Showing Off 2006

So many pictures.  Look back at 2006.

Here are some pictures of my house located in Orange County, New York ( Monroe). This years display is not finished yet will have more than 90,000 lights. I also raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation last year the total was just over $3,000.
Anthony Volpe
2 This is our 4th Christmas at our northern California location. Our home is located about 50 miles north of San Francisco at 7453 Mitchell Drive, Rohnert Park, CA 94928. This year you can see us on the HGTV special starring George Gray, “What’s With That Christmas House?” It is scheduled to air December 10, 2006. The exterior of our home was completely decorated by October 24th for the television shoot. What a wonderful experience and joy this brings to our family to have been selected as one of the homes featured on George Grays Christmas Special! Our home consists of about 50,000 lights! (One of these times we’ll actually not loose track of the count! It could be even more!) We are working on a website to load video to show our yard display and how we’ve choreographed it to music. You can visit us at If you are interested in learning more about how we’ve created this display, email us directly at [email protected]. We’d be happy to answer questions and provide you with insight to creating your own amazing display. Thanks for taking the time to check us out! Have a great holiday season! Curtis and Brenda Smith
The Fowee’s in Fairfield, Ohio. We put up over 70,000 lights. We decorate all sides of the house and our play set out back. This is our 13 year. Merry Christmas.
Hello, My house is located in NY. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. All the sides of the house and the garage and yard were done up, but those pictures came out really blurry. This one does show a little of the porch at least. All together there were over 24,00 lights and a big electric bill, haha which I had a better picture to show. Thanks for looking
Hello Planet Christmas,
We have a fantastic Avenue (cul-de-sac) in which we all enjoy the thrills and chants of excitement from not only the children but also all the adults we have strolling down our avenue during the Festive period. Each year since 1995, we have added an extra “Street” motif to our collection. These Street motifs are designed by my very talented artist, 16yr old son, Coen. I reproduce them, with our neighbour Gary, in stainless steel rods welded and bent into the shape. We then wind appropriate coloured rope lights onto to our creations and presto… We have our beautiful displays for all the Christmas & New Year strollers. With the street creations of course they are complemented by each of our own home’s having beautiful displays.

On Christmas Eve we blockade the street and have over 200 candle lanterns in the gutters. The local kids enjoy running along lighting the candles and standing back to see a “Candle Lit” landing strip runway for Santa to arrive… People donate money as they enter our street and all the money goes towards to Cancer Council of Australia. Over the past 4 years we have raised over $20,000.00 for this great cause. And without saying many, many smiling faces being lit up with happiness, friendship and goodwill….. I have attached a few pictures… Although they are dated 2004, they are the best pictures i had since discovering your web site. This year, if you are interested I will obtain some more recent and clearer pickies The 1st is a picture of Santa trailing on a Holden FJ Ute behind 6 white Boomers.
The display stretches 20 metres between Two gum trees in our Avenue. Each Boomer (Kangaroo) is 6 metres of steel rod. I would challenge that this is the only display of its type in the world?? We love it dearly We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hopefully hear from you during the New year Thanks & Best Wishes Greg Young
This image is from Ballston commons in Vienna, Virginia.
Of course as you understand these pictures don’t do the display justice.
More to come of my stuff later.
This is of my home in Tucson, AZ. I just found this wonderful site. Happy Holidays!
8 Marius and Hetta van Zyl, Parow – Cape Town South Africa.
This is my second year submitting my display. I hope to keep expanding as the years go by. If the rain ever stops I still have a few plans for the rest of the lights I picked up last year on sale. MERRY CHRISTMAS , Bob and Lynette Mayfield Hts. Ohio

Here is our house in Batavia Illinois. I will still be adding lights this year so I can pay more on the electric bill.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

This is my home in Bay St. Louis Ms. My House had damage to the roof from Hurricane Katrina. But I still decorated. We have almost ten blowmolds two blowups and Plenty of lights. Merry Christmas from the Jeanfreau Family.
This is our 2nd Christmas in our home in Ulster County New York. We are working on doing a little more and more each year. We are located off Route 300 which is at a higher elevation so it makes for a nice view while passing by. This year we have about 25,000 lights on our home. We do it for the kids, but I think I get a bigger kick out of it than they do!
Anthony & Antoinette Maresco
13 Merry Christmas from the Hendrix’s in Riverview, Florida
I’ve been replacing all my minis with LEDs, I really like the way they show, almost neon. Have so more work to do, but getting there.
Merry Christmas, Ted Hebert, Lafayette, La
15 Hey everyone this is my 2nd Christmas using LOR this year I have 24 Channels,last year I only had 8. My display this year has over 23,000 lights and alsohas 9 Charlie brown characters. My show this year includes a talkingreindeer that announces each show and even does a little singing of his own.Merry Christmas! and Happy lighting! From Coventry Rhode Island

This is a picture of our house in Waukesha, WI. ( Near Milwaukee ) Lots of C-9’s and ice lights; plus two extra 20 amp circuits. The snoopy dog house gets a lot of interest ~ and the porch nutcrackers as well. Last year we were even featured on TV! We have the neighborhood Griswold Trophy nine years running. Merry Christmas!

We live in Southern Indiana. We do not have as many lights as some, but we are close to about 15,000 lights. We have a life size bible that measures 8′ tall by 6′ wide which goes along with out nativity scene. We have added 4000 square feet of yard lights which are small lights that are anchored in the ground. They light up even under the snow. Many yard decorations, windows are wrapped and a few trees lit up. You can see more of my lights at:

This is a picture of our home for the 2006 season. This year we added a lot of color and many new songs. We are proud uses of Animated Lighting’s Computer products. Ken & Terri Good Tyler, Texas

19 This is our house in Sugar Land, TX. We have been adding to it every year. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.
20 Here’s my house 10,000 plus lights on Buckeye Lake, Ohio. Goto my site for animation of this picture:

Here is the Christmas 2006 pictures for Christmas Decostravaganza III. I Have about 6,000 lights. 40 inflatables, rope trees, light up deer etc etc. Hope you like everything. I have also completely decorated to inside of my store as well. Spongebob Christmas display complete with full size pineapple house, ukulele island, fender diner complete with tinsel tree, white tree with 600 lights, Santa village, dark Christmas tree etc etc Thanks for looking
Daryl-Rossi Music

Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Due to unforeseen circumstances our holiday display this year ended up being completed a little later than originally planned. Wasn’t certain it would make it up at all this year, due to the loss of my loving grandmother. As you can imagine the family kept busy and this all had to be placed on the back burner. This is the second year we have had my father’s very first eighteen wheeler as the center piece for our families Christmas display. Our local area has already nicknamed this display as the “Christmas Express” last year. Using the open belly of the trailer, we placed a sled and reindeer with many snowflakes which appear to falling around the holiday scene. You will also see a jolly Santa Claus, a Snowman holding his hat held high for all the world to see, Christmas trees, bells, stockings, ornaments, and two Merry Christmas Signs. My goal was to use rope lights to outline and still show that it is in fact a real tractor trailer. There is even one of Santa’s helpers which made his home in the passenger side seat of the tractor, an Elf who watches all drive by! And this year we even have Santa inside of the cab too! It certainly seems to be a big hit within our local area, just wish it could be shared with more families for the up and soon coming holidays! Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season, Charles, Doris Redmond and Christopher, Kristen Gillespie – Ijamsville, Maryland.

I would like to dedicate this year’s holiday display, In Loving Memory of four very special people who always believed in everything I wanted to achieve, Jack Alden and Shirley Hone Gillespie and George Albert and Doris Larue Savage.

23 Merry Christmas from the McNamara’s of Queen Creek, AZ. This year we have 16 channels of LOR with over 9,000 lights and broadcast our music over 93.9FM.
Hello, Here is my 2006 Christmas light display in a small town in eastern Oregon. This year’s display contains a theme of life at the North Pole. Of course we have Santa in his house next to a Christmas tree with presents. The house is surrounded by lollipops, candy cane lane, a Toy Soldier, A polar bear in front of an Ice burg, and a 7ft candy cane arch with a Snow Man next to a 6ft Christmas tree. New this year is a pond scene with a gathering of deer spread out around the pond, a church, a fish coming out of the water, and a set of 3 motion horse and sleigh with a chaser control box, gliding by the pond. To compliment everything is a Santa’s Sleigh and reindeer in a snow storm with a teddy bear. To finish it all off is a 25 foot motion train made out of lights. Enjoy our detailed pictures and new this year video of the display at Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Matt Schilling
25 This is my first year in our new home. hope to see it grow. Fred in Chesapeake, VA
26 This is Lexington Fire Department, Station 20. First platoon decided instead of exchanging gifts, we would pool our money and decorate our station with an animated light show. This is our results. 15,000 lights and lots of compliments. We are hoping to draw more donations to our Firefighters Toy Program. Thanks for showing our work.Keith Dean, 2525 Ashbrooke Drive, Lexington KY 40513
27 When I found your site and I was searching around the internet for any other nuts that were willing to climb a 28′ ladder on a center hall colonial house and light it up I found some really good stuff on your site and now that I’m unofficially done for this year I thought other people might enjoy seeing my home as an idea maker as well, This is our 1st real Christmas here since we just in the house December 15th 2005. Bayport NY. Happy Holidays!!!Martin and Cindy
28 Hi every one! Back again a bit better than last year but there is more too come.Merry Christmas too all
29 Hi! I wanted to send along a photo of our Christmas lights for you to check out.Townhouse dwellers typically don’t get too into decorating – the heavy hitters are almost always single-family homes with large yards. So, we take it upon ourselves to represent!Thanks!Eric Bolstridge5825 Oak Ladder Court

