Showing Off 2003

Showing Off 2003
Located in Anaheim Hills California. This is my seventh year of decorating. Amazingly it only took me a day and a half for what used to take me four days to set up. With such a wide spread I cannot get everything into one shot. MerryChristmas. Mike Beckman.
Here is my house in Millbrook AL this year. Your site and others have inspired me to try computer animation next year. I also plan to stop buyingdisplays and build my own from now on. My current display has about 24,000 lights, but will certainly grow each year. Thanks for the inspiration!

Chris Hargis

This year we have over 17,000 lights in our display. Please visit my web site to view more pictures . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Portell Family .

This is Ricky and Lucy’s 2003 Christmas display in Midland, Texas. This is my 6th year of decorating. Below are a few statistics of this years display: Lights – 27,776, Amps – 138.61, Installation time – 63 hours, 17 Dedicated 20 amp circuits, Extension cords – 87, Length of extension cords – 1,545, Timers – 18, Meterbase upgrade from a 200 amp to a 320 amp base, New 200 amp breaker panel installed for Christmas light load and had the local utility company upgrade service to my house from 1/0 al to 4/0 al. Every year I keep adding more and have already started designing for 2004. We have a lot of traffic every night looking at our display and taking pictures. Happy Holidays.
It is the Ludy’s Christmas White Light Spectacular 2003. Our home is located in Columbus, GA. The Light of the World is Jesus. Merry Christmas everyone.
Located in Yuma Arizona. The house of Butch & Kim Koretz, the house has over fifty thousand lights and four controllers that makes the display change four different colors. The large Christmas tree is made of 6200 lights that changes four different colors and two different sizes. The display is on two acres.

Located in Country Roads RV Park in Yuma, AZ. The Park Model of Doug (Snowbird Santa) and Jo Ladd. Doug is eighty two years young and puts up over 8,000 lights. He also has hundreds of little stuff animals in his display. Doug also makes sure every little boy or girl that comes to see his display leaves with a toy (that’s a true Santa). This year Doug had a very special guest stop by to see his display, Alan Jackson.
This here we have added more lights to the front trees and added some holographic animations. Now we have about a total of 15,000 lights. We are from Hubertus, Wisconsin. Mike Felder

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