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By dmagelssen, 01/05/2012

This sequence is from my 2011 Light-o-rama show. 80 channels and approximately 25,000 lights.

The circle/flower pattern is from an original idea of mine where with a simple geometric pattern I could make multiple shapes to animate.

The sequence was written with S2 and involved making around 10 tracks for programming specific shapes.

I am a musical instrument repairman by trade and this tune is from a trombone player I have done repair work for.

When I first heard this song I knew I had to program it. Rock and roll has got nothing on some of these old big band numbers.

Roy gave me permission to use this tune and he also provided me with the original chart from the recording session.

With the aid of this chart, I have done as many other sequencers have done by (at different times during the sequence) assigning certain channels to specific instruments.

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