Showing Off 2005

Here are some pictures of my house located in Orange County, New York ( Monroe). This years display is not finished yet will have more than 90,000 lights. I also raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation last year the total was just over $3,000.
Anthony Volpe
This is my small semi detached house, it took me five years to get this far, collecting for cancer and to cheer people up, MERRY CHRISTMAS. Karl Grizwald.
This is my Christmas show piece. It took me almost a week to put everything up including Christmas music playing all night. I hope everyone enjoys. Thanks. John in Las Vegas
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!

To all Lighthouse Fans …….Worldwide!!

from Ahaus, Germany

Gruß Thommy & Maria, Tanja, Franziska, Jeannine

Photo of the living room of my log cabin doll house all decorated for the holidays, 2005. Submitted by Faith.
Here are my Halloween lights from this year. It was my first year decorating my new house and was my dry run for Christmas lights. People always assume my husband is the one who does the lights, but these babies are all mine. I only had about 4,000 lights up, but that’s still more than anyone else in my neighborhood. Can’t wait to get those Christmas lights up! — Thanks! Julie G
Ryan’s Christmas Lights, is located in Salisbury East, Adelaide, South Australia, and started back in 1999 when I (Ryan) was only nine. In 1999, the display contained only one set of lights that turned on and off via a heat sensor. Slowly, the display get better until 2003, when I started to enjoy running the display more. 2004 Saw $250 being spent, however this year, over $750 has been spent – quite a big sum for a 16 year old! This year, there are over 3000 light globes, with a few hundred or so computerized (For the first time). Major alterations to the display took place this year, to allow spectators to get a close up view by walking around on the designated pathways. Please feel free to visit the official website at where you can view more pictures, and a video from this year. – Ryan Lissner

Here is our 2005 display. This is our first year of putting lights on the house. There are around 13,000 lights in all. I am sure I will be adding more lights and some kind of light control system in 2006. I did have an electrician come out and add 2 dedicated 20amp circuits on top of the 35amps the garage already had. We are going to add a couple yard lights also, just waiting until we get back from spending Thanksgiving out of town before we add them. The Willis’s in Puyallup, WA.

This is Year 1 in our first house and we had a very modest budget. We have 4,200 lights in total, a singing/dancing 5ft. Santa, and a 4ft. snow globe. Our gingerbread men were made from scratch and represent our family. We built 3 arches wrapped in garland with 450 lights each (big thanks to Dan in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada). This is a good start and we’ll be sure to at least double our display next year! Merry Christmas Everyone! The McNamara’s, Queen Creek, AZ.

Merry Christmas from Balboa Island, California where over 24,000 lights illuminate our house! More than 20 rope light figures, most of which are animated, decorate the scene like a waving snow man, a flying helicopter, a jumping gingerbread man, a drummer boy drumming, a chugging choo-choo train, and even a dancing hula girl! A thirty foot tall hand-made lighted Christmas tree blinks as Christmas music plays in the background. A real highlight is the fake snow machine that produces instant snow on demand (which, of course, is a laugh in beachside Southern California). We figure over 10,000 people see the lights during the season, partly because of the Newport Harbor Boat Parade which attract thousands of tourists to see this lighted boat parade in the harbor. This is our fifth year of a progressively larger Christmas light display, and we’ve won awards from several Newport Beach organizations for the past four years! Thanks to Planet Christmas we attended the Plus 2005 convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee this past July and got even more great ideas (and displays). Visit our website at, or better yet visit our house during the Christmas season!
Not quite as many lights as some of the displays here but this is my second year and I plan to keep expanding. I also still have a few more to hang. hope you enjoy. Robert, Mayfield Hts. Ohio

This is the first year that I have used computers and a fm radio transmitter. We are located in Tyler, Texas. I put everything early and have been testing it out. Everything is ready to go and all the bugs have been worked out.

Ken & Terri Good

Seasons Greeting from Porrazzoland – Lowellville, Ohio. It is time again for our festival of lights this year in Lowellville Ohio. A lot of changes here … I have been on all the local news channel every year for the last 6 years or so multiple times during the holiday season each year featured on many news casts. This year we had built a brand new 6,000 square foot home on the same property herein Lowellville. After our original ranch home was taken down and rebuilt into a brick 2 story home from scratch and the holiday light display has increased by another 20 percent. This year we have a total now of 63 Inflatable Gemmy Christmas Inflatables in our Display along with over 100 other Light ups, sculptures, and multiple motion decorations. along with thousands and thousands of lights. Along with our famous mailbox “A letter for Santa” which every child that drops a letter off with a return address receives a letter back from the man himself. On this great web site that each year with all the other “Griswold” Christmas crazies our home . We also had a huge two page write up last year in the Local section of the Youngstown Vindicator. My wife, Nephew and I have taken the first week of November off from school and work where I am the owner of Energy Wise Home Improvements, Inc. My son Anthony age 11 is recovering from tonsil surgery so this is the first year he has not participated in the fun to get this outside display completed and it looks wonderful. I am inviting you into my home this year to view this display on Your Web Site to spread our holiday cheer to others. Showing the valley that the Christmas season starts in PORRAZZOLAND November the 1st. Our new construction has not even been 100% completed inside yet but our family still has time to set a week aside to complete our festival of lights which we will continue to do as long as we have our health. Being its still almost 7 weeks before Christmas and we are already deep into our Holiday Cheer.
This is my small home in Beaverton, OR. We love the holidays and decorating our corner home really gets the neighborhood in the Christmas spirit! Merry Christmas! The Klein’s
Not as many lights as most of the listings, but the kids love them just as much. about 15,000 in all with some animated rope light structures. Thanks for such a great site to view. The Breese’s of Canton, Il.
Here is a picture of my 2005 setup. There are three scenes: The penguins around Christmas presents. The bear looking at the Christmas tree. And The Grinch standing by the real Santa who’s been crushed by a reindeer. More pictures can be seen at . The location is Oregon City, OR, and I always set-up my display the week before Thanksgiving.
Here is my display for 2005. This year I took a big leap towards a more commercial grade light-up. My display has entered the computerized era with the installation of electronic firework lighting systems. These are special-effect lighting systems, in which the light starts from the center of the sphere and explodes outwards simulating a firework mortar exploding. They are controlled by a computer in each of their bases which create several different bursting sequences. The speed of the burst effect can be controlled by a knob on the computer box. The biggest one stands 20 feet tall and has a burst diameter of 16 feet! It has 60 multi-colored light rods and puts out around 6000 watts of power. The three smaller units stand around 10 feet tall and have a six foot burst diameter. The smaller ones were introduced in last year’s display. The rest of my display includes a 15-foot tall PVC candy cane wrapped with mini-lights and driveway arches of cascading white lights on both sides of our circular drive. I decided this year, instead of having a whole lot of “smaller” items all over the place, to simplify things by putting up a few real nice large items. The display is quite a conversation piece among passersby and one that stands out as unique from the contemporary holiday light display. Paul Berzins Painesville, Ohio
Our display is completely different than past years. We are currently running about 85,000 to 90,000 lights of which 60,000 is a static display the rest is controlled by Light O Rama computer system. Our display consists of a 23 foot mega tree with 6,500 lights and 11 strobes, a life size 13 piece nativity scene, three 8 foot wireframe angles, and 4 3D angels. Front of roof is covered with 16 homemade snowflakes all operated by LOR.
Hello there fellow members. Here is a little something from Mike and Maryellen from Boston, Massachusetts. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. See more by clicking here
Front of my log cabin dollhouse superimposed over a woodsy snow scene. The house is all decked out for the holidays. Submitted by Faith in NH.
Hey. here is my display and a brief description.

Greetings from Northwest Indiana! I did this all by myself (13). There are roughly 2,000 lights here. I have a 4′ snowman, a blowmold soldier and snowman, roughly 900 blue lights on the trees and like over a 1,000 icicles. I am not computerized yet, but hope to get at least one controller in a few years. On the back of the house (not pictured) there are like 300 multi-colored mini’s. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Luke Kamp

St. John, IN

Moraga, CA. It has over 7,000 lights and took about 10 hours of work total. Hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas!
This is our new for 2005 Silver dancing Christmas Tree with color changing LED lights. Premiere performance at the Castle Rock, Colorado Factory Outlets Tree Lighting ceremony 11-25-2005. This is our second Dancing Christmas Tree Costume, the first is in green and performed in the 2003 and 2004 Tulsa Christmas Parade. The costumes stand about 10 feet tall depending on the height of the performer, and can fit through a normal height doorway with some effort. Thank you for your interest! Walking tall and stretching imaginations! Bill “Stretch” Coleman.
Roughly 5,000 lights and approx 50 blow molds displayed this year. All set to music using LOR- approx 15 songs. Show runs roughly 45 minutes then resets. Port Jefferson station, NY.
It is a little over 40,000 lights so far. I usually work on it right up until Christmas
Merry Christmas from the Arizona desert, Still wishing for a white Christmas 🙂 . My display includes 25,000 lights, and computer animation with animated lighting. But most of all where else can you find lights on a saguaro. Merry Christmas everyone.
This is my Christmas light display in Provo, Utah. I have done it for about 3 years now…and it gets better every year. I have never taken the time to count how many lights are in the collection but I know the rooftop has 4000 and the bushes have 1700+ I should do a count of the entire house sometime. Anyway, you can view more pictures at
This display has been in the works for 5 years now. We have 23,000 lights. Among them we have 44 two foot trees, two 9 foot pvc candy canes, 18 piece blow mold nativity scene, 14 foot tall arch way over my

driveway, 13 different sized deer, movie theatre/slide show above my garage, live Santa every night, many animated figures. 100 twinkling stars above my roof.. Myself and my wife and three kids do this together for the pleasure of our community, senior bus tour of lights, as well as all the children. Keep up the great work everyone. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


This is our 2005 christmas display. There are about 6000 lights this year and its all computerized.