Burke, VA 22015

My name is Paul Berzins from Painesville, Ohio. Here is the Berzins 2006 light display. Pictures cannot do this Vegas-style light display justice, nor can one fully appreciate this animated light show until one sees its effects in motion…So I included a link below to a small video showing what this display really looks like.
This unique display provides a nightly ongoing firework show all throughout the holidays. Electronic firework bursts from four to sixteen feet in diameter explode in the air as high as twenty feet. Onlookers drive past my parent’s home mesmerized by the colorful bursts of light. Children stare in complete amazement and fascination. This year’s latest addition to my arsenal of animated lights is a 12-foot tall coconut palm tree. With a similar kind of computer system as the fireworks lights, the entire tree (including the coconuts) lights up. The fronds, which are made up of hundreds of small LED-type lights, twinkle in waves as if a light wind was blowing through them. The tree is also a delight to look at in the daytime as well as at night. Also featured in my light display are a few older favorites of past years including a 15-foot tall lighted candy cane, an animated train, and archways of cascading lights on both entrances of our circular driveway. I have been setting up these displays since 1996 and its truly amazing to look back and see how each year the display has evolved to become what it is today. My display made Cleveland’s Channel 3 News last year and was aired on TV several times after that throughout the holiday season. Happy Holidays! Paul Berzins
31 My house now has over 18,000 lights and counting.The light post is covered with 30 rope lights to create the candy cane effect.Vancouver, WA
32 Our home is located in Downtown Katy, Texas. This is our 6th year in this home and we continue to add something new each year. The lights are more beautiful in person. The large star twinkles and the Santa is animated. I also decorate our sideyard with 10′ and 12′ trees along with lighted reindeer and a happy holidays sign. The completion took around 3 full days of work. Enjoy! Ken and Mary Seynaeve
This is the Holden House in Scranton Pennsylvania. This is the first year I am putting my holiday house on this website. I think it is a very cool way to see people’s great holiday houses. My house has about 4000 lights, 2 animated reindeer, 5 airblown inflatables, and a projector. We have been decorating big for the last 10 years and we grow a little bit more each year. Enjoy. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
34 This is my second year of doing lights to music. My house is in St. Louis mo. So far everyone loves it. Last year I had 23,000 lights and have moved up to about 37,000 this year. I was going for 40,000 but ran out of outlets and power cord to run them all. So far I have 4 16 channel LOR controllers and am going to add more for 2007. you can get more info at my site. I am also collecting can goods this year for the local food drive.
35 This is our second year decorating for Christmas. Setting up the display this year was a family event. I would like to thank Amy, Aaron, Mike, Nadine, Mike Jr., Tiffanie, Stephanie, Jordan, Mom, Brian, Aunt Sandi and Glen for all their help. Our display feature lots of different decorations but my favorite is our blowmold collection. Our house is located at 11868 192nd Ave in Elk River Minnesota. I would love to hear from other Christmas decorating lovers. Please email me at [email protected]. Thanks, Nathan Morton
36 This is the home of located just outside ofJacksonville Fl. We have approx. 50,000 lights attached to 184 computer controlled channels. This is our second year decorating and our first usingcomputer automation. We hope that you enjoy the photo.Merry Christmas!Tim & Yuni
Merry Christmas from the Meyers in Thornton Colorado home of Rocky mountain Christmas lights. The display is controlled by 3 LOR boards and has approximately 5000 lights. The house is a gingerbread theme. This is the 1st year for the gingerbread theme. The theme décor is made entirely out of corrugated plastic. it turned out awesome!! The manger is all hand made from old barn wood from Michigan. The nativity is synced to the Christmas story. The lights in the frosting and the candy canes are LED!! you can read more about my display and see more pictures at Merry Christmas!! Scot Meyers
God said “let there be light” so I had to decorate my house!!
38 Attached are pictures of our home outside of Houston, TX. Have approximately 30K lights so far and still adding. We just moved into this house this year so we are learning how to flip breakers pretty quickly.. It is hard keeping it lit up. Hope you enjoy… Will send a pic of final product when complete. Michael Marino
39 The Graham’s in Chillicothe, Texas. First year for animation, 48 channels of LOR, 10,000 plus lights. Located 1 mile south of only stop light in Chillicothe.

The Rice Family is located in Troy, Illinois, just east of St. Louis, Missouri. We kicked it up a notch this year and added many new pieces. My wife and I like to make our own decorations. Last year we built a 10’ Ferris Wheel. This year we added a carousel, which features Wonder Horse spring horses from the early 60’s. Each horse was hand painted by my wife. Since we are running out of yard space we went “up on the rooftop” with a 12 foot wireframe Hot Air Balloon with a waving Santa. The Balloon is animated with 22 channels of LOR. Also on the roof is a 12 foot Radio Tower which flashes the call letters of our Christmas radio station K-O-L-D. The display is animated to music, but our feature pieces are left lit during the show. In the yard we have “Toyland”, “Candy Land”, “The North Pole” and our Nativity scene which are made up of wireframes, blowmolds and inflatables…we have such a variety of pieces there is something for everyone. We will be appearing on the HGTV show “What’s with that Christmas House” along with some other PC members. We are really excited to be on the show. Each year we accept donations to support a not-for-profit charitable organization. This year we are collecting for a local no-kill animal shelter. On December 15-16th Santa will visit. All the neighbors and other visitors will stop by for hot cocoa and a quick visit with Santa. Thanks to everyone on PC for trading ideas and inspiration. Merry Christmas The Rice Family

41 Hi there, NWSanta here: In the City of Langford you’ll find us here with approximately 8000 lights total some under the snow in this picture and the little tree farm will be timed to LOR this year. It grows little by little every year and we’ve won one of the local competitions. Now on to the bigger City Competition…. Merry Christmas. Please enjoy and thank you for this great site Chuck.-Evan
12th Annual Schrimp Family Display.
Too many items to fit into just one photo. Thousands of lights, numerous animated characters, many hand made, thru out the yard. Huge interactive animated garage display, along with candy canes and falling snow every night. 31142 Via Cristal, San Juan Capistrano, CA.
Here’s a picture of my small decorations in Covina ,CA.
Merry Christmas to all.
The Aclans
Merry Christmas from Northwest Georgia. Every year we decorate the house with lots of lights, but the last two years the number of lights has grown. Although small compared to all the other wonderful displays on PlanetChristmas so far, our display features 7000 mini lights and a new addition this year, a Santa blow mold. There are also lights to the left of the house and on the mailbox not visible in the picture. I had to install a new 20 amp outlet in the front (last year the light total was only about 3300) and an outlet in the soffit for the lights around the windows. My hope is to double the size of the display every year. -The Woodsides
45 This is a picture of our neighbors lights. They are beautiful each year and attract a good many people. They have about 15000 lights and expand each year.
46 Happy Holiday from “Holiday on Holmar” , Azusa, CA. This years show is my first year with LOR 16 channels and over 8000 lights. We are located in Azusa, CA on Holmar Ave. There is only one Holmar in Azusa so its not too hard to find. The show runs from 5:10 – 9:30 sun-thur, and till 1030 on Friday – Saturday and is 24 minutes long with 6 songs and some great dementedelf voiceovers. Thanks! Steven Juarez, Azusa, CA
47 We are lit from November 25th 2006 till January 5th 2007 from dusk till 10.30pm (festive backing music till 10pm only) We are situated in Carrvale near Bolsover which is about 6 miles from chesterfield in Derbyshire! The facts: This years display has been put together so that as you walk past you spot something different in the garden that you couldn’t see before because it was hidden behind something else! Also the entire outline of the display is L.E.D lit this year making it stand out and use less energy! We have a total of 188 light sets indoors and outdoors all spread between 6 ring mains! 100 of the 188 sets are outside on the main display! our longest rope light is a brand new 40 metre link-it rope! (4x 10 metre). All our blowmould figures have got energy saving tubes in, about half our sets are reduced voltage and 18 of our sets are led lighting to reduce power consumption! The transformers in the main cupboard and box are kept cool by 12volt fans. We have a total of 23 different trees indoors and out (not counting 2D rope displays) Another new display this year is the weatherproof mirror ball to create a snowing effect! ALSO THIS YEAR WE HAVE A BRAND NEW LIT NOTICE BOARD HOMEMADE BY ME TO DISPLAY LAMINATED COPIES OF THE THANK-YOU LETTERS WE HAVE RECEIVED! We are raising money for a local charity again this year, last year we raised £72 for Ashgate hospice and the year before we raised £35 for cancer research! We are hoping to raise more this year by selling raffle tickets to win a festive bear at the same time as having the donation bucket outside! for more detailed pictures, info and previous years displays visit:
48 Finally, I’m baacckkk again this year – see: “Only” 15,000 lights … but new additions include the giant inflatable Elmo and Homer Simpson – D’OH! Three (real!) webcams and X10 controls provide an entertaining experience. I also did a Google Maps mish-mash that is kinda cool – see: This was super-easy – drop me a note if you want a how-to. The over $14,000 raised so far for Celiac Disease Research, something my kids have, is kinda cool too.Merry Christmas,Alek

Kelly & Richard Moore

201 Ash Drive, Gatesville, Texas

50 John Halpin
51 Here is a Montana’s First Fully Computerized Christmas Light Show. The house features 30,000+ lights, a 20′ x 18′ Mega tree with 6,400 lights, 21 stars, 17 Spiral Trees, 10 Deer and the house fully decked in white, as well as much including the 30FT maple covered in lights. The theme was Season’s Greetings. It was programmed, designed, and assembled by a 24 year old Montana State University engineering student. The display is the first of its kind in Montana and is located in the heart of Billings, MT in Yellowstone County.
This is our 1st year with an animated lighting display. We committed to the project very late and thus are starting off small. We have 16 channels via Light-O-Rama driving 5564 lights. We are in Folsom, CA. Here is a photo with all lights on. We should have a live web cam up this weekend and I’ll post the URL. Cars are already stopping to look. I’m hooked! Merry Christmas!
-Mike Breton
Lumberton, NJ. First year decorating, have approximately 8000 lights up this year. Just purchased a 32 channel Light O Rama controller for next year. Looking to hit the 25,000 light mark next year. Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas from the Arizona desert, Still wishing for a white Christmas 🙂 . My display includes 29,000 lights, and computer animation with animated lighting and fm music transmission. 80% of this years display is energy efficient led lights. Merry Christmas everyone. For more pictures and videos check out
Michael Anderson
Hi There Every one. Welcome from Down Under I’ve been busy again for the third year building up my lights and working on the mega display. This is the house in 2005 but working on a home brew designed computer controlled display just finishing off the software although I may go out and buy a few LOR kits next year. This years display will be a 64 output extravaganza. Anyway I love the site. Wombat, Sydney Australia.
Here is Michael and Rosina Liquori’s display for 2006. Located in Glen Cove NY. There are 1000’s of lights 450 blow molds and 20 air blown inflatables. This year we have been featured on HGTV’s Christmas special. “What’s with that Christmas House”, to be aired on December 10th. This years display is the largest its ever been. We have been featured in all the local papers and TV stations, and last year on CNN. The house has truly become an institution in the city of Glen Cove, over the years. This is our 18th year decorating., and more is in the works for next season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Liquori family.
57 “PlanetChristmas” brings our family so much joy! Thank you. Our house and yard; 5Kondolf Street, Rochester, NY 14606
We have been doing this for quite a few years but each year is a little different. This year we did red white and blue to show support for our troops. Seabrook, NH
59 Here is our house in Rockmart, GA. This year we have about 11,000 lights. We are hoping to get computerized next year. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Karen and Mike Z.
Molly McKinney
61 This is a picture of our display located in Apache, Oklahoma. We are in a small town about an hour and a half south of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This is our first year with an animated display. We are using 4 Light-O-Rama controllers. The display turned out better than we thought it would since it is our first year using the controllers. We are very proud of it. Please visit our website at for more pictures and videos of the display.
62 Hi. Found your site last year, and saw all the displays.Thank you for your time.Steve Tiesman
This is my brothers house in Omaha, Nebraska. When we sold him the house we told him that he must continue to decorate it and he has come through. We love looking at our old house! Merry Christmas.
64 Hi. This is 2006, from Karl Grizwold & family. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!

