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This is a tribute to my Father who passed away 2 years ago. I remember he said that Christmas was his favorite time of year. My mother forced me to go out and put some lights out even though it was Thanksgiving unknowing that she created a Christmas decorating monster. My decorations consisted of over 7000 lights (which is small to you big boys) but looks rather nice. For my Father’s honor! Moondog at [email protected]
This is a show in the Northeast “Christmas Spectacular 2001” The 3 minute show synchronized and animated to music. The story has two parts: Toyland and Peace on Earth. Some info about the show: 22-40′ trees with 18,000 lights, total 192 dimmers, 256 Control channels, total power draw with all lights on is estimated at 145Kw. (145,000 watts), 550′ of 400 amp feeder cable, 4000′ of 12 circuit multicable, 6000′ of 14awg. wire, 400 “multitaps,” 20 Custom made “water proof tubs” for electrical junctions, 12′ diameter star, 16′ diameter earth, 12 5′ high doves, 20′ high animated “elf toss Arch” with 30 Packages along 300′ of animated conveyor belt. Three weeks to install with a crew of 6. 80 hours to program. A streaming video of the show to be available in January. Best Wishes for a HAPPY HOLIDAY! Brian Fassett and Sepp Spenlinhauer [email protected]
Not seen is the ‘animated’ jumping deer along the side of the house, 17 figures in all sequence to create the illusion (click here for .MPG video). The back yard has; a small herd of deer in a pasture, 24×40 2 story barn illuminated, animated ducks flashing around, minimum of 10 trees decorated. The house has white icicle lights along on the ridge and blue icicle lights backlighting the white. A 40 ft cedar tree next to the garage has motion lights spiraling up. A privacy fence along the driveway has an outline of a train ( with animated rotating wheels ) and 4 ft high Merry Christmas sign. I’m estimating at over 30k of light this year due to the double icicle lights around the house. It takes 1.5 weeks to put up, providing it doesn’t rain. I’ve been putting up lights for a least 15 yrs and listed every year in locations to see of a local news paper. Thanks and Merry Christmas Walt Lichota and Family 340 Memphis Rd Memphis MI 48041 [email protected]
My flag house in Springfield, Mo. 16,000 lights. DAB MAN [email protected]
We have been decorating our home for 6 years and have won local contests in the past, but have stopped entering contests because that is NOT what it is about. We have about 10,000 lights, over 50 plastic molded characters, a homemade 9ft. snowman that tips his hat to guests, a homemade pair of life-size snowball throwers throwing a snowball, a homemade Santa’s house with animated figures inside, homemade falling snowflakes, a homemade salvation army Snoopy that rings his bell, a homemade Woodstock that “runs” around on a present, a homemade angel Sally with wings that move, homemade mini-arches surrounding the yard, and lots more. We have about 100 cars a night stopping to view our display. We love it. We are located in Joliet, IL. Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth. The Howard Family. [email protected]
My second year of marriage and 2 year of decorating I’m only getting started. 10,200 lights this year. Chuck Green [email protected]
Our “waterhouse” in The Netherlands. Simon Vlas [email protected]
Located in Silicon Valley; 9750 mini-lights this year. Leavitt-Michael
I live in Chapin, South Carolina. I have been decorating for about 5 years. My display contains over 50 blowmolds and around 10,000 lights. These pictures are just a small sampling of my display. [email protected]
Here is a picture of our light display at North County Baptist Church in Escondido, CA We’ve got over 700,000 lights on display nightly. It’s great fun with free horse & buggy rides and live caroling. We may not have snow here, but we definitely have plenty of Christmas spirit to share. Happy Holidays, Lyn Adams [email protected]
This is the Scalisi’s Christmas display on Teri Ct, In Jackson New Jersey. We feature over 40,000+ lights, including animated 20 foot train, and an animated horse and carriage, and an animated bell. Life size nativity scene, 4 man made arches, 10′ Merry Christmas candy cane arch, and a 20′ Happy Holiday sign. Mr & Mrs Claus, Frosty, Santa, and Rudolph blowmolds, 50 soldiers, 2- 10′ wooden shoulders, carolers, skaters, and many many more wire figures including the misfits, and soldiers, and deer. 3D fading star, and moving angel. Also over 360 feet of rope light, waving Santa, angels with moving wings, and moving deer. We are taking donations for the FDNY for WTC disaster. Vinny Scalisi, [email protected]
Our house is located on Bradley Rd. in Springfield Ma. We have 26,000 lights this year and everything is computer controlled by Dasher. This is my first year using computer control and everything came out great. We have 48 circuits and a 4 minute light spectacular. I can’t wait till next year. If you are in the area come on by, it is worth a look. Merry Christmas from John + Shawna Breen ,[email protected]