More pictures on

Merry X-mas and ahappy new year

From Hannover, Germany

Sebastian, Manuela and Florian


We changed this year from tiny lites to regular ones. Have a Merry Christmas from the Hendrix house hold in Riverview, Florida.
Xavier Lights located in Sherman Illinois is home to over 54,000 lights and 85 strobes-all computerized to the sound of music. This year display has doubled in size which also includes over 150 blowmolds and 14 wireframes. Find us on the web:
Happy Holidays from the Loftus Family
Merry Christmas from Lafayette, IN.
Display has 24,500 Mini lights, over 100 ft of rope lighting on the yard sculptures, and nearly 1000 ft of extension cords. Display pulls roughly 83 amps. All circuits are switched with heavy duty power relays controlled by one timer, so everything comes on all at once!
Here is a picture of our display in Overland Park, KS (Kansas City). It only contains about 2500 lights and we always keep adding on, but this year blew our budget with the candy cane tree and the inflate-able Santa on the roof. I have plans for expanding next year and the year after that and the year after that, etc. We’ll see how it goes. From the blogs, chat rooms, pictures and links, this is very addicting and I can’t wait for what the future holds. This is going to be a great family tradition.
Happy Holidays Everyone.
Eddie, Andria, Mason, and Maverick
Hi chuck here are my photos for this year. My display has over 50,000 lights. I am located about 10 mins from down town Chicago. My house, garage and drive way is lit up. I have 2 inflatables, about 20 blow molds, 3 arches with lights and rope lights as well as 19 mini trees. I was unable to get the rest up do to electric problems so this year my display is a bit smaller. I am not computerized although I do have Christmas music playing 24 hours a day. Thank you for all the fun and happy holidays! laura_s

This is the Dan Burkart residence in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Currently we are at 43,000+ lights, 12 inflatables and plenty of animation. The first pic is the front of the house as you come into the cul-de-sac and the second is of the back yard and fence line as seen from the adjacent road. More can be seen in front as you drive around the circle as we had to extend into the neighbors yard (with their permission, of course) this year! Happy Holiday’s to all!

Spring, TX – This is my second year and I am up to 7,287 lights. I will be computer synchronizing and adding more next year. I love the site and thanks for all the great ideas!


Merry Christmas from the Mike, Jen, Chase, and Lily! This is our 2nd Christmas in our new house and the first real attempt at a display. I added three new circuits on a 3 pole contactor and time clock. we are at roughly 6000 lights with many more ideas in mind. Happy Holidays from Oklahoma!!!
Welcome to our 2005 display!!! We have created a whole new look for 2005. Including many new lights, displays, and two animatronics figures. Visit us at for the latest updates in our display, contact information, and more pictures. We look forward to seeing you soon!!!
Here is our 2005 Christmas display. We got hit buy a 12 hour snow storm on Nov. 26th, so some of our ground lights are hidden in the snow. We have been decorating for a number of years, but this is the first time we sent our pic in to Planet Christmas. I have to give my wife most of the credit, she plans it out and does the roof decorations (I’m afraid of heights) and I help with the yard lights. A number of our decorations are home made (sort of). Santa’s footprints on the garage are completely home made. The candy canes that line the yard were all modified with regular Christmas mini lights (red, green, white) and the ice skaters and lamp post were all wired by hand. The final count isn’t in yet, but I think it will be around 30,000 lights. I’ll hopefully have our Holiday website up at Merry Christmas from Pocatello, Idaho.
This is the Home of the Schrimp/Patch Family in San Juan Capistrano, CA. We have been doing large animated displays for over 10 years now. We focus more on animation than lights. I make almost all of our animated figures. The newest addition this year is the Drumming soldier. He is over 8 feet tall. I worked on him all summer. When activated, he drums to ” The March of the Wooden Soldiers” music and his head turns from side to side. Hard to enjoy it all since just about everything you see in the photo are animated. I wish I could place more than one photo so you all could see some of the characters, but I guess one is all we can post here. If you are in Southern California, please come by, 28981 Via Hacienda. Enjoy

This is my Christmas house here in Sweden. This year I’ve got about 16 000 lights and it consumes about 8000 watts. Everything is controlled by a computer with 200 steering channels. Please visit my homepage for more pictures and information at

Robban Ahlbeck
Athena Flierl

The Ludy’s home is decorated with over 52,200 lights. Our home has become a landmark for all in the Columbus, GA and surrounding areas to visit during the Holiday Season. The 24 channels of LOR boards used on the roof lights enabled them to dance with the music of Christmas Carols. The plans to increase the collection with an additional 32 channel spectacular display were dampened with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 2006 will involve the use of these extra channels along with wire framing, which was taught during the training in PLUS 2005. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Great Display this year.

From the Home of the Ludy’s. Jerry


This is the 2005 Colorado Christmas display. I have added more lights to the Mega-Tree, as well as some new displays. This year I think the total light count is just about 40,000. Its computer controlled and synced to music being played over our FM radio station. Lights are on from Thanksgiving to New Years. More info and videos at Http://
The Pickett’s
Colorado Springs, CO
Happy Holidays from Sugar Land, Texas. This is our third year decorating to this level and we try to expand a bit every year. This year we have approximately 14,000 lights (minis, C7s, & C9s), 5 spot lights, 11 decorative metal displays from the Round Top Collection (Houston, Texas), four days of labor, and have maxed out on our available power (75 amps). One last touch will be to add an FM transmitter so that passers-by can enjoy the sounds of Christmas.
The Townley Family
This year I am celebrating my twenty-third year of decorating, as I started as a 12 year old in Cincinnati, Ohio. My display this year consists of approximately 15,000 lights, over 60 blow mold figures, and many unique decorations. Included is a custom- made gingerbread house complete with animated figurines, and a life-size animated Santa that sings Christmas carols, and lights that span across Twilight Lane to my neighbor’s display! New this year are a complete set of choir boys and girls, more snow, and FINALLY all nine reindeer with sleigh, taking off from my roof, and flying over the yard to about 25 ft in the air. The bad news: This is my last year with this display. The good news: I’m moving to bigger house, newly remodeled with bigger electrical circuits and outlets under the eaves. And goodbye to the difficult-to-decorate tile roof! Thanks to all my neighbors for the past 8 years for their support! We will have great memories of our Christmases here!

Thank You and Merry Christmas, Brian Hays Rancho Santa Margarita,CA

This is our new home in Arlington, Texas. The strand of C9 bulbs around the front door has special significance. It previously belonged to our next door neighbor, John, and his wife, Sue. We used to enjoy teasing John because every year he would put up this one simple strand of lights around the eaves on his home and nothing more. My wife would call him “Johnny-One-Strand.” John passed away a few years ago and Sue gave these lights to us before she moved away. Every year since then we include this strand of lights in our display in memory of John and the enjoyable times our families shared at Christmas. Merry Christmas Johnny-One-Strand; we love you and miss you! Bednarz family
Horseheads, NY 14845 This is the third year that I have decorated “extensively” and every year we are adding more to the display. The neighbors all joke that the electric company has to turn on extra generators every night when we turn on the display!
Michael E. Histed
Turned the lights on the day after Thanksgiving. We have 25,000 lights, 8 blowmolds, 6 animations, A Christmas carousel with six horses with 1700 lights and 6 Christmas bears riding on the horses, a helicopter with speed controller, a penguin ski area complete with rope tow, a polar bear village, a large train with RR crossing, Santa’s toy shop, snowman square complete with Frosty singing and swaying to the music, and a 12 ft. Christmas list hanging from a tower, with good boys and girls names on it.
We have lighted arches over the driveway as well. We want to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We live on Green Street in Henry, Illinois. Come see us and our display. We pass out candy canes to all the children and we are a “Toys for Tots” drop off. We have been filmed by Hoi19-Abc out of Peoria and by Channel 25-Nbc out of Peoria. We have been written up in three newspapers. We are on the “Winter Wonderland Tour” on Dec. 2, 3, and 4th. And this is our first year!! We plan to expand next year. Nancy and Ken Dawson
Approximately 14,000 lights, running on 64 LOR channels. 24 Mini trees are in the front, 60 mini arches along two driveways. New this year is Virtual Santa.
My wife and I have won the “Tacky Light Presentation Award” for our neighborhood for two years in a row. We will be defending the title again this year with 25,000 lights. We are also listed on This is a listing of all the homes and businesses in Richmond, VA with tons of lights. Merry Christmas everyone!!
Richmond, Va
Bret and Dawn Dorsey

Here are some pictures of our home in Houston, Texas. This is our second year putting up lights and we are growing each year. We have over 6,000 lights and extension cords everywhere. Merry Christmas everyone!!! Can’t wait for next year!!!

