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Found 8 results

  1. Been working on a little refresh for these fine fellows. Empire rules my yard!
  2. Hey everyone,I have just purchased an old Gemmy Lifesize Santa, it’s a 2002 model with’Santa Clause Is Coming To Town’ and I just have a couple of questions about it 1. Would it be possible for someone to send in a manual for the old Gemmy lifesize santas, I can only find the new Santa manuals on Google.2. The easiest way to repair the head turning, I think it might just be a belt issue. I’m just scared to open it up.3. The speed dial needs turned down as he dances a little out of control. I believe it’s in the right boot?4. The DV 9V port is a little loose and you have to wiggle the cable to get it to work properly. Think it might be the port itself.5. Best way to clean the white fur and red parts of his coat. He’s a little musty smelling from the previous owner.Thanks for any help I receive!-Chin
  3. I'm not sure this is really linked to Christmas lights as such but thought it was a fun video/product. Have a look see what you think x
  4. I found this on Youtube and thought it was a great idea. How to catch Santa on Camera This Christmas....
  5. Will the real Santa please stand up.
  6. I figured that your child only believes in Santa once, and that I had to make my "catching Santa on camera" video as good as possible. My daughter bought a scarf for Rudolph and hung it in front of the fireplace for Santa to take back to Rudolph. Check out my video of Santa coming down the chimney to retrieve the present for Rudolph. Unfortunately, Mrs. Santa, had quite a reaction to learn Santa was bringing “an animal” into the house and Santa spent some time in the doghouse, but my because of my daughter’s response to the video, it was worth it!
  7. Hello all, I have seen another post on here about a santa tracker device and was looking to build one myself with a spare rotating tree stand i have. I figure if it can hold a whole tree it could hold a small satellite dish when i build the base and figure out the weight. I was just wondering are there any how-to pages like http://www.halloweenmonsterlist.info/ but for christmas? I was looking for santa tracker ideas and couldnt find any pics. Also anyone know any NON blowmold elves that I could possibly get to put by it like the elves are tracking santa? Id like to make a small box and a green radar screen and put a light behind it and then like a clock machine to see if I could get the radar screen to move like a scope does on a real radar.
  8. ocsurf

    Wow Factor!

    I'm a newbie and I gotta say that this forum and all you vets are AWESOME! There have been many great ideas and help here. Anyways, I'm trying to go for the WOW factor with my lights this year. My displays have always been pretty simple with just some mini-lights and icicle lights. I'm in the process of making some mini arches too! My question is this. I have $100 to spend on my Christmas display and was wondering what to buy to give it a little more WOW! Like I said, I just have mini-lights, icicle lights and I'm building the arches. Thanks guys! Brady
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