Here’s one of my pictures from this year. Wheaton, IL Jeff Sand [email protected]
Our display is located in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota, and features over 11,000 lights this year. Highlights this year include Linus from Peanuts who shares the Gospel message via projected slides, a large animated Merry Christmas sign, an 8′ snowman, and lots of little touches. You can visit our website at to view the display. Thanks! Tim & Cathy Fischer, [email protected]
This is our house with 38,675 lights. It is controlled with Dasher. The tree on the roof is red, white and blue as well as the strands around the roof edge and the sign over the garage door. They go on in sequence, scroll and blink very patriotically. This is the first year my daughter Brittanie is my elf ( you have to get them young and train them right you know). She is my fellow “Griswald”. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and helps their fellow man in these trying times. The Sada Family. Lance Sada [email protected]
This years decorations at the Salsbach’s home on the Caribbean island of Bonaire in the Netherland Antilles. The lights cover the whole front of the house. For a larger view: . Happy Holidays. Imagine Bonaire [[email protected]]
This year I have 45,000 lights. Last year, winning the masters division of our city lighting display brought over 14,000 people to walk through my interactive display. My bearded collie Shirley raised over $1,600 for homeless animals here in Duluth, MN. I added a Cinderella Carriage, several 9 foot snowflake trees, a unicorn and because of the mild weather up until today….floating candles to replace the usual ice candles. Living on Lake Superior has it’s benefits, one being I have a backdrop of the city lights to compliment mine. My garden house is open again and hot cider, popcorn and cookies are served each evening. A live Santa greets the children and adults and people read Christmas stories, sing carols or bring instruments and entertain. So far this year over 12,000 have come through and Shirley’s Fund for the homeless animals has already raised over $1000. Since there is a place for people to stop and be warm I have a guest book which people comment in. There have been visitors from all over the world and their stories and comments warms the heart. My web page can be viewed at Marcia Hale’s Spirit of the Lights website! Happy Holidays. Marcia Hales Duluth, MN 55802

[email protected]

Mr. Snowman says welcome to Christmas 2001. J.J. from Central Florida. [email protected]
This is a picture of our display for 2001 we had 20 cut outs , 4500 miniature lights, 6 foot light up Santa (Australian made) , light up reindeer,6 foot light up tree, home made north pole, 2 x 500 spot lights. We had 1500 drive bys this year. Please drop by our web site at
Here is a picture of our house display for Christmas 2001 in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is our 3rd year of putting up decorations and is a mix of 240v and 110v mini lights, large bulbs, static and moving lights. Fortunately, my friend Tom helps with all the technical staff. It’s great to provide a light a corner of our street in the dark of winter and if it puts a smile on the face on one person going along our street then I think its been worthwhile. Merry Christmas Gordon [email protected]
This is our display in New Carlisle, OH. I could get only part of the display. We have about 2,000 to 3,000 lights and about 45 blow molds. Hopefully next year we will feature more light and maybe a couple of animations. This is our 9th year of displaying. Brenda Olwin [email protected]
I decorate my home every year and for the first time have a decent picture thanks to digital cameras. I am in Anaheim Hills in southern California. Merry Christmas, Mike [email protected]
This is my 7th year of displays here in La Jolla, California. This year I included 2 dozen figures as well as thousands of lights. Mark at [email protected]
This a portion of our house. Too wide to get the whole thing in from that angle. If I can get the whole thing in, I will submit it later. Jon Fiedler Ellicott City, MD Wendy and Jon Fiedler [[email protected]]
Our Christmas display is located in Ludlow Mass and this is our 20th year. We have over 20 animated figures that we have built over the years and Santa visits with kids of all ages nightly in our gazebo. Merry Christmas Bill and Diane Bigda [email protected]
This is our home in Hampshire, England. It is our 4th year of lighting up our house. This year we invited the whole road for the lighting up ceremony on 1st December, it was very popular and went really well, there was over 60 of us outside drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies. Our main new purchase this year was our family of reindeer that we purchased from America, our two year old son, Ryan, loves them and insists on feeding them before he goes to bed! Hope you all at Planet Christmas have an excellent Christmas and happy planning for next year’s display. Keith, Jenny and Ryan [email protected]