Miklos Fitch

Hello and Merry Christmas from the Hrusik family in Chilliwack, B.C.
Here is my 2005 Christmas Light display in a small town in Eastern Oregon. This years display contains a theme of life at the North Pole. We have Santa in his house next to a Christmas tree with presents and a lollipop lanes to the house. Outside the house is a Toy Soldier, snowman, a polar bear, and a gathering of deer around the Christmas tree. New this year is the addition of two Victorian Ice skaters on the frozen pond, along with a park bench and a horse and its sleigh. To compliment everything is Santa’s sleigh and reindeer in a snow storm with a teddy bear. To finish it all off is a 25 foot motion train with a flag flying behind it. This is our biggest display! Enjoy detailed pictures of the display at Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas to everyone!!!! Here is our display of our house in the Northwoods of Mercer, Wisconsin. We have been decorating for about 6 years and try to add something new or more each year. This year we have 6,783 lights on the house with many compliments each year on the house at Christmas time. Living up North, I try to start early with the decorating so as to do most in the warmer months of October. Look forward to each year of decorating and checking out the other displays on PlanetChristmas!!
Here is a photo of my house in Huntsville Al. over 20,000 and still growing. Merry Christmas to all.
The Schultz Family.
Neal Griffin
Merry Christmas! This is the 16th year of my display, which is in Kissimmee, Florida. I have over 30,000 lights, which are all computerized, and are synchronized to music using Light-O-Rama. I have a radio transmitter, so that guest can listen to the music from the comfort of their cars. In 2004, my display was selected as one of the co-winners of the Planet Christmas/Bright Ideas worldwide outdoor Christmas Lighting contest! You can see more of my display at
Merry Christmas from Vancouver, Washington. This is 2005 version of my house, have about 75 lighted figures that each year I alternate about 50 of them so that each year is a little different, lots of strands of lights that I seem to be adding to every night when I come home from work, and tell myself I could use more lights there! Once again Merry Christmas. ‘Jefferay
The house on the left is mine (Dennis Naughton Jr)…The house on the right is my mother and her husbands…Together we have 137 Blowmolds…Around 20,000 lights…This is the first year we are decorating both…I just bought my house this year…We are looking forward to getting bigger every year…Keep up the good work everyone…All the houses on here look great…
This is thanksgiving… it’s all down now awaiting for the Christmas disaster. Lorie Stein
Decorating since he was only 10 years old, 15 years later Lee Grube in Las Vegas, NV is still going at it! This year boasts a Garage Door Mural he made to look like the inside of a room and has Snowmen in it with walls and a fireplace and more in it too. Lee also has 10’s of thousands of lights, which he notes are mostly C-9 sets, which are 9-watts a lamp or 225 Watts just for 1 strand of lights. Compare that to any of your lamps which run at 25-40-60 watts! Lee also has over 20 Christmas Trees planted all across the yard in the ground to look like a Christmas Tree Farm, and also has 3 fiber-optic Trees, and even an 8-foot Decorated and lit tree! Lee does admit his display does not have the most number of lights, but certainly he tries to have the brightest display using mostly C-9 Lights and the best designed decorations. Lee says “Anyone can decorate with lights anywhere they see, but I go for design and decoration, and plan my light display out for a week just to get the design and patterns right and make sure it looks good, not gaudy with too many lights in 1 area! Everything has a pattern and a place – and a meaning for this display. Nothing is out of place or does not fit in with other lights and decorations that are around it” Lee also this year is programming a computerized light display, which will have several light strands and decorations connected to his computer and they will move or blink or turn off/on in sequence to holiday music he has playing all night long! From 1-foot tall Light Strands, to a hand-carved and painted Wooden Garfield Christmas Decoration, to a huge “2005” lit on his roof… Lee has a little bit of everything at his home. He also has entered a Local “Griswold Award” contest and asks IF you like his set-up, visit his Lights Site and vote for him… His lights site is with a squiggle line – so he also links his lights site – from his DJ website. Use whichever is easier: or
Teddy Koziol
Here is our display in Kingston Ontario Canada
Bill & Tina Cawlishaw
Merry Christmas from the DeLauro and Cianflone families in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY. We have over 7000 lights most of which are L.E.D. Our display is controlled by 16 computer channels and our neighborhood is known for having some of the best Christmas light displays in New York. Come by and check us out. 1121 – 1125 71st Street.
Hey everyone! Here is our apartment display for 2005! We are on year 3 of decorating and have reached the 7,200 light mark! We live in a 1 bedroom apt. and have enjoyed winning the annual Christmas decoration contest hosted here for the past 2 years. To see last years decorations & misc. pictures go to Merry Christmas everyone!
Kris & Lisa Matyas
Salt Lake City, Utah
Hello from a sunny South Africa. I am Marius van Zyl from Parow about 20 minutes drive from the hart of Cape Town. For the first time in Cape Town History a local radio station KFM 94.5 and Quntum Bond lodge a Bright Lights competition and the attached photographs are my entry into the competition. Decorating your house with lights did took the country by storm and every where light houses up in the spirit of Christmas. This is my 4 th year that i decorated my house and lost track of how many lights i have used in my displays. It give me and my wife Hetta a heart warming feeling to see how kids faces light up with huge big smiles when they visit the display with their parents. My display started from 20h00 in the evening and you wont believe that people is waiting outside of the gates for the lights to be turned on. Thanks for Planet Christmas for wonderful very useful ideas.


Our family wanted to share this Christmas display all decked out for the holidays along with you for the up and coming holiday season. I have always wanted to share the holidays with everyone, even as a child I loved Christmastime. Each November I decorate my parents’ home and front yard full of lights for all to see. This year I decided I wanted to be even more creative and starting thinking my design through back during the summer months and dropped the idea of decorating their yard for this year. I dreamed up something a little unusual and special for this year, something fun for everyone! This year I decorated up an entire eighteen wheeler which rests in our very front yard for all of the passers by. Our local area has already nicknamed this display as the “Christmas Express”. Using the open belly of the trailer, I placed a sled and reindeer with many snowflakes which appear to falling around the scene. I also was very excited about using snowflakes to outline each wheel! You will also see a jolly Santa Claus, a Snowman holding his hat held high for all the world to see, Christmas trees, bells, stockings, ornaments, and two Merry Christmas Signs. My goal was to use rope lights to outline and still show that it is in fact a real tractor trailer. There is even one of Santa’s helpers which made his home in the passenger side seat of the tractor, an Elf who watches all drive by! It certainly seems to be a big hit within our local area, just wish it could be shared with more families for the up and soon coming holidays! Kristen Gillespie (Ijamsville, Maryland) I would like to dedicate this, In Loving Memory of three very special people who always believed in everything I wanted to achieve, Jack Alden, Shirley Hone Gillespie and George Albert Savage.

This is my first post and photo to PC. This is the Juarez house from AZUSA, CA. I have just over 4000 lights on the house and I will be adding more next year, at least 2x as many. Well from my family to all of yours….MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Here are the new ’05 pictures as promised. Thanks – and happy holidays!!!
Anthony Volpe
Happy Holidays from the Farrell Family of Clifton, New Jersey. In our 4th year of decorating, we’ve discovered Planet Christmas and have already been inspired to do bigger and better next year. We hope your Holidays and New Year are as bright as our home!

The Farrells

Seasons Greetings all. Here is my display for the 2005 season. In all I have 32,753 lights including almost 1000 transparent blue C9 bulbs. I custom made the window and door overlays a few years ago to hold and evenly space the C9 bulbs. I also spent numerous hours making wood luminaries lining the sidewalk. A week of vacation before Thanksgiving is all I need to get the lights up. I’m already making plans for next year including the eventual computerization of part of the display. Thanks for looking. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Roderique’s of Dardenne Prairie, MO

Merry Christmas from down under!!! This is our first year with lights. Hope to have many more next year as we both enjoy it immensely. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year from Hugo & Nina in Singleton, NSW Australia.

Here is a picture of our house in Slapout, Alabama. This is our first year to decorate to this degree and still have a few thousand lights to go.

Merry Christmas!


