Projection mapping. A new way to decorate!

Mesmerized how the Rio Olympics made the infield of a stadium into a giant TV screen?  I know I was.  All I could think about was adding the technology to an over-the-top Christmas display.  Just imagine elves running across the front of your venue or Santa and his reindeer flying in and landing at the front door.  Way too cool!

Ends up the set designers at Rio used 109 Panasonic PT-DZ21K2 3-chip DLP projectors mounted up in the rafters.  Each had a 20,000 lumen output and was carefully mapped to strategic points on the infield.  Some quick math makes that just over two million lumens and I’m guessing that would be equivalent to looking directly at the sun.  Amazing.  Just one projector costs about $57K… so if you had 109 of them that’s $6 million dollars in projectors, but I’m betting the Olympics got a discount.

Want to read an article about how the gurus in Rio did this massive projection mapping job?  Goto

Now start thinking about how you can a new element to your display that includes just one projector.

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