Here is a picture of our house in Kenosha WI. We are at 25,000 lights this year and everything is sequenced to music using 80 light channels. If you’d like to see a video of the show, here are some links.

Christmas Eve in Sarajevo: Winter Wonderland:

White Christmas:

Run Run Rudolph:

Holiday Dance Mix:

Rusty Chevrolet:

Feliz Navidad:

Enjoy, James & Carri Kiehl


Merry Christmas, the picture i attached is of my front yard Christmas Light Display. My name is Bill and I’m 16 years old. I’ve been decorating since I was 5 and my display gets bigger every year. You can see all of the pictures I have of my display at I update these pictures frequently. Also, you can look under the links page for links to websites that have my display on them. You can view the article from the Pittsburgh Pose Gazette about my lights there too. I hope you enjoy them!

Bill Hart, 947 Saxonburg Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15223

67 This is my home in Perth, Western Australia. There’s over 40,000 lights and 7 giant inflatables. It also includes a dancing Santa display which uses laser lighting, strobes and a fog machine to create an overall awesome effect. The display also raises money for the kids hospital here in Perth. Check out our website: Merry Christmas!

I wanted to share our latest display with everyone. Our home is located in Vermillion SD. It is a three story Victorian with the peaks at about 37 feet. I got every peak and roofline done all the way around it this year. There are way too many hours involved to count and at least 20,000 lights. What you can’t see are the 13 Christmas trees inside and about another 300 feet of lighted garland. It has been a project both I and my fiancé have worked hard on and thoroughly enjoy doing every year. Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas to all from Denmark.
Greetings from Jankowski FamilyDENMARK
Mousseau and Roy Display 2006. Located in Hudson,NH. This is our 5th year lighting our home with thousands of lights This year we scaled back to 110,000 lights and are using a circus theme for the 2006 lighting season. 48 computer controlled channels . 34 mini trees. 6400 light mega tree. Several new wire frames were also added this year to include a Ferris wheel, roller coaster, hot air balloon and several new circus animals to just name a few. You can see more photos and info at
71 H there. We are from Westoughton Bolton Lancs. This is our 3rd time on here and we are getting a different show each year. My daughters and grandchildren love Christmas .hope you like our display. Happy Christmas to all from Tracy John Roxy. Maxine Michael Courtney and Keira
Chuck, I’m just another one of the lovers of you web site…. Thanks so much. ere are a couple of pictures of our display at 1188 Clubhouse Drive, Broomfield. CO. For Owner’s Kim Weibert and Kevin Hart, Christmas is a time for Family, and their display is a family affair. The decorating starts in late September, and gets very busy after Halloween. The display highlights the custom built Candy Cane Express Christmas train, that chugs around on an elevated, oval track through the front lawn. The train was built by Kevin’s father Marvin Hart, of St. John USVI. The train track circles a 35’ tall tree that is decorated with over 400 lighted candy canes and is complete with assorted packages under the tree. The display continues with a beautiful custom built carousel in the picture window of the home and observers will even hear very unique Christmas carousel music throughout the yard. An eight foot tall Nutcracker greats visitors to the entry way, and even Mickey and Minnie Mouse have made a special guest appearance in the yard. Rudolf and his eight other friends and a sleigh, complete with packages decorates the roof, along with multiple snow flakes that twinkle like new fallen snow. Looking in the front picture window you will see that Santa has made it down the chimney and is waving to everyone. The arches over the driveway dance, flash, and sparkle courtesy of a computerized lighting system. New in 2006 is a 10’ tall Ferris wheel, built by the owner’s fathers. Each chair is decorated in a different theme. Look for Snoopy, Santa Claus, Pooh, and Tiger too. This classic Ferris wheel has it’s own light show that is fascinating to watch. Another addition this year is the scene of Santa’s Workshop on the double garage door which was created by a graphic designer here in Denver. The huge outdoor Christmas tree has over 4500 lights and lots of over sized ornaments reminding us that Christmas is just around the corner. Look for Kim’s dad John Weibert outside every weekend handing out candy canes and giving everyone a personal tour of the display. Guests are welcome to take an up close and personal look every night till 10 PM. The entire family enjoys in the creation of this annual display – especially when it is enjoyed by the children and neighbors. Come on by and see for yourself.
73 Gingerbread House We invite you to visit and enjoy the Kleiberg’s 3rd Annual Christmas Light Display. There are over 40,000 lights that decorate the yard and many handmade and hand painted attractions. Walk through lighted paths to see a 20’ long Christmas train, Santa and his reindeer, polar bears and deer, candlesticks and candy canes, and, of course, a Christmas star. See Winnie the Pooh and friends skating on an outdoor ice sheet and cartoon heroes enjoying a Ferris wheel ride! Location: 2683 – 204 Street, Langley Dates: December 1st to January 1st Times: 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 pm Donations are gratefully accepted and all proceeds are given to the charitable organizations supported by the Township of Langley Fire Department. These are: Pacific Riding for Developing Abilities, Langley Ishtar (Home for Abused Women and Children), Langley Special Olympics for Special Needs Children. In 2005, we were able to donate $2,004 to the Fire Department on behalf of all those who donated. Thank you for your generosity. Come join us again this year to enjoy the lights, have a cup of hot chocolate and a candy cane and to raise money to assist these valuable organizations. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
74 Sara and Scott Pastryk from Mishawaka, Indiana. This is our 3rd Christmas in our house. We our trying to add more lights each year (and more outlets). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
75 Home of Bob and Jan in Hemet California. Special thanks goes to Rob’s friends! Rob is smiling down on us all (probably thankful he didn’t have to help!).
76 We have been doing this for 12 years now and we stumbled upon your site! we submitted our picture don’t look like you have many from Phoenix AZ. we have a theme called Santa’s candy land we have about 100,000 lights and animation with a live Santa and elf we light from 6:00pm till 10:00 pm each night. our address is 4827 W Osborn, Phoenix Arizona
Hi Chuck. This is my 1st year at PC and I would like to share my pics. Christmas In Shirley. This year we have over 13,000 lights and 108 channels of control utilizing 2 64 port Olsen 595 boards controlled by Vixen light control software.
Thank You, Brian

Greetings from Midland, Texas! This is Ricky and Lucy Thames’ 2006 Christmas Display. This is my 8th year of decorating and my forth year on Planet Christmas. Below are a few statistics of this year’s display: Lights – 34,274; Amps – 156.46; Installation time – 132 hours; Designing, planning and building – 200 hours; 20 amp dedicated circuits – 18; Extension cords – 148; Length of extension cords – 3,529; Watts – 18,776, Timers – 18; Three-way taps – 54, Spot lights – 4. I started putting out the lights on October 16 and had the grand lighting on Thanksgiving night in beautiful 70 degree weather. I’m finally up to 48 channels of LOR that I used on my new 20’ “Mega Tree” and 9 mini-trees. Also new in my display this year is a 101” train, Light storm, new arches over my walkway, garage door banners, polar bear, church, angel and an abominable snowman. We have a lot of traffic every night looking at our display and taking pictures and video. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year we have 72,000 lights 48 channels of computer control. We also accept donations for children’s hospital. You can listen to the music on 88.7 fm
stop by1736 Beryl, Pittsburgh, PA 15227
Merry Christmas from James and Camille Wagoner in Edgewater, Florida

This is our display for 2006. We have about 20,000 lights. 64 channels of Light o Rama control and we are transmitting on 88.5fm. On the roof is Santa Flying a 30 foot diameter landing pattern. This is our 9th and best year for our display. We live in Livonia, Michigan Have A Merry Christmas

82 154,764 lights. LED – LED – LED. Most of the luminous subjects are completely handmade. Works start towards the middle of January, immediately after the International Christmas exhibition held in Milan and in Frankfurt. This exhibition gives me the possibility to find some new ideas and choose the materials for future shopping. To create luminous decorations I used different types of lights, depending on the selected way of installation. The yellow little stars have been made by me, with a meter of aluminium strap, which has been folded like a star, on which I put one meter of yellow luminous tube LED; while for bigger stars I studied a bigger template with a larger development. The lanterns placed on the left side of the house are made just as the stars but, with different sizes and colours. The little pines are made with a galvanized wire net, duly cut, rolled up so to take shape of a cone high 50 cm , making use of 4 meters of white luminous LED tube. For the trees of 1,2 m. and 1,8 m., I used some little clear lamps and little ed led spheres of 22 mm. The STROBO are part of the lawn and use some xenon lamps making a very white light. The larch is a structure in iron and aluminium, to form a tree of 6 meters, that is a larch. It has hundreds of branches and 20,600 LED. The three trees high 3 m. are decorated with classic low-tension pea lamps and LED There are also 8 self-propelled reindeers, moved by a little engine both in vertical and horizontal directions. The lawn is enlightened by 7,680 little white lamps; these are connected to an electric power station so to create light games. Little Father Christmas are puppets, made of fibre glass, hollow inside and equipped with a lamp for their lighting, they are placed on the frontal side of the house, following all the lawn perimeter. The two inflatable puppets, the seated Father Christmas and the snow puppet, located on the right side of the house, are made of micro-fibre; they are inflated and they remain inflated through a compressor placed at their base and have an inside lamp. Hidden among big branches of trees, there are the machines for the snow and bubbles. An electric power station controlled by a personal computer has been arranged to manage most part of lights together with 23+ peripheral units, designed and personalized on purpose for Santa Workshop; I use only 23+ respect their effective capacity, 256 cards each one with 8 channels, therefore 2048 channels available. Three contactors supply the electric energy. The total amount of the 154,764 lights consumption gives a result of approx. 30.000 Watt (136 Ampere at 220 Volts).
83 Our 2006 display is on the eastern shore of Maryland. It consists of 17 inflatables, over 40 blowmolds, eight wire frames and approximately 6000 lights. We group the inflatables to form themes. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas! See several more photos at

easternshorechristmasdecor/. Ricky Bradshaw.
Here is our display for 2006 in Deltona, Florida. I completed my goal of 50,085 lights this year. My roof cutouts and my wall of lights are our favorites. Along with 2 – 15 foot mega trees, we found a way to use purple mini’s they mix well with Blue and Gold, works out nice! Next year LOR and a major sub electric panel upgrade, storage solutions, and bringing my home web page up and running! Any questions private message me through the PlanetChristmas chatroom ” Deltona ” ( Wishing you all a ” Merry Christmas ” and a ” Happy New Year ” Deltona
85 It’s a picture of the water tower on the grounds of the Factory at Franklin in Tennessee where the 2006 PlanetChristmas display is located this year. There are 16 reindeer attached to the water tower catwalk 90 feet off the ground. Eight reindeer face clockwise. Eight reindeer face counter-clockwise. The computer makes the reindeer chase around the tower in different directions. See more at Merry Christmas! Chuck and Marla Smith
86 Hi PlanetChristmas. This is my first year doing this and we have about 3,000 lights on the house. I love to decorate and I’m enjoying reading up on how to make my display bigger and better for next year. But for now, it’s doing pretty good. Thanks for allowing me to submit my picture. The house is located in Toms River, NJ. See ya next year!!! Donna
87 Colorado Christmas is back again and better than ever. This years new addition was 10 Mini-Trees, 2 Stick Trees, and a Video Projection Screen that shows Flash animations, and Classic Christmas Videos to go with the music. Merry Christmas All

