Showing Off 2000

I’m 17 years old and my brother is 16. We put them up solely by ourselves with no parental help or funding. We even had to pay the electrical bill. There’s about 10,000 lights total (not all shown). Its only our second year doing the lights. Nothing’s computer control everything is just steady on. Steve Anello [[email protected]]
My display is in Kissimmee, Florida. I’ve been doing my lights for the past ten years, and this year I am using about 19,000 lights. Most of my decorations are all hand made. You can see more of my lights at Happy Holidays! Ron Lister
Here is my house last year. I took first place in our sub division contest. I wish I had a better photo of the whole house but this is all I could find. This was my second year doing this and had a blast doing it. I live in Pflugerville, Texas. and we get a lot of traffic in the cul-de-sac. I LOVE IT:) [email protected]
This takes me about 3 full days to put up. I live in Princeton In. I enjoy doing it. I get a lot of people driving by. I enjoyed your site. Jeff Lutz [[email protected]]
Walter Kotlarczyk in Franklin, TN [[email protected]]
Our house is located in northwest Tucson, Az. My husband and I are retired and we love to give back to the community … So we decorate our home with 45,000 lights and yard displays of over 220 stuffed bears. Our visitors have made it a tradition and always bring can food for our local food bank .. We collected 2 1/2 tons of food last year and hope to break that record this year… Klara Cristia [[email protected]]
Merry Christmas from Keith Portell, Jacksonville Florida ([email protected])
I live in Orlando, Florida. I started putting up lights about 10 years ago. The displays I use are made from patterns using Corplast or 1/4″ wire frames. I have also two 8ft trees and one 10ft tree that I made using PVC pipe. The first picture shows Santa and his Reindeer coming in for a landing. I make a runway of lights on my roof to show him the way. The runway is also numbered, it may be a little hard to see but it is the number 25 (for Christmas day). The second picture is Santa in a helicopter. You might also be able to see the lights that are hanging along the peek of roof, I use these lights to simulate snow falling (it doesn’t snow in Orlando). I am an Air Traffic Controller so that my help explain the aviation theme of my display. Happy Lighting, Pete Girard, [email protected]
Get a lot more details of Travis’s house!
This is my 3rd year for lighting my house, some of the lighting came from the US and some from here in England. Next year I am going for the big one ! Lots more lights from the US all powered by computer (programme being written now) roll on next year!!

Have a fabulous Christmas, Keith Woodward, Hampshire, England [email protected]

Checkout Peter Pauli’s place and be sure to goto his website at (it also has his 2000 pictures.) [email protected]






This is half of our Christmas 2000 display at Santa’s Workshop on the Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia. We have 56 brightly coloured Christmas silhouettes displayed on our home, gardens, under our waterfall, on the pond and in the gazebo. All of the lights on the silhouettes are hand painted with over 100 transformers and are run by the wonderful “Dasher” computer program. It is a combination of illumination, imagination and animation that casts an aura on openmouthed onlookers young and old. We would like to take the opportunity of wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe year 2001. Best wishes from Kerrie & Livio. [email protected]
Here are 2 photo’s of our house. The second one was taken from an airplane at 500 feet above the ground. My display consists of 110,000 lights, 31 strobe lights, and 4.5 miles of extension cords. It is a computer controlled display using Dasher as the programming software. My light show is 26 minutes long. For more info, my web page address is Mark Obermiller
Here are my pictures for 2,000 display. This year i have 105,000 lights with a lot of animation.

thanks Josh Barnett [email protected]

This is the Bisignano family Christmas display is on Teri Court in Jackson, New Jersey. The display consists of 50,000 + lights, minis, c7’s and C9’s. There are over 80 blowmolds on the lawn, including: Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Tiger, Snoopy, Santa, Snowman, Ms. Claus, soldiers, nutcrackers, Sleigh and 9 reindeer, candles, candy canes, carolers, and many more and over 75 wire frame figures, including a horse and carriage, 20 foot train, carolers, nativity, 6 soldiers and a cannon, deer, horses, sleds, large and small snowflakes and many more. The windows are outlined in shredded gold foil and have over 25 moving dolls in them, including a 5 foot Santa Claus and 5 foot Ms. Claus. We also feature a 8 foot high hand made sign wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from The Bisignano’s. [email protected]
This is a picture of another Bisignano Family Christmas display on Teri Court in Jackson, New Jersey. The display features over 20000 mini lights. The display also includes white wire, deer, sleds, a precious moment nativity set, a 12 foot by 6 foot Santa in a helicopter. In addition, there are over 15 one dimensional Christmas displays featured in the display. [email protected]
This is the D’ambrosia Family Christmas display on Teri Court in Jackson, New Jersey. The display features over 40,000 lights. The display has white > wire deer, angels, snowmen, sleds and moving deer. There is a hand made 40 foot by 2 foot sign that wishes everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The widow theme is Disney and features over 15 moving Disney characters. [email protected]
One of Osceola County’s largest & oldest Home Christmas Displays. Over 40,000 Lights, A 28’ Long Merry Christmas Sign on the roof spells out Merry Christmas one letter at a time. Yard Displays including a Large Nativity Scene and a tree with 800 Lights that changes four different colors. Two Large Animated Scenes in the Garage, Santa’s Workshop with a life size animated Santa Claus with animated elves and Disney Characters, and an animated Snow Scene with snow babies. Everyone is welcome to walk up and view the display. Lighted every night from 6PM to 11PM until New Years Day. Animated Home Christmas Display, Home of Larry & Rachel Charpiat 2361 Ruth Lane Kissimmee, Florida 34744