Here’s my 2001 display, located in Knoxville, Tennessee. I call it “Make The Season Bright.” This is my first year of being “light-headed” and doing some serious decorating. I have about 7,000 mini lights, seven 100 watt floodlights, and of course Santa and reindeer along the roof line, with orange lights for reins. The flag on the mailbox is my favorite part of the display. Also, if you look closely in the carport, you can just barely see the wreath on the grill of my car. I have a website with more pictures and info, located at click here. [email protected]
Merry Christmas from John Shea, Juno Beach, Florida [email protected]
This is our second year lighting up the neighborhood. We have approximately 5,000 lights to date, and we hope to double that next year. It is becoming an addiction, but a beautiful one! Everyone participates in the decorating. We love when people stop to admire! The Robbins Family, Linwood, New Jersey [email protected]
15,350 lights! when I was born I loved putting up lights. I am 16 years old, and I have been doing all the lights by my self. Hope you enjoy the pictures of my house. Casey Hendrickson [[email protected]]
Here’s is a shot of our 2001 display. Lights on was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We have a little over 50,000 lights outside with an additional 20,000 inside. We average 300-500 visitors nightly. Last year on Christmas Eve we passed out 2000 candy canes. This year we will feature Christmas Karaoke on the patio. We live on a large corner lot so had trouble getting it all in one picture. ,Our home is just a mile from the front gate of Fort Hood Texas, the largest military installation in the world so we get many military families and relatives from all over the world coming by. Merry Christmas. Marilyn and Dan Caron. [email protected]
What a year we’ve had here at Santa’s Workshop in Australia. We are proud to say that our fabulous light display has been up and running for two weeks. It’s been harder than ever for us to complete our display in time, because we’ve been busier than ever with the sales of our silhouettes and accessories going to more cities and country towns than ever before. People are beginning to love decorating their homes more than ever and I tell you the competition out there is *very* fierce. The prizes are bigger and more exciting which makes people try so hard to win them. Whole streets are decorating with the hopes that photos of their homes will appear in their local paper. We are giving them all the support we can because we know only too well what the ‘magic’ of Christmas feels like. The most exciting part of our display this year is the introduction of our Australiana section. With the current world events and because we all love living in this beautiful country, especially in the year of Federation and most of all because we are a patriotic bunch of Aussie mates, we decided that it was time to ‘Go Aussie’. Displayed on our home this year is the Australian flag, the map of Australia and heaps of Australian wildlife. Our visitors love it. . From the 18th Dec – 24th December we are having a huge week of magic. There will be a fireworks display, different bands every night, carol singers and the nightly arrival of Santa who will hand out lolly pops and chat to the children. Ahhhhh yes! this is why we love Christmas. Livio and I wish each and everyone all the special blessings of the Festive Season and we hope the holiday season is a safe one for you all. Kerrie & Livio. [email protected]
I have just over 9,000 lights and over 25 figures for 2001. It is hard to tell in the photo but I have added some color lights to the display this year. Merry Christmas to all from Jacksonville, Florida and Keith Portell. mailto:[email protected]
The 2001 Bisignano Family Christmas display is over 400 feet long and approx 75 feet deep, consisting of approx. 40,000 lights, over 180 lawn decorations including Tweedy, Tazmanian Devil, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, elves, carolers, Santa, frosty, ms Claus, Santa sleigh with 8 reindeer and Rudolf. We also have a star with red, white and blue lights draping on to the nativity scene. There are over 300 c-9’s and 200 c-7’s. We have a 20 foot wire train, horse and carriage, moving deer, angels, soldiers, a marching band, rope light Santa’s, skaters and a mini carousel. We have dedicated this years display to the victims and heros of the WTC disaster and taking donations for them. An 8 foot home made lighted sign wishes all Merry Christmas and Happy New year from the Bisignano’s as Christmas songs fill the air with 200 watts of sound. The display is located on Teri Court, in Jackson, New Jersey. I can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]
