  8. I luv Santa ! A number of my larger Santa blow molds are missing light fixtures. They use a standard size bulb. Can I buy the fixtures somewhere or do I have to make them myself ? I guess that the blow molds will need a number of different fixture types, but I have not done an inventory. Any source of lights or advice please ? thanks
  9. ocsurf

    Wow Factor!

    I'm a newbie and I gotta say that this forum and all you vets are AWESOME! There have been many great ideas and help here. Anyways, I'm trying to go for the WOW factor with my lights this year. My displays have always been pretty simple with just some mini-lights and icicle lights. I'm in the process of making some mini arches too! My question is this. I have $100 to spend on my Christmas display and was wondering what to buy to give it a little more WOW! Like I said, I just have mini-lights, icicle lights and I'm building the arches. Thanks guys! Brady
  10. Hello all, since im switching to more and more LED I have some Incandescent lights for sale: Solid Green 100 count (7 strings) 1.00 each Solid Green 50 count (2 strings) 1.00 for both Multicolor steady-twinkle controller 100 count string 1.50 Multicolor 100 count (18 strings) 1.00 each multicolor 50 count (7 strings) 3.00 for all multicolor 20 count (2 strins) 0.50 for both All lights for 30.00 plus shipping Some bulbs may be blown out, all strings work. I will quote you on shipping when I find out what you want, send me a PM on here and I will help you out. Thank-you
  11. just wanted to let everyone know that Boscov's Stores is starting sales on their christmas stuff. 30-50% off ticketed prices - entire stock of trim-a-home department 1.99-859.99 = .99-599.99 life-like christmas trees, lights, outdoor sculptures and inflatables, wreaths, garland, stockings, tree skirts, and more (25 styles of trees) 30-50% off trees, wreaths, swags, garland 6.99-599.99 30-50% off entire stock lights, outdoor lighted decor, and inflatables 1.99-99.99 (lights, sculptures, blow molds, iridescent figures, animated deer, inflatables, outdoor swags) 50% off entire stock boxed cards, wrapping paper, and accessories 1.99-16.00 (gift wrap, ribbon, bows, boxes, bags, tape, traditional, luxury,contemporary cards and more Store locator: http://www.boscovs.com/static/about_boscov/stores_locations.html
  12. Does anyone know where to get this item or anything about it? The item is by Noma, who is owned by Inliten LLc. It's a 6 plug outlet for christmas lights that you can program. I found LOTS of really old posts where people bought them for 19.99. Everyone loved them. One just sold on EBAY for 120.00. I can't find anything else out about them. Help if you know!
  13. This weekend Target stores (So. Calif) stocked the seasonal shelves with holiday lighting. Seems to be a bit more LED's than incandescent. Had some 15" snowflakes(white plastic) with 35 WW LED's for $7.99. Same idea in a snowman shape. Lowe's just started loading the shelves, nothing at Home Depot or Michaels yet. Local Big Lot's has had holiday lights for about 2 weeks. (1/2 wave LED, C6- 60 for $8.50 in WW, Cool W, red, blue) (did somebody loose the formula for green?)
  14. I wasnt able to buy as many lights as I needed at the end of last season. Now I could use more lights (who couldn't?). I usually wait until Wal-mart puts their lights out but I am curious, is there somewhere we can buy them this time of year for about the same price as Wal-Mart? Thank you! Jim
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