This is our house in Mesa, AZ. This year we have 18,631 lights, controlled by 14 LOR channels, and 6 channels controlled by a Noma digital decorating instant light show. We have a 12ft by 30 ft long tunnel that I park my box truck in. We also have a thirty foot super tree and a canopy over our porch. We have a radio station this year that plays a 2hr and 38 minute playlist before repeating. We also have 4 wireframes, 2 gingerbread people, a nativity set, a train, a moose and 3 deer and also 4 strobe lights. Everything is on timers this year so it all comes on by itself, I don’t have to flip one switch!
Aaron & Kristen Jabkowski [email protected]
My fiancé & I decorate our 1-Acre lot with over 10,000 lights, 120 plus illuminated figurines, inflatable Santa with tree & snowman, 120 foot driveway with a candy cane archway (with 120 blinking bells), Life-size Nativity set, homemade church homemade trees and much more. Still working on it, hoping not to run out of power. We wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and prosperous New Year.
Ken Price & Brenda Krone of Elk River, MN.
Our display is original because both us and our neighbor share in the decorations/costs…….Christmas has brought us together so that we may share with others.
Bill & Tina Cawlishaw
Our display is on the corner of West Main & R St. in Cottage Grove, Oregon. We purchased this house in November 2004. We knew that this house was always decorated for the holidays but we did not expect that it had won a prize in the holiday light contest every year for the last 5 years. So we scrambled to get 7,500 lights set-up that year, between moving furniture and hanging pictures. We took first place in the city holiday light contest of 2004. (Suprise to us) This year we have over 12,500 lights on display. We used 600+ feet of extension cords. It takes us 50+ hours to set-up. We 600+ currently have 2 animated blow-ups (Santa in the chimney and the bear in the present) and a 6 ft. snow globe. Santa and Frosty are enjoying themselves on the rocking chairs under the covered front porch while 6 deer feed on the lush green lawn. Rudolph and two other reindeer are waiting on the roof for Santa to return. We add to the Christmas spirit by playing a custom holiday CD with 25 different tracks of holiday music for our visitors listening pleasure. The picture does not do justice, you have to see it in person. Our lights are on Mon-Thursday nights 4:30 to 9:30 and Fri-Sun from 4:30 to 10:30.November 25th until Christmas. Bring your family by and enjoy our lights and ask us where to find more displays in town. Next year we plan to have a huge life-size Nativity scene under the covered driveway parking area. Happy Holidays, The Taddei Family.
Here are our lights to celebrate Jesus as the Light of the World
Rev. Dennis Devorick
58 Pueblo Lane
Columbiana, Oh 44408
I have 5000 lights out this year so far and the 18in.bells dance to the beat of the music played for our onlookers, and i haven’t a clue what my dad still has in mind to finalize this.
c.j. oneill williamsburg,ky.
This is my 2nd year building Christmas displays. I have added three new props to my Christmas displays this year. The first is my Snowball fighting Snowmen display in the lower right hand corner. They are 7 foot tall each and take up the whole right hand side of my house, as they pelt each other with snowballs. My 2nd Christmas prop is the Christmas Totter in the lower left hand corner of the picture. It is a snowman and penguin who totter back and forth as their bodies flash. My 3rd prop are the Christmas trees you see by the deer on the left hand side of the picture. I had initially was going to build many more of these and connect them to another Animate Lighting controller but computer problems caused me to cancel that idea.
Merry Christmas everyone.
Mark Sloat
Christmas Kennel

This is my house in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. It took us awhile to get all the decorations up but it was well worth it. This goes to show that us country folk still know how to hang lights and get into the Christmas Spirit. Hope you Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!

Douglas A Bedford
60,000+ lights trimmed with chasing lights on house and yard.
Here are a few shots of our house this year. Our home is covered with over 23,000 lights this year, which uses about 173 Amps and puts out 20,700 Watts. We are Tina, Mark, and Emily (19 month old daughter) Bolt of Billings, MT
Here is our display for the 2005 season from Lexington,Ky. It has about 25,000 lights and counting. We have two noma instant light show controls also. Thinking about going to computer control display next year. It takes me about a week to set it up. The neighbors have nicked named me Clark Grizwald!
Here is my humble offering, this is the third year, and it grows each year. There are over 20,000 lights total, with some things as high as 50′ in the air. Our display draws a lot of traffic, and we hope to automate next year. More pictures and info at
Griffin, Georgia
Dave Horting, West Haven Lights. Thanks

This is only the front house, there is another house in the back that is fully decorated also. You may notice the snow on the ground in front, we live in northern California, Santa Rosa, and it hasn’t snowed here in years. This has been an ongoing project and every year we add a few more cutouts and lights. Our kids are in their 30’s and 40’s and they can’t wait every year to see what we add.
HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, hope to see you again next year.
A 2005 Merry Christmas from the Portell family!! View more about our Christmas decorations at
Thanks Chuck and Planet Christmas!
Here is my house in Indio, California. I’ve been decorating for 13+ years. Our display this year is double the lights we had last year – a total of around 24,000. The top of the large tree of lights on the house is 31 feet above the ground. A modest display compared to some but I thought it was worth showing off. – Todd
Merry Christmas from Sugar Land, TX. I have decorated the house for 5 years and keep adding a little more each year. I am up to 8000 lights and going to pass the 10,000 mark next year. I have a blow up snowman and I made a 10 foot Christmas tree.
Here is a picture of my bungalow in Norfolk England we have been lights for about 12 seasons now hope you like the picture.
Dave Cooke.
Hi Chuck – I need a better camera. Tried and tried for a better photo, but no luck. I think I need a tri-pod. If I get a better photo – I will send it as a replacement.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas,

Lisa Harmon

Jay and Michelle Kleiberg
2683 204 Street Langley BC Canada
Our House is called the Gingerbread House. We have around 40,000 lights and many neat things to look at.


Not finished yet but looking pretty good…… Merry Christmas
Hart Family Buckley,Wa
A star has crashed onto my roof.
Merry Christmas from Toronto Canada!
This year we have 4,000 lights, not as much as a lot of others here but it was enough to blow a bunch of fuses. The red and green bushes alone has 1,200 Watts. I don’t know how much more we can put up but who knows.
Merry Christmas 2005!
From The Rozenbergs Family
Merry Christmas, my name is Kathie, and I am a full time mommy to 6 kids. The reason that I started my display was for my children, as I have three disabled children who love the lights and the characters that I make. I live in Lancaster, CA. My light display is called Kathie’s Lancaster Lights as I love Christmas and work year round on new idea’s and building my display. 90% is hand build by me. I have included in my display several Disney characters, Nick Jr characters, Charlie Brown and friends, a 4 ft train, Frosty’s Tree Lot, Snoopy’s Red Barron, bears that spin on wood blocks, a Ferris wheel that was build by Dick Norton from Burbank, and a mail box for Santa’s letters. My website is: I would love to someday be on TV. I love Christmas and my goal is to make Children smile. Happy Holiday’s and a Happy New Year!! ~Kathie
We love this site. This is our third year decorating like this. This year is extra special because it is our daughters first Christmas she is 9 mos. and loves the lights. We would like to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.
The Conway’s
Daytona Beach, FL
A long time ago I did crafts so we purchased trees for every window. Garage sales again.) Our only son and I make paper snowflakes and paper garland and decorate one tree for each window – even the garage! I bought big boxes of poinsettias at one sale and we have them line the sidewalks. Now I feel a part of the display also. Another thing my husband allows. (And yes you will all understand why I used that specific word!) He lets our little boy design our side yard and he tries to accommodate his wishes – our little guy now feels he is part of Daddy’s design. This display is definitely not the biggest or the brightest but we feel such pride when cars line up around the blocks. We have limos in line every night. We have had people get out and dance on the sidewalk and last year a letter from a lady who was alone at Christmas and spent Christmas eve in front of our home. So does the utility bill bother me. Yes. But we forego Christmas gifts to one another (not our son). The only other present my husband receives is from my family and you guessed it – a gift certificate for $50 from Menards. While I hate the time and effort it takes, and I get way too grouchy at times, I am very proud of what he accomplishes. I am proud of my Christmas light geek! Merry Christmas to All. Karen Peachee
My wedding vows only allowed “Clear Bulbs”. Nothing was said about adding a “computerized” show…that’s next year 😉 Robert Burton Fayetteville, GA
City: Snohomish. 8111 151st PL SE

To Daniel Hall, lighting is at once both science and art. Daniel, wife Patti, kids Travis and Shayla began decorating several years ago to honor the memory of a grandmother who had passed away. That experience got Daniel started. He has been building and collecting, lights and decorations ever since. Daniel is an electrician; he has upgraded his electrical service and knows just how to spread the lights around so the breakers don’t blow. Daniel the artist attends the PLUS (Planet Christmas Lights Up Symposium) a national convention dedicated to the art of Holiday lighting, each year for new ideas. He and his son went to Florida this year to help a friend decorate houses in Orlando. Daniel purposely bought this house on a corner lot, so there was more room for lights and figurine

Here is my submission for 2005 Showing Off. 19,409 lights in Columbus, OH. Thanks,
Scott Lindsey
This is my 10th year of lighting up the neighborhood, and this years display comprises entirely of LED lights, not one regular bulb out there. A grand total of 6571 LEDs all colour co-ordinated in vivid blues and icy whites, with the theme of snow & ice, or “A Winter Wonderland”. It is accompanied by a 3 colour/2048-LED matrix sign giving seasonal greetings and brief details about the lights. It is mostly a static display this year, but thanks to the use of LEDs, the power consumption is very low (about the same as a large TV). For more photos and information about the display, as well as an archive of all the previous years going back to 1996, please see .