The 2001 Bisignano Christmas display by Brian and Theresa, contains over 15,000 lights, a wire frame light helicopter with Santa flying it, White wire deer, Tweety blowmold, precious moments nativity set, deer, a lit arch with mini arches outlining the driveway. We have over 8 trees all wrapped in red, white and blue lights. A waving Santa, numerous 1 D and 2 D lighted frames as well as other decorations. We are located on Teri Court in Jackson, New Jersey. I can be reached at [email protected]
The 2001 D’ambrosia Family Christmas display consists of over 30,000 lights, an 8 ft inflatable snowman, 15 light up deer, some moving, a 40 foot, hand made lighted sign that reads Merry Christmas Happy New Year (not shown.) Each window on the house features a different scene with moving dolls. There is also white wire snowman and angels. We are located on Teri Court in Jackson, New Jersey. I can be reached at [email protected]
Pictures of a 25,000 light display. Check out more at [[email protected]]
Christmas in New Orleans! Glenn Julia [[email protected]]

I’ve got approximately 15,000 lights, and mainly homemade decorations. This year I have the entire display animated with DasherX10. My display is in Kissimmee, Florida. You can see my display at Thanks, Ron Lister

Our home is in Plano, TX. in Ridgeview Ranch. This is our third Christmas in this home and each year we add a few more lights. We have 350 C9’s on the roof, 300 mini’s in each of the wreaths on the windows, 600 in the entry garland, 300 in the garland over the garage, 250 C7’s lining the driveway and planters. This year in addition to the reindeer, we added the wrought iron arched bench adorned with garland and mini’s. Behind it is a 6 foot Christmas tree that we retired from indoors. We also added the 3 pop up trees on the right side of the drive. Still a few weeks left till Christmas, so there may be more! Richard Baker [[email protected]]
Stars (below), turning train wheels, seal with balancing ball, juggling clown and lollipops with candy cane best viewed from two streets further up at San Nicholas. [email protected]
Here is a picture of our house in Marysville, Michigan. We have about 15,000 lights, a train that drives around the yard with smoke, rail road crossing gates that go down when the train goes across the driveway then they go back up, and arches with 600 hundred lights on each arch. The arches and crossing gates are run off an old 386 computer, it cycles the arch lights then changes them to flash red and white when the crossing gates go down which are triggered by the train. It takes about 2 weeks to get all the lights and displays up and working. This photo is from our local paper The Port Huron Times Hearld. Merry Christmas ([email protected]) are pictures of my light display I built for Easter and Christmas last year using an old 386 and i/o card and quick basic don’t know what this year but not long , the lights in New Zealand cost about 10 USD for a 100 lights , I purchased 2000 in us last year at $3.5 for 150 lights Ian Rowe < [email protected]>
My wife and I have been to your house several times. This year, my 8 year old son and I trimmed our home in over 20,000 lights–what a show stopper! Michael and Patrick Wright
Fayetteville, TN [email protected]

I live in Perth, Australia and this is what our house looks like at Christmas time! We have approximately 25,000 lights and about 40 different wooden cut-outs of Christmas things. The Scotts. [[email protected]]
allan9 [[email protected]]
Here is one picture of my display. Just a little info: 16,552 lights total, paths winding through the yard and on the dock. The waterfall going down the hill is in motion. I’m 17, this is my 6th year doing this, not computer controlled… yet… Stephen Blue, Piankatank Productions, [email protected]
shooper [[email protected]]
Check out more at click here ticktock [[email protected]]
This is our 2001 Christmas lights display in Lugarno, Sydney, Australia. It contains over 47,000 lights and includes “Merry Christmas” in lights in 26 different languages, an animated computerized Santa sequence that climbs and walks up and down all over the house and finally gets into his sleigh, Thomas the Tank engine with Santa aboard, Pooh Bear and friends, Sylvester and Tweedy, Mickey and Santa, all animated, a life sized Nativity scene in lights, an indoor life sized Nativity scene with moving mannequins and lots more. Over $16,000 raised for the Make-a-Wish Foundation this year. [email protected]
This house is in Long Island ,NY I have app. 10,000 lights, 25 ft. tree on roof, a 25 sec movie running continually, both sides of house is decorated, snoopy with dog house, 3- ten foot high snowman, 10 homemade Xmas-trees and a lot more TERRY & LARRY [[email protected]t]
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