Last year I had over 10,000 people come through my display. Christmas lighting truly warms your heart when you see the joy it brings to others. This year I have over 40,000 lights. Have added a 24 foot tall castle, 28 foot long screen of the Northwind blowing snowflakes, 30 foot long display of twinkling stars, 3 deer for a total of 10, the penguin flock has increased to 7 and a moose. We have been in the deep freeze here in Duluth, MN and I have been able to make lots of ice candles also. I have my garden house open to the public and serve hot chocolate and make a guest book available to sign. The second picture is of my Northwind. It’s hard to choose just one photo to post since I have an extremely large area of lights. More info is posted on my web site at Merry Christmas!!! Happy holidays, Marcia Hales 3739 Lake Avenue South Duluth, MN 55802
Thanks for a great place to visit at this time of the year. Hope you like our snow effect. Also, I write stories for children…three of them with Christmas themes. If curious visit me at Ho! Ho! James Briles [[email protected]]
This is the Scalisi’s Christmas display on Teri Ct, In Jackson New Jersey. We feature over 40,000+ lights, including animated 20 foot train, and an animated horse and carriage, and an animated bell. Life size nativity scene, 4 man made arches,10′ Merry Christmas candy cane arch, and a 20 ‘ Happy Holiday sign. Mr. & Mrs. Claus, Frosty, Santa, and Rudolph blowmolds, 50 soldiers, 2- 10’ wooden shoulders, carolers, skaters, and many many more wire figures including the misfits, and soldiers, and deer. 3D fading star, and moving angel. Vinny Scalisi, [email protected]
Here is a picture of my house in Federal Way, WA. I have been doing it for the past 4 or 5 years and love the attention. There are around 15,000 lights. I am moving for next year and it will be better. Terry Steffensen [email protected]
This is the Salsbach family home on the island of Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles. Bonaire is an island in the Caribbean 50 miles north of Venezuela. Every year they have a different Christmas display. Hope you enjoy them. Many more pictures at link below. Ellen Muller

We doubled our lights this year. 6000 to 11,000. 15 wood decorations. A grinch scene. Hanging ornaments from the roof. winner of the Neighborhood Watch Light contest 1999 and 2000.

Robin Gage, Citrus Heights [email protected]

Here is a front and back picture of our house in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada. We put up 31,000 Christmas lights this year, mostly minis. We anticipate our power bill will be about $800. The lights are on from 5:30 to 9:30 pm Dec. 3 to Jan. 1. Our town makes the lane behind our home one way traffic for the month. Alfred von Hollen [email protected]
We put up 59,690 lights this year. We were also mentioned along with you in the Southern Living article this year. Best wishes for a Very Merry ChristmasAndrew Jezioro
Hi Chuck, here is a couple pics of my display, truly beautiful live. Let me know if they make it on your page. J. J. Purpura Gainesville, FL
a few from Tasmania, Australia Downunder Harry Smith
Hello, my name is Randy Mein,I live in San Jose,California. Just thought you might like a picture of my house,10,000,lights. [email protected]

Here are some pictures of our display. As you can see no area is left undecorated, inside and out. It takes me almost three weeks (starting in October to get it all out and up) because I do it mostly by myself. My husband is kind enough to do the roof work because I have a tendency to fall off of ladders, but everything else is my work alone. The lights go on Veteran’s day and are on every night through New Year’s day. I have been collecting Christmas items since our wedding day in December of 1967. As I am sure you can identify with, it is additive and soooooo much fun. Our display last year included over 35,000 lights outside and an additional 20,000 on the inside. Needless to say we don’t use any regular lighting in November and December. Our display in 2001 will include over 50,000 outside lights, a Whoville complete with Grinch, a Disney area, a Looney tunes area, a North Pole site, plus much more. Daniel R. Caron [[email protected]]
The house has a total of 42,000 lights controlled by 2 P.C.s. It doesn’t use the X10 Modules as used by yourself and others but a similar system connected to the parallel port and driving banks of SSR’s and relays. I do have about 30 of the control modules similar to the X10 units but no controller. Bill Stone [[email protected]]
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