– Chris M. in South Wales, UK.

Roger & Janette Jones Claremore, Oklahoma
Hi Chuck….. “Merry Christmas”,
Thanks for the great site and “sights”, and I hope to make the next PLUS show…….
Season’s Greetings
Mike Williams
Mc Kinney, TX
After decorating for 30 years, we made the leap into the 21st century. This year we are using 24 channels of computer control using LOR. This photo is of the display before it was completed, but it gives you an idea of what is out there. The finished display features 160 blow molds, 3 snowman homes, 3 animated elves, polar bear circle, a 60 piece nativity and choir, several color fading trees ranging in height from 6 feet to the 80 foot Maple, wireframes and whatnot. Lost track of the light count but guestimating between 18 and 20,000 based on the amps we are pulling (we will be living in the dark until the display shuts down on Jan. 6) We were honored to be included in the Best Christmas Decorations of Chicagoland Bus Tour this year and we do our display as a small gift to our community and neighbors. We wish a very Merry Christmas to all. Carrie, Dave, and Dean Sansing, Glenview, Illinois.
A fire engine complete with Santa and his merry volunteers from the Falls Church fire dept. crew (northern, Virginia).
Don’t know which engine it is, due to the merry Christmas and wreath decoration. I surely wanted to give that particular engine credit. I’m not sure if this is the same engine each year… if so it’s been hauling Santa around for many years.
photos by Gregory Bryant.
Our first year in this house in Placentia, California, and we’re limited by having to put all the lights on only two circuits. We have over 2000 lights still in boxes, so wait till next year, but this year we did put out our Simpson’s and South Park characters, as well as as many lights as we could use without blowing fuses. All characters and the arrow are homemade and hand painted. Merry Christmas!
2005 Has been a great year here at the Gilley Household. With the addition of my beautiful daughter Emily Grace in April, It has made for a Wonderful Christmas Holiday Celebration. This is our 3rd year decorating here in Bassett VA. This year we’re around 10,000 lights, and adding every year. No computerized lights yet but it’s in the works for future displays. Hope every one has a wonderfully Blessed Season.

Travis,Melissa & Emily Gilley

I have a mixed collection of inflatables, a little people nativity scene, a

Santa DVD playing thru the TV set in upstairs window.

I have home made snow, fairy lights & more on one side of the house and on

the other a mass of colour. i have a family of reindeer feeding & a lady

waving in the lower part of the garden.

I have many singing & performing creatures.

My photos do not capture the magic seen by visitors.


Hey, We are from Baton Rouge Louisiana. This is our second year doing lights. I ran out of available power and plan on running new power sources next year. We love displaying a lot of lights. The feeling we share seeing all of the traffic down the street makes it all worth while. Merry Christmas to all and have a Happy New Year
Our Valley Stream Long Island
This year, the 4th of our decorating Christmases, we added a color organ and an FM transmitter which flashes the lights on the 18 foot decorated and lighted arches, to the sounds of our Christmas music. You can turn on your radio in your car to 107.9 and never have to leave and still hear Christmas music in front of our house. Last year was the 14 foot working Ferris wheel and the 3 horse merry go round that is on continuous play. Santa sings and waves on our porch all night. Here are some pictures. We were just on the local news and have been talked about on several local radio stations. My husband, who is the local Santa at the Mall, was just interviewed for the “West Seneca Bee” , a local newspaper.

thanks and have a great Merry Christmas!!

Mike Stroh, 30 Marlow Road, West Seneca, NY 14224

Hi Chuck,

Chris & Don

Christine K. (Chris) Hill

2565 South Marion Street

Denver, Colorado 80210

You can help ACS Community LIFT, go to for all your online

purchases. Choose any one of the over 500 participating e-businesses and a %

will be donated. Remember, every little bit helps.

The Lighted Gingerbread House in Antelope, CA (Sacramento area). Our home has more than 35,000 lights which includes some of the most unique rope light designs you will ever see. Santa, Mrs. Claus and their elves are here on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. My husband and I are in love with Christmas! This is OUR gift to people for 5 years and to put joy in a heart and smile on a face. My hubby is Santa, I’m Mrs. Claus and to see the eyes of children light up is a wonderful experience. We had a Toy & Food Drive for needy families and lots of people have donated to the drive, sponsored by our church, Destiny Faith Center.

Pastor Daniel and Mary Gromer

Merry Christmas!!! Thank you so much for your site – it’s a joy


Greetings again from Edinburgh, Scotland. My pictures are very late this year because I have been ill for week or so. I do hope that you can include them on the PlanetChristmas website. This is the 6th year we have been decorating the house and I think it is also the 6th year have been sending picture to PlanetChristmas. During the year I had people coming up to me asking what I was planning this year and when were they going up. We normally have a lights switch on party and this year combined it with my friends and I completing a triathlon on the morning of the party, which certainly made the day tiring. Now the lights are up we have had lots of people stopping by to say how much they appreciate the lights, which makes all the work seem worthwhile.

Have a great holiday. Regards

Gordon Duncan

Kyle & Beka’s house in Wichita Falls, TX.

This is our 1st year decorating outdoors. We estimate that we have around 4,000 lights. Thanks to everyone on PC who helped with our display, through advice, ideas and supplies!!

Merry Christmas,

Beka, Kyle, Matches, and Boogs

This is Steve Solich of Johnstown, Pa. This is my 7th year of decorating with my display growing by leaps and bounds each year. My display consists of over 14,000 lights with room to add more lights in the future. It’s good to have an relitive whose is an electrician to for advice and work below cost. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
Merry Christmas from David and Yvonne Campbell in Oxford, NC. This is a great year.15 years of decorating. We are not Computerized (yet) with about 16,000 lights. This year was your first community service project. We Collected over 300 canned goods for the food pantry in our county

I am attaching some photos of our house for 2005. Please provide me information about joining your website. Thank you

Gerry Stevens
This is the work of Doug Rogers in Atoka, TN (just North of Memphis). He’s done a display since 1992, and what began as a few strands around the house has turned into over 19,000 lights, over 100 extension cords, and several weeks worth of work getting them up. Happy Holidays To All!!

Best Regards,

Penny Rogers

Merry Christmas One and All. This is the Howell Family offering for 2005 from Redruth in Cornwall (opposite Barncoose Hospital if you know the area !).
I am a bit late in lighting up this year as I have just got back from a month in Florida – and yes, I did bring back some lighting souvenirs. Two net lights, one garland, one swag, fifteen candy canes, two led sets and an inflatable Mickey mouse (not pictured) to be precise. I wish lights were as cheap in England!!! I could also have done with a bigger baggage allowance.
One day I will do a bulb count…………
Merry Christmas!!!
Look at the very first house listed in Showing Off 2004, though they look similar, there are over 40 different items new and changed. Can you find them all? I like to change up the display each year with new items and new looks. I have around a hundred blowmolds but only use 60 or so each year. David St. Louis.
Merry Christmas from the Reichstein Family in Rocklin, CA. Our display

consists of 33,000 lights, 112 LOR channels and 3 x-10 channels.

Michyll & Frank Brzyski
Flemington, NJ
Always love decorating for the holidays.
Notice the red white & blue strips on the roof!
Happy Holidays!
2005 Christmas display, approx.24000 total lights (not all are visible in

photo), 15 blowmolds, 4 inflatables.

We live in Downers Grove Illinois. At 6305 Barrett street. we have 5,200 lights outside this year. We love Christmas we love to decorate the inside and the outside of our house, Christmas is a big deal in our house. We really enjoy family coming over and friends and neighbors knocking at our door wishing happy holidays. we have 2 air blown inflatables a snow man and a Santa with a reindeer. there are also 4 wire frame deer 2 of them are animated the 2 animated ones are smaller then the other two, A 6ft tree by the deer, 2 48in noel candles, c9 lights, ice lights, a giant Santa face, a Santa on the roof, candy canes, we also decorate out our garage to, there are also lights in the windows. i already have many new plans for the next year in 2006. From our home to yours we wish you and yours a truly merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season.
love Trish, Ashley , Chris, and Brandon Black Happy Holidays
Hi, my name is Dave and I live in St. John, Indiana. The tree is 32′ to the top of the star and has 4,100 lights. Santa is taking off with all 9 reindeer–Rudolf even has a red nose. Every year I try to do a little more, so check back next Christmas, I already have a few ideas.
This is our second year using LOR Controllers. Last year we used 8 channels,

this year we used 40. We have to expand the power coming into the house next

year if we are going to get bigger which we will. Its hard from these

pictures to actually see how the show works. The house changes colors red to

green then to blue all set to music. Our web site is under construction and

will be up soon so you can visit and watch the whole show.

