Showing Off 1998

marshal2.jpg (119197 bytes) Here is a picture of our house. With the house and the yard we display about 40,000 lights. This has been an ongoing project for the last 35 years. About 3 years ago we retired the C9 lights and went to minis. Jan D. Marshall

[email protected]

The Giles family has been decorating their home in Nashville, TN for the past 12 years. They call their display “The JOYS OF CHRISTMAS” which has about 21,000 lights and features a working Lionel North Pole railroad, a full nativity scene, Santa’s Workshop (including his Elves), and a full harness of reindeer with Rudolph leading the way. It has won awards in the local Holiday Lights Contest and has been featured on two local newscasts. It has been called “The Majic House” by some young viewers. Come by Edge Moor Dr. and see it for yourself, and be sure to open a window to hear some exciting seasonal music. Have yourself a “Merry Little Christmas”. Send comments or questions to Check out Tom’s Giles place! [email protected]
The picture I have sent you was decorated all by me with approx. 10,000 lights and I would love it if you shared it with everyone you know. I started a corporation in Salt Lake City, Utah called Night Light Inc. that installs Christmas decorations on other people’s houses. In the 98 season we installed over 100,000 lights on homes. We also decorate a tree in our Festival of Trees. Our website is as follows: also: [email protected] Thank You, Dan Tidwell
We live at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast which is 100km’s north of Brisbane and we have been decorating for the last three years. We have found decorating your home at Christmas to be very addictive once you get going. Not knowing where to start, our daughter drew some drawings on the garage floor and my husband bent, shaped and welded some silhouettes, then attached some mini lights to the designs and created a Wonderland of lights. Last year we had 10,000 mini lights on 36 designs and we were the talk of the town. Our display allowed us to rethink our future, and from the success of our light display we turned what started off as a hobby into a business. We now sell our product to homes and business throughout Australia. We have a web page which illustrates what we do and who we are. You can locate this page at
This is Linda Wehmeyers place. A minor showing of all the Santa’s and the way our house is done…the house shown is the one bedroom guest house…and the main house is much bigger…Check out more details by clicking here.
Barnette.gif (53049 bytes) 517 Maplegrove Drive (In MapleWood Subdivision) in Franklin Tennessee. Number of lights: 10,000. Display runs from November 26th until December 25th.

The display is computer controlled using DasherS. It is a windows based

program. See Jeff Barnette’s website at

isabela.jpg (53841 bytes) This is Doug’s place for 1998! “Just thought that since it was my idea to create this space, my house should be the first to be shown here it is. Thanks again for the great sight. I am learning a TON of great info! I have surpassed my 10,000 light goal! Next year’s goal, 15,000! I know, I am still a small display but I am also a rookie! I have a lot of years to go to be the same age as you guys! Just imagine what I will have by the time I am 40!?” Doug’s Christmas Display can be reached at [email protected] or check out his website at
elloco1.jpg (17411 bytes) Brent and Aaron Sharp (brothers) had about 22,250 lights for 1998. They’ve been decorating for 5 years in Savannah, Ga. Check out their web page at

or they can also be emailed at [email protected]

matt1.jpg (263658 bytes) Matt Ryan, Hobbs, NM, 1997 display. Hobbs is an oil town of about 30,000 people in Southeast New Mexico. My 1997 display included approximately 4000 lights. For 1998, I hope to increase that number to 8000.” Check out more information at:
billpeg.jpg (43996 bytes) LOBETHAL (Meaning Valley of Praise) is set in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, about 40km SE of Adelaide, South Australia. The tradition of Lobethal’s Christmas Lights began over 50 years ago, when a few business men hand painted globes to decorate their Main Street shops, for the Christmas Season. This tradition spread, and now about 95% of the 800 homes and all the business’s in the village “light up” for Christmas, with a variety of spectacular displays.Check out Bill & Pegs home page at
xmasls1.jpg (56719 bytes) Here’s a sample of Larry and Suzanne’s house in Manteno, IL. Every year it keeps getting bigger, eveything now is run off 6–20amp circuits, room for more lights. [email protected]
ship.jpg (38327 bytes) My cousin lives on a bluff above Mission Bay (San Diego) so we erected it there to catch a photo with a nice background. This is a life sized sailing ship replica…135′ long, over 100,000 mini lights…it is not a boat! This is only wires, steel, pvc pipe and lights. It was only fully illuminated, by a carnival sized generator, for about 5 minutes as not to cause pile-ups on the freeway below.

Andy Renner

Executive Committtee Chairman <[email protected]>

joglenn.jpg (78131 bytes) Christmas 1997 by Jeff Simmons and Joe Glenn of Rochester, PA. This is our 2nd year of decorating and 2nd year of taking 5th place in a national Christmas Decorating Contest. We used over 7,000 mini lights and are currently working on this years display.

email: [email protected]

mmclem.jpg (22927 bytes) I am Christmas light nut, too. we have been putting up lights for five years! This year I have 18,000 . I have tunnel over my driveway with 3000 lights. I live in St Louis. Here is a pic of last years lights. Thanks a lot

Mark Clements [email protected]

johnsonyard.jpg (36529 bytes) I am Wade Johnson of Aiken, SC. I only have a few thousand lights. I have been making my own Christmas Decorations for about seven years. I try to add something new each year. You can see my pictures at
desert.jpg (93055 bytes) Our house is located at Rita Ranch in Tucson. This house won the celebration of lights contest for the local neighborhood. This contest is held every year and the competition is really increasing as the Ranch grows.

Thank you very much.

Ed & Barbara Patterson

Tucson, Arizona

nash.jpg (146569 bytes) Not your typical Texas house with a zillion Christmas lights but an

honest attempt! I live – it’s North Richland Hills, TX – on

the northast side of Ft. Worth.

Marshal Valentino [email protected]

pederson2.jpg (31169 bytes)

This is our house in Washington State. We have approx 30,000 lights and cover nearly 2 acres. The display can also be viewed from across the valley that we live in. Mike Pedersen [email protected]

lajolla2.jpg (112468 bytes) This is Mark’s house in beautiful La Jolla, California. This is the 6th year of the display which features 25,000 lights.

[email protected]

Check out the Obermiller house! A very impressive display of lights. Many more pictures (and music) can be found at:

I live in Otto, NC (which is in Western NC) and have been decorating for 15 years. My father & I made all the wooden cutouts. I have also added curtain lights on the house a couple years ago and many more lights on trees. Vickie Tallent… email me at [email protected]

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