July 23, 2018. First decorations sited in stores

It really is Christmas in July!

Sighted: Christmas decorations in ‘At Home’ store on July 23, 2018.

Everyone likes to complain about Christmas decoration creeping into stores earlier every year.  We found the first evidence of 2018 in an ‘At Home’ store close to the PlanetChristmas offices.

At Home sotrefront
At Home storefront

Why are the decorations already coming out of the storeroom?    Think logistics.  It can take a couple of months for a large store to make room for the Christmas merchandise and display everything properly.  Then there’s the challenge of most people waiting to purchase decorations until just after Thanksgiving when the stores are overflowing with cranky customers trying to buy and get back home.  If I owned a store I’d get the Christmas decorations out early hoping that at least a few will buy their stuff now making room for others during the super-busy season.

So… when you see those Christmas decorations in August, don’t complain.  There’s a method to the store madness while at the same time allowing you to buy early when the selection is the best.

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