Kevin & Linda Pickett, Colorado Christmas, Colorado Springs, CO

88 This is my friends Frank & Courtney’s house located in Newburgh NY. Frank helped me put up the lights on my house in picture #12, and I helped Frank put up his lights. Frank and Courtney chose white lights which turned out really nice. All the whole house is outlined and a BIG wreath sits over the front door. The house is SO BRIGHT you can see it from the peak of a nearby mountain top while driving to their house. The roof of the house is VERY steep. Frank and I made a “special” safety harness so he didn’t fall off the roof. Congratulations on the beautiful job guys & Merry Christmas!
89 Hello from Michigan! This is our fabulous blowmolds display. We have been collecting blowmolds for over 20 years, and we haven’t found a display in Michigan yet that is bigger or better than ours! Here’s some pictures from this year’s display. We are up to 325 blowmolds and 72 miscellaneous lighted items, not to mention the 6000 lights it takes to light every tree and shrub. Every item has a particular place in the scene. Our nativity is up to 43 pieces, and our choir is a whopping 38 pieces! I wanted more, but as you can see we are starting to run out of lawn! We also added music to our choir this year. Watch closely and you can see their mouths moving as they sing “O Holy Night” for the whole neighborhood to hear. We regrouped a lot of our items, so new this year is the North Pole Factory, with 14 elves working hard to make the toys, the SnowPeople village, with 15 of your “coolest” friends, and the Misfit Toys, complete with an ice cream cone, a pink gingerbread boy, a “Dolly for Sue” and a “Charlie in the Box.” You can see on the night pictures that the giant green sign lets Santa know where all the Misfits are, so they won’t be left behind! It only took us 14 days to put it all up, we started the weekend before Thanksgiving. We have gotten so much traffic this year that you can’t even get around the corner to get down our street some nights! It’s definitely worth the work. If you want to see more pictures, you can reach me on PlanetChristmas – hollywoodjenkins. Merry Christmas to everyone and keep on decorating!
90 Hi SoCal PC Pals! So it was a crazy weekend to get us going, but we are up and running! Just a few glitches to still work out and a couple of things to add to the display when the wind dies down and Chris gets a second wind (of energy). Thanks to Peter Lent we are have one of the 4 houses that was having major box problems hooked up and running until we get another box. (THANKS PETER!!!) So we were not without our Christmas Gremlins this year, but thanks to the persistence of my husband and Peter, we hopefully have it under control now. We managed to take some pictures tonight of the display as it is, as you will notice our 16’ Z-Tree is still standing!!! 🙂 despite the 50-60mph winds we had all weekend. Okay, so sometimes my MAC isn’t always the greatest (or it could just be my pregnant brain infection), so I am sending you this video uncut and through my .mac site. I can’t seem to get it to save in Quicktime or iMovie for editing adding sound. So, no there is no sound, sorry 🙁 So enjoy the silent movies 🙂 Also, the video was taken with my little pocket Minolta still camera (LOL!!) – we are hoping sometime this season to secure a GOOD video camera that takes videos at night to get a better set put together 🙂 but for now, what we have up on the website will give you an idea of what the 4-house show is like. But the picture is better here than it was on YouTube! 🙂



socalchristmas/2006 Display Photos.html

Thanks everyone for all your support! MERRY CHRISTMAS! — Chris and Kerilyn LaFournaise, Temecula, CA,
This is our “first year” display in San Diego called “Belardo Lights”. It features 220 channels of LOR, over 38,000 lights, 12,000 feet of wire used, and a lot of fun to design and build. The inspiration for this display came from our 9 year old son Brandon, who has Autism. Last year at this time, we were driving around looking at different displays, and Brandon really enjoyed them for the first time. So I asked him if he’d like to work with me to help build our own Christmas display, and it was off to the races after that. We’re broadcasting on 89.7 FM, and have been featured by a local television station and the local newspaper. We’ve received great comments from folks driving and walking by, and plan to expand the display next year and also do some fundraising for local Autism charities. Thanks to all the fine folks at PlanetChristmas, I was able to learn a lot about this great hobby / obsession, and produce a display that has been called pretty amazing for a beginner. We’ll be back again next year bigger and better than ever… Randy, Belardo Lights, San Diego, CA
Merry Christmas…From Troy, Michigan Our second year submitting to Planet Christmas. This year we put 5,000 lights on our large tree, it’s a real eye catcher. All together we have six 20amp and three 15amp circuits running the lights, running at around 17,000 watts. Lots of animation, chasers, faders and controllers, but no computerization…yet! Maybe next year we’ll add the computer…until then, Merry Christmas…From Mike & Margaret

Merry Christmas from Christmas In The Grove. We are located at 810 Power St, China Grove, NC. We’ve been decorating our House for the last three years. This is our biggest display so far. Our display this years has 12000+ lights, 60 blowmolds, 2 inflatables and a Mr Christmas Light Show machine. You can see more pictures of Christmas In The Grove here.

94 We are up to over 30,000 this year with 5 trees inside. 21ft Mega tree with 2800 multi-color mini lights and 1200 Blue LEDs, 14 mini trees with 6500 mini lights, 3450 icicle mini lights, 5184 rope mini lights, 1000 white LEDs on the roof, Plus a lot more. 48 computer control LOR channels, Music broadcast over FM radio transmitter (BlackBox) with in a few hundred feet of the house. 7 synchronized songs, Show is about 25 minutes Runs nightly from 5:15pm to 10:00pm weather permitting, might run later as it gets closer to Christmas and on weekends. Some of these lights are extremely bright, but the brightest Christmas lights are the Christians that carry the light of Christ to the darkest corners of the Earth. Merry Christmas!!!
95 Here we are in Dunedin Florida getting ready for Santa. This is our first submission to Planet Christmas. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year.
Below is the link to our 2006 Dancing Waters Holiday Decorations:
Happy Holidays,
Bill Vanderslice
This is our first year decorating! I’m an official newbie! We are using Animated Lighting with 63 of our 64 available channels in use, and around 9000 lights.
Danielle Earl
Simi Valley, CA
This took me about 3 weeks in November to put up and I have roughly 3000 lights in the display, maybe a little more. I have nearly tripled my display from last year (#178 on 2005 pg. 4) Next year I am doing the same display but adding more icicles and lawn displays, and maybe something on the roof. This display is powered through 3 outlets. One outlet that controls the front portion comes on at dusk and shuts off 6 hours later, the next 2 portions both are controlled with a remote that has a 50 foot range. If anyone has any questions or would like to see more pictures feel free to e-mail me at w[email protected]. Merry Christmas from Upstate NY
we just wanted everyone to see our Christmas spirit……..i don’t know how many lights there are but i know everything was made not bought…….it took a while but they look really great this year…………..
debbie and john savage, md
100 This is our 13th year, 18,500+ lights. We received an award from our town last year for the most original display. Come visit us on Plymouth Drive, Iselin, New Jersey. Can’t miss us!
101 We have almost 35,000 lights and over 135 blow molds. we have been decorating the past few years, BUT this is the biggest display so far, as we just moved into the new home/location in the spring. and have been adding to the display as we do it to raise money for charities, and this year are asking people to send Christmas cards to the military. Please check us out on the web at Please be sure to sign our guest book, and or email us at [email protected]. thanks. Richard and Kyra Carmany. Alyssa Stutzman. 615 Sycamore Drive. Columbia, PA 17512
This is a pictures of our Santa toyshop. it is 30 ft long,10ft tall & 6ft deep. it is made of all wood, with close to 80 animated figures,24 in & life-size. there is a life-size animated Mr. & Mrs. Claus, elves & snowmen. there is 6 large windows with animated Disney, peanuts, Looney tunes, elves,& carolers characters. there is 2 large double doors which house Mr. & Mrs. Claus we are located at 14338 Funston ave. Norwalk, California so if your in the area, please stop by and look at our display. open every night until after new years. merry Christmas from the Veloz family.
103 Our home is located in beautiful Pawleys Island, SC. This is the 3rd year in this house for Christmas and our second year decorating. We have a total of 15,000 lights (1,500 indoor / 13,500 outdoor). All four sides of our house are lit up. Key features include our two 6 foot soldiers guarding the front porch and a 6 1/2′ Santa watching the neighbors in the front window. Christmas music plays each night for passers-by. Inside, we have a 10′ tree and seven mini trees throughout the house. Our pride and joy is a replica of the Advent House from the movie Christmas Vacation, which I have built from scratch. It has quickly become a family heirloom. Here is a link to more photos inside and out:

index.cfm Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to Everyone, Raymond, Pawleys Island, SC
We are Mark and Tina Bolt, and we have a 2 1/2 year old daughter named Emily. We live in Billings, MT. Our display contains 24,000 lights this year, which uses about 195 amps. We live down in a valley called Alkali Creek valley, so we always go with a theme of “Light up the Valley”. This Christmas season we also want to remind people that Jesus is the reason we do all this stuff. We may light up our little valley, but He is the light of the world. Merry Christmas from the Bolts in Montana.

Hi Chuck,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! From the Bromley’s located in Shrewsbury, Pa.

