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Animated Arch

By Joker4452, 02/18/2011

This is my first try at building a leaping arch element and I am so proud of myself. Thanks to PC members for helping go from a newbie to a newbie with an arch!!

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It's a good concept piece for the different effects types that could be used for an arch.

As for an actual performance piece, it needs work.

Personally, I really dislike when people isolate two segments at the top flash them back n' forth.

I think it defeats the point of the arch, which is supposed to give the illusion of movement.

As an initial test though you did good.

The unit is well built, now we just need the sequencing to support the architecture.

Looking forward to seeing more.

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Thanks to most of you for your word of encouragement. The other person other comment, however.

I will just take it in stride as this is my FIRST sequence and a test in February. It is not a full display tree that has lights not working and lights that do not match the rest of the same color on the display. It is a test.

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were you grinning like a crazy person watching it?? seeing lights dance to your own sequencing is a GREAT feeling!! good start, good way to get a feeling how sequencing works. keep it up!!

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