Merry Christmas

From Randy

In Victoria BC Canada

We have changed our display over the years. This year we have set up a series of pieces that have been running in Wilmette, IL for almost sixty years. Originally built by a Warren Perkins and his father, the display includes a waving Santa on the roof and blinking snow flakes. A sleigh and reindeer that “fly” to the roof every thirty seconds. Messages on the garage wish people “Peace on Earth” and Joy to the World”. Our front windows include large animated characters also. We also have over 2,000 lights (mostly C-9) on the house, garage and the fence around our back yard. Happy Holidays from the Lambrechts!!
I love PlanetChristmas and I love Christmas lights. here is my first submission for 2005. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Christopher, Kathryn, Isabela and Adriana Lopez.
This is the Lange Family Christmas Display for 2005! Featuring over 13,000 lights and 16 channels of Light-O-Rama computer animation, this display has grown significantly. This year, it was featured as the best display in the News-Sentinel. I’m 18 years old, and have put up this display almost entirely by myself. Enjoy, and have a very Merry CHRISTmas!

Joel Lange

This is ours and our neighbors houses done up hope you like them its our second year and their first at it cant wait for next years to come round as there is going to be plenty more to go up Merry Christmas to all.
MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Dudkiewicz-Davis House in Demorest, Georgia!
The 2005 display is much smaller than previous displays as we just moved into a new house and completed exterior renovations to the front of the house during the month of December. There are a few thousand C7 and C9 bulbs around the property as well as a wire-frame deer, sleigh, penguin, seal, Santa, snowmen and other wire-frame holiday figures. Also, despite being vandalized on Thanksgiving Eve, we were able to put 4 inflatables out. (Unfortunately, the inflatables that were outside prior to Thanksgiving mysteriously disappeared, just a good example that you do need to protect your display even during set-up. ) Since we couldn’t really decorate the outside that well, we decided to go all out on the inside. There are 19 Christmas trees each with a different theme. There are pictures of everything posted on our website located at We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a great new year. Also, anyone located in the North Georgia area that may be interested in mini-plus type gathering please contact us though our website!
Merry Christmas PlanetChristmasers,
Justin Dudkiewicz
This is our 2005 display. 5200+ lights this year, however not as many as planned. Some electrical problems prevented me from putting up as many as I would have liked.
For the most part these are mini lights, with the exception of some C7’s around the roof edge of the house and garage. This is only our third Christmas in this house and only the second for a large display, but I am hoping to increase the display as the years go by. This off-season I am hoping to put together some tree decorations for the flower beds in the front of the house to add a little depth. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year. Doug
Merry Christmas from Duluth Minnesota. I have been opening my property to the public for seven years now. Visitors walk through 12 lit arches past the penguins and their igloo and two polar bears. The magic penguin is a favorite…if you make a wish while rubbing his head it will come true. A 24 foot fountain of lights and 26 foot castle are viewed at the top of the arches. New this year is a path right down to the waters edge of Lake Superior and a pond with skating bears. A Star Fairy, Snowflake Fairy, and Sugarplum Fairy sit in the 40 to 50 foot pine trees. The display is done in green and white lights….90,000 this year. Folks can roast marshmallows by the fire pit or stop by the garden house for a visit with Santa and hot cider and cookies. The guestbook holds names of visitors from all over the world. Donations are accepted for the City of Duluth Animal Shelter. Music by Mannheim Steamroller plays throughout the display and waves crashing on Lake Superior can be heard some evenings. There have been two engagements here this season so far. First photo is taken from the beach. Marcia Hales 3739 Lake Avenue South, Duluth, MN 55802

Marcia Hale’s Spirit of the Lights!

Hi. This house is in Goulburn New South Wales Australia, all this was done by one lady on her own it took her two and a half weeks. thought it would be a good one for your site regards from us all. Merry Christmas
This is my Christmas display in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is the 5th year I have decorated and it grows each year. Watch out next year got the house upgraded to 200 amp service and extra outlets installed in the eves. Merry Christmas to all!

Thank you Kevin

Chief Elf

Kevin Hammond

Merry Christmas from Omaha, Nebraska!

This is the third year that my wife Melissa and I have been decorating our house for Christmas. We have around 4000 lights this year and have plans to add many more in the future. For 2005 we experimented with a Light-O-Rama computerized lighting controller and are considering expanding next year to control the entire display. More pictures of our display can be seen at

Jeremy & Melissa

Hi my name is Andrew from Narre Warren South, Melbourne Australia. This is our third year at decorating our house. This is our first year of collecting for Make A Wish Foundation of Australia. We have named our event Light Up My Christmas. We are on our second collection tin in a matter of weeks. We have just been notified that we have won the third prize in Melbourne from the Fairfax Group on Newspapers.
Merry Christmas To All.
Our little community really didn’t have much in the way of a light display until our fire department decided to light things up a little, complete with an animated fire truck with Santa waving. The Angwin Fire Department created it’s first display last year in red, white, and blue display to welcome home our chief from serving a year in Baghdad. This year, while keeping the red, white, and blue, we have added many more trees and forest animals to reflect our area above the Napa Valley.

From all of us at the Angwin Fire Department, have a wonderful holiday season… and stay safe.

Greetings from Chesapeake, Virginia! This is our 12 year ongoing winter project that has been entertaining our community. Every Halloween I have at least five people I don’t even know ask if we are going to put our lights up. Each year we add something new to our light display. Three years ago, I added a dedicated power panel for my lights. I am currently drawing 85 amps. I have approximately 16,000 lights up, everything from the small twinkle lights to flood lights through-out my yard. Our display includes two toy soldiers at the porch, a sleigh and reindeer, a ginger bread house, a snowman nativity scene, Elfs, gingerbread men, stockings, candy canes and a run way for Santa to land on. We designed and made most of our own yard art. Over the years, I have notice many more houses in our area getting into this obsession of turning their front yards into a small scene from Las Vegas. I enjoy seeing the faces of kids from all ages when they stop to enjoy the illumination of our home. Happy Holidays from Dennis, Pam, Rachel and Mikey
A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Not a lot of lights but full of the Spirit of Christmas! Shawn Allen

This is my 4th year of doing a Christmas display. my first year I only had 2 blowmolds and never planned on doing much more. but then my sister and her husband gave me a few of there extra lights . And all of a sudden I was hooked. I was the 2004 Griswold light contest winner and my house was featured on a local news channel. Christmas is the best time of year ! thanks PLANETCHRISTMAS. For giving us a place to show off our hard work. The Honeycutts Omaha, Ne.
20,000 lights utilizing 32 channels on a Light-O-Rama 1602W Controller

Dale Woodall, 832 Pickford Point Madison MS 39110

Merry Christmas to everyone from Pennsylvania. While my lights are not as many as in other pictures, it still brightens up the holiday. Enjoy!!!! David Reiner
My display consist of 20,000+ lights, 3 spiral trees, a waving Santa Clause and a 5-foot-tall twinkling snowman. There is also a dancing snowman, a tree on the roof and a self-made 10-foot-tall Christmas tree. I hope everyone ENJOYS. Cris Hanna
In 2005 we have over 55,000 lights. We try to incorporate something new every year.

The lights are also on the Garage and back yard. I also have an FM broadcaster that plays from Thanksgiving, when the lights are lit for the season, until they are shut down after the first full week of January. We are shown on pg 34 of the Planet Christmas book that was just published.

Don Bixler

Holland, OH

Here is part of our display from Omaha, Nebraska. This is our 24th year of decorating. We try to mix lights, handmade wooden decorations, blowmolds and inflatables to balance the decorations. We added computerized lighting this year with an FM Radio broadcast. We also started using LED lighting for the first time. We also have Santa, Rudolph, The Grinch, Elves, The Gingerbread Man, and Frosty greet cars and trolleys. It’s our family’s way to help celebrate the holiday with others.