We are located in Hamburg, NJ. We have just over 12,000 lights so far (I know that doesn’t even compare to alot of the houses on this site!). We start shortly after Halloween each year, and never really finish! We have been told by many that our house is the most decorated house in Sussex County!! We have added more since this picture, but we hope you enjoy it anyway! Happy Holidays 2006 from The Guest Family!!!
Here are some pictures of my home in Indian Trail, North Carolina. This year we have 47,855 lights that include 13 blowups. I have built many of my displays. This year’s project was the Santa’s Castle that has three floors and stands 8 feet tall. Each floor has different scenes. Other year’s projects include a Gingerbread House which featured an entire Gingerbread Family inside. Another display is the Santa’s Train that is delivering presents by a Reindeer and is being driven by a Penguin. A 48 inch tall Igloo, 10 foot and 5 foot candy canes and many Christmas trees that are placed throughout my property. We not only decorate the front yard but also the back yard. Click on this link and view additional pictures that show the details are difficult to explain.
108 Hi from Chicago The Wawrocki Family We have been doing this for 10 years now and every year is different. We have 2000 lights on the house with 100 figurines on both sides of the parkway, and one globe. The front window has moveable figurines also and a tree with 1000 lights on it The front window up stairs has moveable figurines also Have a Merry Christmas every one
Hello Planet Christmas, Merry Christmas from the Berger Family in Monmouth County, NJ. We have 20,000 bulbs lighting up our Winter Wonderland as our unique, “Flying” Reindeer take off, attracting many from miles away.We always appreciate the local papers making a annual stop at our home to see “What’s New” and most importantly, the joy it brings to those who visit our display. Happy New year!!!!
This a photo of our 2006 Display in Greencastle, Indiana. Visit us at for more pictures. While viewing our display you can listen to our Christmas station. We began setting up our display the weekend after Halloween. We have about 9,000 lights used in the display. The new major addition to this years display was the Nativity Scene, but there were also several other small improvements. We hope that you get a chance to come by, but if you can’t we hope that you enjoy the pictures of our display.
Merry Christmas, Justin (Hillsdale Ave. Christmas)
111 This light display located in downtown Coulterville Illinois. The display is put up by the Coulterville Fire Department along with other community volunteers. The walk thru display is open through Jan. 1 from dusk till 9pm every evening with music playing each night. The display consists of over 35,00 lights and 155 wooden cut-outs throughout the 1 block city park. Every Saturday from 6 to 8 the fire department offers visitors a bonfire to warm up by and free refreshments to go along a visit from Santa.
Hi everyone, Here is the photo of our Home this year. Hope you all enjoy.
Happy Holidays
The Deweil Family

My display is very simple. I put lights all over a very old mesquite tree at the front of my house near downtown Tucson. In fact, the house was designed around the tree when it was built 15 years ago. While not as flashy as some, it shows off the shape of this amazing mesquite tree. Happy Holidays! John Laswick, 560 S. Samaniego Street, Tucson, AZ 85701

114 This is my house in Port Charlotte Florida HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Jake and Sally Long
115 The new portions of this years display consists of an animated Santa, Sleigh, and Eight Reindeer. This display stretches over 30’ long on the roof. Other features are the additional computerized programs for the lights. This year all of the 60,000 lights will be controlled by a computerized program. The lights will be dancing with the sound of music being transmitted through a FM station which will only be transmitting an area within site of the home. Anyone driving by will be able to tune their radio station to FM 90.1 and will be able to listen to the Ludy Light Spectacular Display Program. Thanks to Chuck and everyone at Planet Christmas, each year continues to grow with excitement and anticipation for new ideas to improve each year.
This is my fraternity (Phi Kappa Psi) house at the University of Illinois. This year we purchased 17,000 lights. We took second in the campus decorating contest. The coolest part is Santa on the roof. Next year we look forward to saving for a light controller and a very tall ladder! Merry Christmas… DOUG McDonald
My first year of Christmas decorating – with musical lights.
Skagit County, Washington
118 Here’s my first pictures submitted to Planet Christmas. Began three years ago with the help of Lori @ Lori’s Lighted D’lites and the manual labor of my sister Debbie from WA state. I started this in memory of my mom knowing she is looking down through the stars and enjoying my display as much as my family and I, neighbors and passerby. Hope you all enjoy them too. Merry Christmas, Cindy
This is our house in Mesa, Arizona. This year we have about 14,000 lights, a 40 foot super tree, a motorized new years ball and various light grids controlled by Light O rama. This is my 12th year doing the lights and I hope to continue for many years to come. Merry Christmas Everyone !!
Attached please find a photo of my 20′ inflatable Santa, taken in the daytime when a winter storm blew into Dallas in late November. I also have a 20′ inflatable snowman in the other corner of my front yard. The local news people are telling me these two inflatables may be the biggest Christmas inflatables in Texas, and therefore, by definition, the largest Christmas inflatables in the USA! Could this be true? Or are they just exaggerating?
Sincerely, Jim Hardesty, 3313 Wolfe Court, Plano, Texas 75025
121 Happy Holidays from the Farrell family of Clifton New Jersey. This year we added 32 channels of LOR that has made the display more exciting. The main attraction this year is a castle on the front lawn with Cinderella and Santa Claus dancing inside. Our house was featured on NBC TV’s Today in New York holiday special.
This is our house in Ellicott City Maryland this year. There are approximately 25,000 lights. New additions this year are the NOEL, 2 – 6′ drummer soldiers at the driveway entrance, a north pole candy cane, Mickey Mouse Santa blow up, Snowboarding Reindeer Blow up and two angles. This year is a tribute to my wife Wendy, who was the artistic director of the display in the past. She passed away in February after a 2 year battle with ovarian cancer. Hope everyone has a happy holiday season. Jon Fiedler p.s. Thanks Chuck, I was chosen to be one of the featured houses on HGTV for next years “What’s up with this Christmas House”.
This is our small display, we are in Nottinghamshire UK
have a great Christmas
from Tony & Angie
Welcome to the Wullkotte’s 2006 Christmas display. This will be our 4th year decorating the house and it gets bigger and better every year. Classic Christmas music plays nightly and this display is sure to put a smile on your face. Unfortunately the other side of the yard could not be fully captured, but you get an idea of what the display looks like. We had to add an extra circuit this year due to it being overloaded and next year we hope to have the whole display synchronized to music. We have one of the larger displays in Ohio and put more emphasis on things in the yard than lights on the house. New additions this year include a Santa stop here sign, large light up holiday banner, Nativity scene, extra ice cycle lights, extra candy canes and more. Seasons Greetings, Noah Wullkotte
Cincinnati, OH
126 Andrew & Evie, Alexandria, VA: Some more reps for townhouse dwellers…First display in the new home! 8400 lights, including 5 chaser strands, 40 star lights, 28 feet of icicles, and one penguin. Next year: LOR, hopefully at least 48 channels, and some more thematic items, if the price on blow molds and animated reindeer goes down a bit after Christmas. J
Lee is also featured in Las Vegas Life Magazine and was taped for a national TV show special on holiday lights – a special showing of the program “What’s with that House” on HGTV! Visit lee’s site for more info.


128 Welcome to the DeBrocke Home in Riverview, FL. This is our first year going “all out” and have about 20,000 lights total, all synchronized to music with 48 LOR Channels. You can visit us at
129 And now a plug for PlanetChristmas! A special thanks to Robert McClurkan for taking this picture
130 I thought you might want to hear about a local Christmas House. We sit outside each night from 6:30-9:00 and share punch, candy canes, and cookies with guests. We’ve been collecting decorations for over 30 years. People can drive by or park to view from close up (best viewed upclose). We have:- three Christmas villages- a snowman with real snow- a runway on the roof for Santa- the entire garage has been transformed into Santa’s workshop

– the outside is lit up with tens of thousands of lights

– the kitchen is decorated with hundreds of decorations

Here are a few pictures and a link to other pictures.


The Copeland Christmas House, Palm City, FL



132 Merry Christmas to all PlanetChristmas visitors! Here is our 2006 display This is our 2nd year submitting to “Showing Off”. We love decorating for the holidays. Our development has an annual contest for the best display. Last year we won!! This year we doubled our display, to over 10,000 lights. We have fun doing this. It’s great for the kids (and for me). We are actually expecting our second child around Christmas, and I just know he’ll enjoy the lights! Thanks for viewing. Have a safe and happy Holiday Season!! Brad, Stacy, Rylie & “Baby” Hollar. Morgantown, WV
WWW.PORRAZZOLAND.COM Hello to my favorite web site. Another Year is here and Christmas in Lowellville has begun. Porrazzoland is now Complete Inside and out, with over 100 Inflatable Christmas Characters and Thousands of Lights.
Every Year you have been to my home and my display keeps growing and growing. This year is the best we have over 20 new attractions. with numerous Snow Globes added and a 12 foot animated Carousel. I invite you to our home to be featured on your news channel. It will make a great story of how soon we are already complete for the holidays. Please call me and make arrangements to come and visit Porrazzoland again hopefully a couple times this year even before Christmas season begins.
This is our second Christmas in our home and our first time submitting our house on this site. We want to add more next year. Decorating our home is something we really enjoy and our kids love helping us. Hope everyone enjoys our home and Happy Holidays.
James, Mande and Kids. Mentor-On-The-Lake, Ohio.
Hi Chuck and PCer’s, This is our first year going big. Over 8,000 lights total, 200 LEDs, 1,300 Icicles, 20ft. Mega Tree with 6,550 lights, 2 inflatables, 7 flood lights, 12 electrical candles, and some other finishing touches. Next year we have BIG plans and it will be our first year going computer-controlled using Animated Lighting.

Merry Christmas to all & Happy New Year 2007!The Bennett Family ~ Bill, Lori & AshleighWilliston, FL ~
Hello. I’m am located in Middleton Nova Scotia. With over 15,000 lights and over 35 years experience Our 120 foot frontage yard is seen by hundreds every night from December 1st to January 5th. Merry Christmas Eddie and Sue O’Connor
137 Greetings from Wilmington, NC! This is our sixth year decorating (third at this house), and we have gone from just one box of icicle lights to this year’s 10,750 light display. I am very thankful for finding this site, as it has been a major source of information and inspiration! Merry Christmas from the Whittemores!
138 Hello & Merry Christmas from The Washburne’s — A great time was had by all at the 2006 EAC Christmas Party. Santa Joined in on the sing-a-long and Tree played the piano. The kids roasted marshmallows over the fire pit and Santa had a present for every child. Hope your Christmas time is filled with family love and good times for all… Merry Christmas!!! Click here to see the pictures.
239 Washington Place, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604
Award winning angelic display! Thousands of lights! Flying/suspended angels from the trees to the house! More pictures @:

Stop by and I hope you enjoy it!
140 The Weber’s Display Boyne Falls, Michigan
Hello there and a merry Christmas and a happy new year from Mike and Maryellen from Boston here is a little something I whipped up this year and would like to dedicate this year to my father who has just passed away and will not be with us this year as we are all trying to cope with both Christmas and a passing as I also have more pictures as I hope the gentlemen will help me post them like last year merry Christmas to all
142 Merry Christmas! Here is my first submission of my house to Planet Christmas. The house has under 10,000 lights this year. This is my first year for LOR. It has received great reception here. My house is in Mesquite, Texas.
143 Thanks for the opportunity to share our display with you. Although not nearly as spectacular or as big as most of your postings, we’re pretty proud of our annual display. This is our first year at this house, but I have been doing ever increasing lightings for many years. This year we have about 10,400 lights (maybe a few more will appear) up from about 9,500 last year. The display includes a 32′ tall tree, a 31′ long by 21′ high schooner, a 10′ light house with revolving beacon, a fireplace with burning fire and a 10′ high American flag. We do not put many lights on the house because they tend to wash out the displays in the yard, which cuts down on the number of lights, but it is still pretty bright. Each year three generations of our family contribute, including my young son, who adds about 1200 lights and blow-ups by himself to the mix. Merry Christmas from the Dimmocks of Augusta, Georgia
both are important.. i wish i could get the after 11 pm. image to work out. but my eyesight is even worse this year so i finally gave up. (the after 11pm is very deep purple… so deep i couldn’t get the camera to capture it, well my eyes, it’s not the cam’s fault.)
you will be the blue/white motif and the red/green/white motif.
these images aren’t perfect, shame it really is amazing to look at this year. (the light show needs help but ya know how that goes)
llori of falls church, VA


145 This years addition was the driveway arches among other things. We have approximately 60,000 lights, 7 inflatables and an FM broadcaster. We are published in the Planet Christmas book as well. Don Bixler Holland, OH

This is my Christmas light display. It is my first year for computer control. It runs a light show to music broadcast over a low-power FM station from 7:00pm to 8:00pm every night. We went from 7,800 lights last year to over 23,000 lights this year. The Mega-tree on the left is 23 feet and has over 5,000 lights. It’s located in Noblesville, Indiana RJ Strycker.

Merry Christmas wishes from Sweden. Here comes a picture of my garden which I every year turn into a wonderland of brightly shining Christmas lights. This year I almost reached 10’000 lights controlled by 10 chasers. In Sweden its very rare to have lots of lights. Next year I will put layers of lights and start to use LOR. Thank you very much Chuck and everyone here at PlanetChristmas for all of your inspiration. Feel free to visit my website: Best wishes from Niklas Adolfsson.
148 You are currently viewing the work of one of the youngest Christmas decorators in the U.S.A. At the age of 20, Michael Mahler’s display at 8940 Renetta Ct., Cincinnati, OH, Colerain Township, already houses over 200 figures, 7,000 lights and 4 Santa faces. Michael has acquired the whole display and sets it up himself. The neighborhood absolutely loves the display and feels pressure to decorate their houses more to keep pace. This is the display’s 10th year and has no signs of stopping anytime soon.
150 Happy Holidays from Lights at Ken Lake, in Olympia, Washington. This is my sixth year of decorating for Christmas. This year we have over 40,000 lights. 9,000 lights are synchronized to music; controlled by Lights O Rama. The display also features all nine of Santa’s reindeer, 14 flashing and fading snowflakes, two color changing trees, a rainbow, nativity, waterfall with stream, and many other holiday decorations. It took three weeks to put up the display with the help of many friends and family. The address is 2228 Lakemoor Dr Sw, Olympia WA . Merry Christmas
Christmas Utah is located in a suburb of Salt Lake City. The display is 100% computer synchronized. For more details go to
Marty Slack – Christmas Utah in Murray, Utah
Here are some pictures of my home located in Jackson, New Jersey. This is our third year here and we keep adding more every year. Thank you for looking and enjoy!
Happy Holidays, Donna and Bernie DeVito





154 hi Santa ;-)we live in Switzerland and love to decorate our house.merry Christmas to everybody overseas.Frank
Hi from Downunder,
This is our Townhouse in the suburb of Castle Hill in Sydney, Australia.


156 Here out little cozy home. Girlfriend wanted lights on front of house and sides, show got it and I added .. She loves it.. Still have little bit of room left more for next year. Merry Christmas to All from Nampa Idaho
157 The Giant Gingerbread house. Bethel Springs, TN
158 The Witmer’s of Gaithersburg, Maryland want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. We have over 20,000 lights this year. Our display grows each year and we have one of the most decorated houses in our neighborhood. This year our house was featured in a local newspaper, and we were even on a local morning news show. Figures with all this publicity we might as well share our house with the rest of the world. One special feature that you can not make out from these pictures is that I have 2 special people’s names in my light display. They are Kevin and Megan, both are local kids each 15 years old that have both under gone treatments for cancer, and both are an inspiration with their good spirits, especially under the circumstances that they have had to deal with in their short lives. We all can learn a lot from these kids. Hope you enjoy our lights. I love this website and checking out all the competition out there. Everyone has done a great job, keep up the good work. Merry Christmas.
159 This is my third year setting up Christmas lighting. Figure I have about 9000 and plan on adding more for years to come. Just Starting to get into the computer control part of it. Looks like it will be fun. Merry Christmas……THE WEBER’S & MOORES.
160 Patrick Snee12617 Dawnridge Ct.Midlothian Va. 23114CANIConstant and Never-ending Improvement
161 Hallo,here is our house in Germany —Stolberg-near Aachen.M. Völtz
162 For over a decade my dad, Leo Douillard, has been adding to his display @ 793 Pinemont Ave, Port Coquitlam, BC to create the Magical Christmas Light Display that it is today for all to enjoy and experience. When most people take their summer vacation time from work they use that time to go away but not dad, he spends that time checking light strings and working on new things for his Xmas display – this year the new addition is a helicopter that will raise 10 feet into the air. This year he will be putting up aprox 45,000 lights (not to mention all of the things in the yard including lots of interactive things for children to do). It will take him aprox 110 hours just to put everything up (this doesn’t include the many, many, many hours he puts in throughout the whole year on the preparation like checking all the strings, and coming up with and making new things). My father is a selfless, caring man with a HUGE heart that looks forward to seeing the joy his display brings to other people. All donations received go to the Children’s Hospital. Everyone that knows him is proud, honored and privileged to call him our family, and our friend. We are thankful to have him in our lives. We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again Santa is going to make an appearance at our Annual Hot Chocolate/Coffee Nite. Please come by and enjoy complimentary picture with Santa and free hot chocolate/coffee on Sat. December 16, 2006 from 7pm till 9:30pm. Please visit my website:
This is my first year doing a computerized light show. So far I have 5000 Lights. I hope to grow this every year. Check out the video of the light show at
164 100k Plus lights in Gilbert AZ. 30 ft Christmas tree with 4k lights. Snow machine to fake it’s cold!! Lots of fun in AZ during Xmas

My Christmas light display doubled since last year! Every square foot in my front yard is covered by thousands of lights, and I ran out of room! This is the first year that I am setting up a second display in my back yard. Everything doubled from last year including my inflatables (I had 6 last year and now I have 12), the amount of lights I’m putting up doubled, and everything else I put up doubled too. I’ve been working on my display since September and I’m going to continue thru December 25. We even had to redo our whole electric panel for the 3rd time; The Christmas lights have 20 circuits that are dedicated to them. Another feature I’m going to try to add is my own radio station, which will broadcast Christmas music to people viewing my display, right from my own room! This is the most out of the box, over the top display I ever worked on!

Bill Hart (Now 16 Years Old)

Pittsburgh, PA 15223

166 Started our display in 2003 and has grown to 80,000 lights this year.

Tom Raczok
167 Here is our home in Kingston Ontario. This is our semi detached home (my in laws live on the other side) and we decorate both sides. We have approx. 10000 lights. We have a ski lift (not seen in picture), 3 car train and many other items. We love Christmas and hold a food drive the last week before Christmas. Many thanx to Daniel, mike, Tino, Judy, Taylor, Michael, Cassidy, Tina for setting up the display with me. In total we put in 60 hours. Merry Christmas from the Cawlishaw/Costa family
168 This is our house we more than doubled the amount of lights from last year from this picture you can’t see the side yard. The trees have LED lights this is the first time I used them. The kids love it and we have been inspiring the neighborhood to do lights especially because this weekend (after thanksgiving) has been very nice for NH I was wearing short sleeve shirts all weekend. The guy across the street puts up a lot of lights also we are trying to think of a way to make arches over the street we live on a quiet street with very little traffic, if anyone has ideas for that or my house please email me at [email protected]
Here is the front of my house for Christmas 2006:
This is the display for 2006. Not the biggest, I know, most of the power went to all the blow molds in the backyard. We’ve been decorating for years; it sure has grown from the original 3 piece nativity.
Merry Christmas from Michigan, Noah Greenia
170 My name is Keith Van Buren, my display name “The Magic of Christmas”, this is my 7th year decorating my parents house and each year it gets bigger and better. I live in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The display features Airblown Inflatables, rope light sculptures, inflatable snowglobe and over 17,000 lights. I love doing this and this is my favorite time of year. I love to hear people drive by and beep or get out and say nice job. feel free to email me your comments at [email protected]. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keith Van Buren

I am sending a picture of my display for 2006. I have many more pictures on my website at This year I have added a shed to store everything in and of course it had to be decorated. I have used LED lights on it. I plan on having more of them next year. I love them. I am a PLC programmer so on my shed I added a little animated scene with a flying snowman landing on a sleigh. I have wanted to use a PLC on my lights for some time now. This year I have 49 extension cords, 3,840 miniature bulbs, 16 strands of icicle lights, 48 lighted figures, 11 rope lights and 5 wood art figures for a total of 45.7 amps across 5 circuits. I have also added some music playing. I plan on having some outdoor speaker and controlling this from the computer next year. Michelle Heath


This is The Shuman House located in beautiful Pickerington, Ohio. My kids, Bradley and Katie, are my inspiration. They make the holidays all the more wonderful.

Thanks for looking and best wishes for a great holiday season!