Jamie Bortol

This is the Jolly Fisherman. She is our home. We love decorating the boat for the Christmas by the River Parade in Moss Point, Mississippi. We were hit by Katrina pretty hard this year, but were able to have the parade this year. Due to the shortage of power available in the marina we only have the 2 stars lit up when we are at the dock. Ann Early
Hi, my family are from Westhoughton Bolton Lancs we love Christmas and this year its extra special as our 19 month granddaughter Courtney is amazed at all the bright lights and colours we have also done inside just for her its great to see her face light up at all what is going on musical things flashing thing moving things bright lights we can not show every item but I’ve picked a few hope you like it. from Tracy John Roxy and my older daughter Maxine boyfriend Michael and there daughter Courtney have a lovely Christmas from us all on the Pungle Westoughton and a happy new year take care ..
Hi all. This is my best friends house Lyndsey and Phil. I think it looks great this year as extra as been added they live next door but one to me on the Pungle Westhoughton they have seven children who love the light display so I thought id show you all that we love lighting our estate up and will get better each year take care. Tracy ..
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year
The Donovans

Hi. Lucio from Australia .

The all family love to decorate our house at Christmas. Here is my picture for 2005 Christmas the display is much bigger then 2004 we have about 70.00 lights. Many Christmas items are build by me or being modified and they all have a motion of same kind. This picture is the front of the house there is a side driveway next to the house could not be fitted in the photo. We collect I also raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation last year the total was just over $2,000.AUD

Lucio Mastro


Hey, we loved your web site and wanted to add our picture. We live in Dublin, CA and the man of the house does almost all of the decorating, inside and out!. He’s crazy about it! And the rest of the family loves him for it. Naomi Kamiya
Here is my display for this year in Altus OK. It consists of about 37,000 lights with many home made items. I have a bowling Santa, and Chimney Diving Santa (both animated), Merry Christmas sign, 16 computer controlled Christmas trees, and even a wakeboarding Santa. I do not advertise my house, and we are not in a heavily traveled area, but still there have been so many visitors come by to see the lights. Already planning for next year.

Thanks, Chris Hargis

Brian & Jenn Mussato from 26887 24A Avenue in Aldergrove, BC, have decorated their entire house with over 30,000 lights and lots of lawn ornaments. It gets bigger and better every year!!
Here’s my Christmas display for 2005. I never got around to sending you pictures last year. This is our seventh year, adding something new every year. A new school was recently built next to us, the kids love it. All the lights are controlled with X-10. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
My website has also been relocated to
Marcel & Cheryl
Stoney Creek, Ontario
This is my 4th year of lighting up the block. I have really enjoyed spending weekend after weekend putting up lights. This year I will have close to 10,000 lights with more to come in 2006. Happy Holidays

Micah, Camarillo, Ca

John & Kathy Karpiel

751 Jamestown Ct

Hudson, Oh

front and side shots in white and blue (alternating every 5 min)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Florida. It may not be much, but it was done with love. It is a work in progress. The Giammarino’s

This is our home in Navarre, Florida. We have been building our collection for about 4 years. You can’t see it by the picture, but there are computerized runway lights on the roof for Santa’s sleigh. We look forward to building our collection each year! Merry Christmas!

Shannon A Plichta

Just a couple of pictures of our house and our neighbors house, here in Thornton, Co.

Gary Hannan

It all started with a single Holiday “light tree” many years ago in Northern California, now we’re into our 5th year in Allen, Texas and using a few more kilowatts. Approximately 50 amps in use. Andrew Lee
This is our house in Dallas, Georgia. We have roughly 20,000 lights this year and growing. Unfortunately we could not fit the whole display in one picture. We have been lighting at this house for 3 years now and love it. This year I added a 13 foot lighted pole tree, a 15 foot Merry Christmas sign, a 7 1/2 foot blow up Santa, and three 6 foot lighted pole trees. There is also an outdoor nativity that was my grandmothers, five 6 foot tall lighted presents, and of course the 3-D trees lining my driveway. Thanks for that idea Chuck. Next year I will have at least 22 more of the 3-D trees and hope to computerize my lights. I hope everyone has a great and Merry Christmas, God Bless! Jenifer Felix
This is our house on Valley Court in Chester, NY. The number of inflatables has grown this year to 32, although you can’t see them all in the photo! I already have 5 new ones for next year, and hope to get some of that cool lighting effects I’ve seen here incorporated as well.
Joel & Robin Antkowiak
Our 2005 display has 10,600 lights including over 200 feet of rope light, 2 arches, a “Remember Jesus” sign, and more! More details at

The Howses

This is a picture of my home in Olympia, Washington. This is my fifth year of decorating the display get larger and larger every year, over 30,000 lights this year. My display features a waterfall, and river/stream complete with chasing lights for movement. A rainbow with a lighted path under it with chasing snowmen that come toward the road. Snowflakes above the roof that fade in and out 9 reindeer complete with a blinking Rudolph nose. A nativity and signs that progressively fade in, they read: Life, Covenant; faith & devotion; joy, Messiah (which fades in with the star); Love & Compassion (fade in with the cross); Resurrection, Ascension (which fade in with the lights going up to the star), peace, and glory amen. The two trees above the rainbow change color and fade, flash, and chase randomly. Sorry, no LOR yet, but I look forward to upgrading to a totally computerized display someday. The display was featured in our local paper the Olympian, the article can be found here .
I love looking at the pictures of all your beautiful displays and Merry Christmas to all. Chris McGough
La Casa di Babbo Natale 136.610 lights. Most of the luminous subjects are completely handmade. Works start towards the middle of January, immediately after the International Christmas exhibition held in Milan. This exhibition gives me the possibility to find some new ideas and choose the materials for future shopping. To create luminous decorations I used different types of lights, depending on the selected way of installation. The yellow little stars have been made by me, with a meter of aluminium strap, which has been folded like a star, on which I put one meter of yellow luminous tube; while for bigger stars I studied a bigger template with a larger development. The lanterns placed on the left side of the house are made just as the stars but, with different sizes and colours. The little pines are made with a galvanized wire net, duly cut, rolled up so to take shape of a cone high 50 cm , making use of 4 meters of white luminous LED tube. For the trees of 1,2 m. and 1,8 m., I used some little clear lamps and little led spheres of 22 mm. The STROBO are part of the lawn and use some xenon lamps making a very white light. The three trees high 3 m. are decorated with classic low-tension pea lamps and LED. Each tree has a different colour, i.e.: red, yellow, blue, cyclamen, green except for one, which has three colours: white, red and yellow. Each tree consists of approx. 2000 / 2500 little lights. There are also 8 self-propelled reindeers, moved by a little engine both in vertical and horizontal directions. The lawn is enlightened by 5760 little white lamps; these are connected to an electric power station so to create light games. Little Father Christmas are puppets, made of fibre glass, hollow inside and equipped with a lamp for their lighting, they are placed on the frontal side of the house, following all the lawn perimeter. The two inflatable puppets, the seated Father Christmas and the snow puppet, located on the right side of the house, are made of micro-fibre; they are inflated and they remain inflated through a compressor placed at their base and have an inside lamp. Hidden among big branches of trees, there are the machines for the snow and bubbles. An electric power station controlled by a personal computer has been arranged to manage most part of lights together with 22 peripheral units, designed and personalized on purpose for Santa Workshop; I use only 22 respect their effective capacity, 256 cards each one with 8 channels, therefore 2048 channels available. Three contactors supply the electric energy. The total amount of the 136.610 lights consumption gives a result of approx. 30.000 Watt (136 Ampere at 220 Volts). Best Regards, Massimiliano Goglio

Usually takes two days to put up, we add more each year. Union Mills, IN
Holidastic Christmas Display in 2005 has slightly grown from previous years, despite the rush to get things up and going with nearly 10,000+ lights, this year was a success. Check us out online:

-Cory Waite-

Christmas at the Gross family in Indianapolis, Indiana 100,000 lights for this year bad weather caused me not to be able to finish more to come next year merry Christmas to all.
This year is our first year of a display of this size. We have grown from 20,000 lights in 2004, to roughly 62,000 lights in 2005. This was also our first year of computer control using Light-O-Rama. There are 4 – 15 amp, and 8 – 20 amp dedicated circuits for a total of 220 amps. We collected for a local charity in Louisville, Kentucky, called the Home of the Innocents where they care for children. So far, we have collected roughly $2,800. Merry Christmas from the Out Of Control Christmas Family to the entire PlanetChristmas Family! Aaron Bott, Out of Control Christmas, Louisville, KY
Merry Christmas, from Slaughter, Louisiana. We love decorating our home for the holidays and won best overall in our town this year. Carl, Tammy, Daniel & Joel Lanclos
the Godfrey house in Clacton on Sea Essex in England
Here’s my effort for the 2005 season myself and 3 Neighbours do this every year we come from a small Town called Diss in Norfolk England. About 3 years ago it was made famous for lack of Christmas lights in the Town Centre. We have been working to bring Christmas cheer to the town ever since.