Justin Shuman Pickerington, Ohio

173 Patrick Snee
The Van Blargans Enchanted Holidays From Danielsville, Pa. We are currently around 18,000 lights, the main theme is Cinderella and it is well rounded out with Mickey and Minnie… Being Disney fanatics it fits our life style just fine.. I kinda label myself as a Backyard Imagineer..Lights are all mounted to frame work made from electrical conduit. Chuck, special thanks, We were also chosen by HGTV for their “What’s up with that Christmas house” show. However, Disneys legal dept. would not give them the license to produce our display with all its Disney content… Just a little setback for us BUT A GREAT LOSS FOR HGTV VIEWERS ! ! ! May everyone enjoy the season—MERRY CHRISTMAS! ! ! Tom and Bonnie


175 Merry Christmas from Downingtown, Pennsylvania!!!While there may not be as many lights as others on this website, I was very pleased with it. I have received many compliments each year and hope it brings a little holiday spirit into our neighborhood.Happy Holidays!!!! David Reiner

This is our house we more than doubled the amount of lights from last year from this picture you can’t see the side yard. The trees have LED lights this is the first time I used them. The kids love it and we have been inspiring the neighborhood to do lights especially because this weekend (after thanksgiving) has been very nice for NH I was wearing short sleeve shirts all weekend. The guy across the street puts up a lot of lights also we are trying to think of a way to make arches over the street we live on a quiet street with very little traffic, if anyone has ideas for that or my house please email me at [email protected]

177 This is our 7th year in this house it takes my wife and I over 72 hours combined to make the show go on. I have two 20 amp breakers dedicated to the display and two 15 amp breakers also dedicated.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Jeff & Darlene Dubois, PA

178 Thank you James lax Selsonville, Ohio
This is our home in NE Columbia, SC. We haven’t gotten real big yet, but we try to be a little different than many. Out front we have 12 artificial trees, each decorated differently. (Most were picked up after Christmas on trash collection day.) We have a sign the reads “Ivey’s Artificial Tree Farm” with a candy cane archway entrance. The fence around the tree lot is C9 (with a fair number of twinklers) hanging on pvc candy canes. On the house itself we have illuminated candy canes reaching as high as I dared to climb, and another 10 illuminated candy canes on the deck railing. A couple of inflatables and a few lights around the garage door complete the outside. Inside, we have a 12-foot tree, large D56 village, a nice collection of vintage Santas and more garland than you can shake a stick at. The house itself has a couple of large pallets begging for an over-the-top treatment, but money and time ran out on us this year. You can see more at I’ll be adding a few more lights this weekend, and you’ll be able to see the additional lights there.
180 This is our humble lights display for 2006. After taking pics of the lights we realized that the lights are unbalanced on the house. We would love to have input on what to do with the front of the house next year. We currently have around 5000 lights on our townhouse and are planning to add more for 2007. We are planning on getting a train, animated deer, maybe snowflakes on our roof and of course adding more lights to the front of our house. Right now we have a Merry Christmas sign with 300 lights and presents under the tree in the front yard (sorry you can see this). Thanks for letting me “show off”. Until next year and Merry Christmas!!
181 My Name is Derik Thompson. I have been decorating my house and grandmothers house for years and i decided to take it to new heights. Six years ago i started hanging lights from tall oak trees in my grandmothers yard. I have done many designs such as a 70 ft candle, tree, tower of lights and this year i themed my yard in Disney, by creating a Disney castle. I started plans several months ago and it took a few weeks to perfect it, very frustrating considering i only use a Fishing pole and string and pvc pipes. You can see my displays every year in Bogalusa Louisiana. Future plans are to create New York City skyline and European land marks. thanks
Christmas music plays on our 1-Acre lot with over 15,000 lights, inflatable Santa with tree & snowman, 120 foot driveway with a candy cane Archway, Over 300 twinkling bells, Life-size Nativity set, homemade church, small chasing, dancing trees, and much more. Next year we are hoping to computerize it if we can figure it out. We wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and prosperous New Year.
Ken Price & Brenda Krone 18541 146th St. NW ELK RIVER. MN
183 This is are first year looking to double it for next year. got some cool ideas from your website looking into computerized for next year. HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE AVERYS..

184 Hi Everybody and a Very Merry Christmas from Redruth in Cornwall, England. This years display is a bit different as I have started to use cut out figures as well as just lights and blowmoulds. Its a shame I couldn’t get them in the picture as there are three wise men, a donkey and a camel that are lit with superbright diodes. I also have a Mickey Mouse that isn’t shown that I brought back from the States last year. In fact there are 3 net lights, 4 diode sets, 1 garland, 5 large and 5 small candycanes – that all came back from my stateside trip. My wife wasn’t exactly delighted about having to buy an extra suitcase to get the lights home!! Maybe next year I’ll go over and get some more… Its a shame I couldn’t send all of my pics but this is about the best one. I am looking to loose a lot of the ropelight next year and go for more superbright diodes – but I guess you’ll have to check back next year and see how that plan went. Merry Christmas to All – from the Howell Family, Redruth, Cornwall, England.
Hey Chuck, Haven’t been here in a while. Just thought I would shoot a pic over. Hope everything is well. Merry Christmas!!!

This is Jeff &Lisa Long’s House in Atco, NJ. Been doing lights along time and keep procrastinating about going computer controlled. Getting flack from the wife that she doesn’t like the on off lights, but I am going to make the call to go computer controlled next year. Have a Merry Christmas!


186 Hello. Dave and Austin Reed of 49 Long View Road Coto De Caza in Orange County.

I’m writing in reference to the holiday lighting. My 13 year old son Austin and I have worked on the house for 4 days over the Thanksgiving holiday, Our neighbors across the street and our family compete on a yearly basis, we are not the most elaborate homes but we have fun in doing the lighting , we also have (6) 100 foot strands of lights that go across the street from house to house.

Hi my name is Tony Lorio. I don’t think I have enough lights up!! What do you think. I been doing it for over 20 years and adding something new every year. I added so much that the neighbors ask if I could do there’s also. Me my wife Darleen, my son Tony, his girl friend Cherly, my niece Heather ,her boyfriend Brooks and there daughter Hailey .Started putting up the lights right after Halloween and just get finished Dec.1st.Everyone calls me the Griswald’s from the movie National Lampoon. The lights are on from 5pm to 11pm every night. Good weather I put a dancing Santa out that sings. I live at 528 Delmar Ave Glen Burnie. Every night there’s seems to be over 40 to 50 cars that come in the circle that stop and come see the lights. There’s over 1,600 sets (not sure how my light bulbs never counted them) and that’s only on my house. We put three new blow ups in the yard and four new trees we put lights on. We also added more lights in all three houses. The whole circle is lit up. You can see the glow when your in Glen Burnie. We are already talking about what where going to add next year, It’s going to be crazy! MERRY CHRISTMAS From the Iorio’S Tony Sr., Darleen, Tony Jr. 528 Delmar Ave, Glen Burnie, Maryland
Hello Chuck and all the PlanetChristmas fans from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada. Here’s a picture showcasing the front and back of our 80,000 plus light display. 36 inflatables, plastic blow mold scenes, holographic items, arches,, light tunnels and two controllers that run the front yard trees and the back yard stars bring visitors from all over our province and their guests from around the world for a look, see and exclaim.
Here’s a link to a short special about the display.

yourcity_37751.aspx. We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Cheryl and Alfred von Hollen
189 The Twins from Sherman, IL are back at it again this year! Ross and Robert call this their salute to the troops, with warmest wishes for a safe and Merry Christmas to all those selflessly giving to protect the freedom on others.
190 Merry Christmas from Gastonia, North Carolina! This is our house with 3000 plus lights. To see other views click on links!

walterb/soijdnf007-1.jpg – Side 2 of house

walterb/soijdnf.jpg – Bird Bath-Walter Burks
Here are our pics from Temecula, Ca.
We have added much more since the photos!
192 This is Thomas Steiner’s 2006 Christmas Christmas Christmas Lights At Home Disney Display in Huntington, IN., located at 841 Wilkerson Street, just five blocks from the Huntington County Courthouse. We have been decorating our yard with lights for 32 years. Although I don’t run a computerized display and don’t really plan to, there are still some elements of control to everything. We have around 2,000 lights and 110 different blow molds for this year. We cut way back from 15,000 lights last year and just went with 2,000 mini lights, all blow molds, and a couple of wireframes this year. We have 1,900-plus blow molds, but we don’t use all 1,900 in our display. We change blow molds around each season to make the display look differently. We also feature a Santa Train and Tender Car. We cut way back on lighting for 2006 due to spending more time with our lovely granddaughter, Autumn, 3 years old. We have been doing a Christmas display for 32 years. We have been featured in The Post & Mail newspaper, Columbia City, IN. We have raised over $2,001 for the Toys For Tots Campaign for 2006.We love what we do best for the community of Huntington, IN. Please check us out on the web @ www.christmaschristmaschristma
193 Hi! We were featured in today’s Sunday Marietta Daily Journal at movies are at


MERRY CHRISTMAS from The RedWines!

Over 22,000 lights at the Noble residence Africa Rd Westerville Ohio
195 Here is closer shot of some of my decorations here in Anaheim Hills California. Cheers!
Not as elaborate as some others but I have a lot of time and $$$ in what I have. Next year I’ll try and computerize plus have many plans on the works. About 35K lights up but still have just as many in the cellar and buying more after Christmas. Ron, Diane and Rebecca Doustou Presque Isle, Maine.
While I have always been one to love lights, this is my 2nd year of more than a few lights, this is also the first year that we have had cars stopping to look. I have over 10,000 lights, the tree in front has almost 5,000 alone and cycles through a six channel sequencer. We are located in Hudson, MA. Love PlanetChristmas and have gotten many great ideas!!
Merry Christmas.. This is our first Christmas in our new home, but not my first Christmas decorating.. I currently have about 3000 lights and it does grow EVERY year… I love doing this for my two daughters as well as for other families… The highlight is when people drive by and slow down to take pictures.. i found out too late about computer automation but will give it a whirl in 2007… I am looking forward to show off for next year
This is our house in Jacksonville, Florida. It has been a very busy year so we have a simpler display in 2006.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Keith and Claudia Portell
200 My first year of computerizing turned out great. My display consists of 48,000 lights, 42,500 on 64 Light-O-Rama channels. The house and large tree consists of 5 different color icicle lights and the smaller tree has 5 different colors, as well. they are constantly changing and mixing colors for a spectacular color change effect. I plan to build on it for years to come. Darrell Loftis in Springfield, Missouri
201 Here is my house. Nothing special just thought my peace sign was unique. I made it 2 years ago when the house was getting new siding and I couldn’t do anything else except the roof. It fades out and a cross fades in on the straight line in the middle. Joe, somewhere in Kansas.
Merry Christmas from the Hrusik Family in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.
203 Merry Christmas, Joey Felix. We have 20,000+ lights fully computer animated using Light o Rama software. There are 32 channels controlling our 32 mini trees, our 20 foot mega tree, and about 13 other trees and bushes in the yard. Music is broadcast from an FM transmitter from our computer so that your radio can be tuned in to listen to the lights. Here is a link please view our video:

This is our first year using Light O Rama controllers and we love it! Merry Christmas from the Donner’s – Fisherville Kentucky

Ray Donner



I just started to display Christmas lights two years ago and still have far to go but this is the end result for CHRISTMAS 2006!!!