Merry Christmas to everyone
Gavin Parslow
The last time I submitted a picture was 2002,
so here this years picture
“House lights at Gt Baddow, CHELMSFORD,
Essex , England, UK.”
This year she flies! Kathy Hall

This year we added a few more inflatable decorations, and added some flashing stars in our trees. As the neighborhood Griswold, I’ve got to say that I draw inspiration from the Planet Christmas web site, and hope to continue to expand and improve what I’ve got. This year’s decorating was fun, but a flu bug did slow me down a bit. My wife and I are not quite certain whether we encourage others on our cul-de-sac to decorate, or whether we discourage them. However, watching some of the little ones in the neighborhood light up when they see all the Santas keeps us going! We did add some electrical capacity this year, but may need to add a couple dedicated circuits in future years! Douglas P. Allen, 3103 Sasparilla Cove, Austin, TX 78748

This is my house in Jacksonville, FL. I have 3-20 amp circuits that are dedicated to nothing but Christmas lights. I have installed outlets in both my upper an lower soffits with 2 in-line pool timers. I also use 4 other circuits that are not exclusively dedicated to the Christmas lights; as always it’s a balancing act trying not to overload any circuits. I have approx 1000 C9 lights on the house and in the yard and approx 10,000 additional twinkle lights and rope lights. The C9’s are killing my electric bill, so next year I’m probably going to the LED’s to try and conserve some energy. Jeff Dougherty
Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from New Zealand, I wanted to send you a picture of our decorated house. We have been adding onto this for the past 8 years and enjoying ever minute of it . I brought your book for my father in law Ron and we would be keen to be in your next publication. We allow the children to write messages on our drive way which we hose off each morning ready for another lot, we have approx 50,000 lights and a Santa for the last week before Christmas day.

The enjoyment we get, no money can buy. Look forward to hearing from you.

Our first year in our new New England home. Nonetheless, our display has simply started off with 4 Source IV Ellipsoidal Spot Lights, 575 Watts each, projecting an array of stars on the front house. The house is back lit and cliffs illuminated by 2 x 400 Watt Phoenix Marine Sodium Vapor Floods. Standard snow flakes in the dormers and string lights in the 1st floor windows, and a beautiful family Christmas Tree in the living room. And a few candy canes. We’ll be back next year with a few additions (hehe)! Monitor our progress at or send us an email for any comments, [email protected]. (Note, this was taken less than a month after we moved in and the upstairs isn’t even finished! Priorities!) Merry Christmas, The Rittinger’s
Here is mine. Its not as much as some but its a work in project from year to year. This is our 3rd Christmas in this house. I add a little more each year.

Merry Christmas, David Falk and Family

Brandon, FL

More from Karla Toba from Tijuana, Mexico
This is my Dads house he is 84 he lives on #3 Highway just West of Port Colborne Ontario Canada. I do not know how many lights but it does look good

Over 8,000 lights. We add a little each year. Next Years planning is already underway.

Merry Christmas from the Houston TX, Myers gang

Hi……we are the Flowers family of Rochester, Michigan. Our outdoor display takes three
months to complete and completely surrounds our house. We use a combination of C7, C9 and miniature lights. I stopped counting lights and now think in terms of WATTS and AMPS. This past year we used 38 dedicated 20 AMP circuits and pulled 550 AMPS/ 60,000 WATTS of power. That amounts to about $6.00/hr in our part of the country. The inside of the house featured 25 decorated trees and accounted for about 100 AMPS of additional power. If the outdoor display were all miniature lights, the power consumed would have supported about 92,000 lights. We are already making plans for next years display. Please stay tuned ! Norm Flowers


Thank you to all our Planet Christmas friends who helped us make our 2005 display the best ever. May everyone have a very Happy New Year. Our Display has over 20,000 lights, a nativity, elves packing a train with presents. Visitors see a virtual Santa Claus packing up the toys and a sign in the yard alerting visitors to tune into our radio station, so they can watch the lights dancing to music.

The Bromley’s Shrewsbury, PA.

Merry Christmas from the Byrd family in Pueblo, Colorado!
It’s been a family tradition for over thirty years to decorate our homes for Christmas. This is my mother Bonny’s home in Pueblo. She decorates every year and tries to change the look each time with new decorations and themes. Her home is an annual favorite in the Pueblo holiday decorating contest and always receives at least an honorable mention. Her pride-and-joy is the wire frame dove on the roof with an 8′ wingspan and 2500 lights that fade from white to blue. My father, John L. Byrd Jr., started this tradition back in Illinois and we like to remember him each year by illuminating the night with lights. Happy Holidays!
The Byrd Family – Bonny, Randall, Pamela and Savannah Danae

Mele Kalikimaka from Maui Hawaii! 20,000 plus lights that all the local people love to come see every year.
Karen Shelton

In West Deptford, NJ. Mostly made up of blow molds, I have several lighted artificial Christmas trees along the driveway, an 8′ snowglobe attached to my porch roof, and 16 lighted balls in the tree, the top most one about a foot above the nearby street light. The front left corner of the property is an ‘ice pond’ for the penguins, made up of 6 sets of net lighting. In the opposite corner is the nativity scene, which we tried to give it’s own space. Altogether, about 46 amps are used for this display. Thanks to a friend for installing 40 amps worth of electric and 8 dedicated outlets just for the display!!!

Jeff Taylor

Merry Christmas to all,
100,000 static light walk around display with window displays and new age, jazz, and classic Christmas music that truly brings out the Christmas Spirit in all who interact with it.
Christmas in Winter Park had a special meaning this year because it almost did not happen. My lovely wife Betty was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer this past February and we have had a very difficult year. I did not want to do the display this year because of her health and just take the time to be with her on a trip or something. She would have none of that and wanted to do the display. So we worked long and hard to get it up and going this year. I sure am glad she insisted on it because this has been our greatest year ever with nearly 60,000+ visitors and great support from the crowd. They were all great and this year really made me realize that others do care when given the chance. A truly remarkable year to be remembered and we hope to continue. Our thanks to all visitors and to Chuck and his remarkable Website.

Rob Petersen

Just happened upon your site this year while I was doing research

My display is modest, but this is only my second year (my wife cringes as I talk about what I want to do in future years).

The display features 7 100 light super spheres hanging over the porch,

3 inflatables, and 24 lit candy canes.

Hi this is my 4th year at decorating the outside of my house. I come from a small town called Diss in Norfolk, England. Me and three other neighbours light up our street for two different local charities at Christmas. One of the neighbours has already submitted his pictures on page 6. We try adding new features each year and are now planning ideas for next year.

Rockaway, NJMerry Christmas from Daphne, AL. This is our 3rd year decorating for Christmas. We have approximately 6500 lights and several customized wood cut-outs. We plan to add even more lights next year. For more photos please visit our website:

Here is my house located at Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia. We ran second in the Redcliffe Christmas Light Competition. We have been competing for 3 years and collecting lights for the past 5 years. This years display has 30000 lights, mainly low voltage fairy lights. All the displays are hand painted. We love to do it and hope to make the display bigger and better next year.

Laurie and Alison Pritchard

Here are our pictures for 2005. This year we added the arches over the driveway, the Santa face on the fence and a radio station! We are in Woodway, Texas. This year we had the most traffic we have ever had. We were on the local news and also in the newspaper.


Dustin Chapman

Christmas on Chestnut Ave was small display for this Year.

I was in Buckeye land AKA Ohio for Christmas with my family…

Jerry Plak

Hi Chuck, Here’s a panoramic pic of about half the display for 2005. 140,000 lights, 200 blow molds, wire frames, plywood cutouts, light-o rama, you name it we have it. We collected about $2000 in toys for Toys for Tots this year. Had thousands of visitors Christmas Eve. Guest book signed by people from 10 states other than Texas, five foreign countries and at least 25 cities from around Texas. Still getting lots of traffic tonight. Just talked to folks from San Antonio. Marilyn and Dan Caron Killeen, TX

Thomas Steiner’s 2005 Christmas Christmas Christmas Disney Display in Huntington, IN., located at 841 Wilkerson Street. We had around 15,000 lights and 110 different blow molds. We have 1,600-plus blow molds, but we don’t use all 1,600 in our display. We change blow molds around each season to make the display look differently. We also featured a Santa Train and Tender Car. We cut way back on lighting for 2005 because of not having enough time to set up the display due to spending more time with our lovely granddaughter. We have been doing a Christmas display for 29 years. We have been featured in The Post & Mail newspaper, Columbia City, IN. We raised over $800 for the Toys For Tots Campaign in 2005.We love what we do best for the community of Huntington, IN. Please check us out on the web @

This is Hayley Vendiola’s first year of helping her dad set up a display in PortMoody in British Columbia, Canada. Photo shows front of the house, part of more than 20,000 all-white-lights display. Next year we’ll add more amps so the display should be much improved with maybe twice as many lights.

Tom & Bonnie Van Blargan
Danielsville, Pa. 18038
Our 2005 Christmas tribute to Disney and Cinderella.
Approx. 12,000 lights.
Best of the Lehigh Valley by Bill White of The Morning Call newspaper.
A blend of Princess and Fantasmic songs round out the display.
Castle framework is made from electrical conduit with the lights wire tied to it.
The pumpkin coach is PVC bent to shape.
Cinderella is an old dress form with mannequin head.
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