Maria & Carol – Gillette, NJ

206 This is the Simpson Family’s first year with a computerized display. We have 12,000 lights and 48 channels. Our show, which we call, “TistheSimpsons Light Show” runs nightly from 5-10pm and is broadcast on 90.7 FM. The mini-trees and mega-tree were built by Mom who also created the sequences. We are located in Perkasie, PA. which is about 45 minutes northwest of Philadelphia. For more pictures and links to videos please visit our website: Thanks and Merry Christmas! Sally and Roger
207 This is our home in Spring Hill Tennessee. We built the cross in 2005 and it will always be the focus of our Christmas Display. This year we added the Nativity Scene and many other secular items such as the Polar Bear, Christmas Presents, Tin Soldiers and the Pink Flamingo (which is not seen in the picture). We doubled the amount of lights in the tree-line in the back of the house to 6000 lights and tripled the amount on the house. The backyard is a display within itself. We estimate to have approx. 33,400 lights overall. My wife and I are really enjoying the cars driving by every night to see our Display. A huge picture of our house was on the front page of our local newspaper and the traffic has really picked up. We have bigger and better plans for our 2007 display. Stay Tuned! We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please be safe if your traveling over the holidays. Merry Christmas, Glenn and Christina Barber Spring Hill, TN
208 Merry Christmas All!This is the Dulude Home in Leesburg, Florida. Our Dad is retired and he and my Mom have been decorating their house at Highland Lakes for thirteen years now. Each year the display gets bigger and more spectacular. The neighbors are very appreciative and they are always expressing their thanks. So keep it up all of you fellow decorators out there! What you are doing to warm the spirits of all those around you is priceless!Happy Holidays from The Duludes

Here is my house. Bought 3 years ago, and this is my 3rd year trying to drive the neighbors crazy. Just kidding. They love it, as do their kids. Located on Hansard Cres. Coquitlam, B.C., it’s on a very minor, quiet street, so I am not getting much traffic. I am sure it will change as soon as our weather gets better. In July. I have 4 inflatables, 2 on the roof, and two on the lawn. Unfortunately, I ran out of lights before running out of electricity. Next year I will have more, and will look into adding LOR or some such program. Thank you for looking, and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Safe New Year. Thank you Kyle, Janice, and Jessica. Tim and Janice Murphy, from B.C., Canada.


This is 2nd year in a row for us decorating in Slapout Alabama. We have uploaded more photos at the following link:

Merry Christmas from Alabama!

This is a house that I found while wandering around the county, I talked to the owner and took some pictures.Here is a page with lots of pictures of this house and the story behind it.
212 Stumbled on to your web site. This is the first year I’ve did the 12 Days of Christmas Theme in Wire Frame to hold up in the Shawnee, Oklahoma winds. Every year I add a another Theme to the yard.


We are celebrating 40 years of Christmas Displays and have over 2 acres decorated at our home in Pilot Mountain, NC. This is our second year here in Pilot Mountain. My wife and I retired 3 years ago in Florida and moved to her old home place where she grew up and helped her parents farm tobacco. Visitors can park and walk through the display on lighted paths with over 100 thousand lights, hundreds of figures. Computer animations with a tree that has 6400 lights computer animated to 13 Christmas songs, Snowmen having a snowball fight, Deer Jumping, Frogs Jumping, and Fish Jumping and more. See Santa’s Workshop with a life-size animated Mr. & Mrs. Claus and Elves making toys. We are located 2 miles east of old highway 52 on Highway 268 East.

We built our new house in 1999 and have been lighting ever since. In the past I used a DMX theatrical light board and cakewalk using SMTPE time code to sequence the lights to music. Last year I used 48 channels of custom built DMX dimmers .. This year I converted to Light-O-Rama and have 64 channels of LOR and 5 X-10 channels all sequenced to music on a small FM modulator. I have over 6000 mini lights, 100 C9 lamps, 60 10watt sign lamps, 2 blowups, 2 blow molds, 2 hand made wireframes with tube lights and over 300 foot of tube lights. I am sure I will add nest year. This is located at 185 Bell Road in Niles, MI

215 This is our home in Virginia Beach. We have been doing lights for years but just in the last couple of years have been adding more and more each year. Picture really doesn’t do it justice as I cant get the whole house in the pic, but this is the main part but we have more around each side and back. We have about 16,000 lights, 18 blowmolds, some wireframes and the life-size Santa on the front porch. Happy Holidays from the Wise Family.

My humble display from Media, Pennsylvania.

Wishing all a Merry Christmas.

John Bartholomeo

217 Happy Holidays from the Hayward’s in Joppa MD. We are located at 3008 West Franklinville Rd. 21085. This is our first time on PlanetChristmas. We have about 20,000 lights, 4 blow ups, a projector image (lower left), (homemade items include) 6 single archways and 1 double archway covering about 150 feet of our 350’ driveway that you drive under to get up to the house, 2 sets of 7’ candy canes, 3 large Christmas trees and 3 small trees, a round archway on the back yard gate (to the left side of the house), a 9’ 6” Christmas star (top right) and 2 – 7’ snowmen. It takes me about 6 full days to complete and covers about an acre of my property. Power to supply this display is 1 – 30 amp 2-pole breaker, 4 – 20 amp breakers and one 15 amp, with a lot of extension cords and electrical romex. As with most of us that light up the neighborhood we continue to add and change each year. Merry Christmas to all.
218 This is the first year in over 5 years that I have finally put up my Christmas lights. Just retired from the military and bought a brand new home in Hemet, CA. last year. I have been waiting for the Christmas season to put it all up. Just over 20,000 lights and people have been stopping by and taken picture. It’s great to finally be back in showing the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
219 Christmas Ranch in Texas. Our Christmas display has over 182,000 lights! You can drive through our ranch and see a Christmas train 6 foot tall, a 9 foot Frosty that spins, a Ferris wheel, a 20 foot windmill, dozens of tree made of lights, a waterfall made from over 10,000 lights, elves and many more Christmas scenes. You can also visit our Christmas display on the web at

Merry Christmas ya’ll from all of at Christmas Ranch.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2007
Katarina, Charlie. Mike, Liz, Katie, Brandon
Hoffman Estates Illinois

This is the 10th year of decorating our house. We have approx. 16,000 lights and it takes me 4 weeks to get it all put up. The pine trees are 40 feet up and to get the stars up in them I have to climb the tree to attach it. I have a lot of handmade decorations throughout the display, which you really can’t see in the pictures but look great in person. A couple of the hand made items are the wreath on the garage door that splits in two places so we can open the door and I built a ginger bread house that is 5 foot tall and has approx. 1000 lights on it. Well, Merry Christmas to all and we’ll see you next year. Frank Merhaut.

Hey everyone! We hope that you enjoy our townhouse light display in Birmingham, Alabama. This is our first year to have a “light display”. We plan on adding more stuff to it next year and will probably be adding to it every year. Well, enjoy our creation! Merry Christmas.
223 We are using LOR for the 2nd year. Our mini tree has 64 strands using 20 channels. The addition of our singing reindeer was inspired by Marty Slack. For more information, visit: Our total count is approximately 20,000 lights and 8,000 feet of extension cords.
After not decorating for about 12 years we are back! This years display features 22,000 lights, up from 8,000 last time we decorated! The garaged is converted into Santa’s Workshop with animated elves making toys and decorating a tree. In the front yard we have an antique sleigh with reindeer ready to make Santa’s deliveries Christmas Eve. All while a huge animated Santa watches closely from the front window. The back yard features a miniature forest with lots of wire form deer and trees. Visit our website at for more pictures.
Merry Christmas!
225 This is my home in Antioch, CA. Lights are a gift of beauty and to see people smile and enjoy my display is a joy to my heart, thanks to all of you for sharing your wonderful displays, MERRY CHRISTMAS, Cyn

Wizard of Winter, Orlando, Florida. 15,000 plus lights, 16 Channel LOR box. 1st Year animated.

Best Regards, Tom Badolato

227 I have no idea how many lights I have, but I know it is a lot!!! I have more extension cords than Wal-Mart!!! This is my 11th year of adding to the light display. I hope to learn more about putting the lights to music soon!!! Merry Christmas.Have a GREAT day!!! Joe LaBarbera205 Regis DriveBluff City, TN 37618

Well I’ve finally finished the display for 2006. I have home brewed a 64 output controller card and synchronized it all to Wizards of Winter. It looks Bonza. I could have done more lights this year but spent most of the time building the Sequencer and synchronizing to the music I didn’t have time to put them all up. Next year will be much bigger and better.

CU Next year!!!!

We would like to wish all our Family and Friends a Very Merry Christmas from Wallace , Shirley and Daniel
p.s hope you enjoy the picture of our tree and pipe organ
just for the smell of it… got a video of the fire truck this year… the still pictures didn’t turn out… both of us are getting too blind for our own good.
luv, llori & mr. b
OH merry XMAS!
231 This is our house for 2006. Most people seem to enjoy the shooting star and the arches over the walkway the most. I am proud of the detail and how all the lights are in straight rows. Ha talk about anal !!! We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Our address is 7964 Summerplace Dr. in Citrus Heights,Ca. Bruce&Susan
About 35,000 lights, 30,000 more in cellar. About 6 weeks to build and setup, hope to computerize (with my music I have now) next year with many plans in the works…
Happy Holidays from Ron,Diane,and Rebecca
Presque Isle, Maine
234 Are you going to be coming out with a second edition of the Planet Christmas book? If you are, I would love to be included in the book. My display is located in Cincinnati and it gets bigger and better every year. Below is a picture of it and if you need more information I would happily provide it for you. A lot of time and effort goes into it and we would love to be able to share our display with others who don’t live by.
My family has a static display just outside of Evansville IN. It is spread out over 3 acres and consist of blowmolds, hand-made wood cutouts, and lights. The plan after watching some of the displays we found in Louisville is to go to a mega tree and about 128 LOR channels. Getting started right now for next year.

Don Adams

Greetings and Happy Holidays from California Missouri! This is our second year, we doubled our lights from last year, lights on the front and back of the house. 13,000 lights total! The Lipskoch’s, California, MO.

Chuck, here are some pictures of my 2006 display. One of these days I’m going to have to invest in a better camera! J

Ken Knighton


238 Deryl and Jodie Reed have one of the most interesting Christmas light displays in the area. The Reeds have over 25,000 lights that are computer controlled to music. The Reeds live 16 miles west of Ord on the Sargent Road, and one mile north. The lights are on from 5 to 11 p.m. everyday and they welcome everyone to come see the display.
239 Chuck,20,791 lights for 2006 in Columbus, OH. Various scenes with the Nativity, Winter Wonderland, Santa’s Workshop and Santa in the Trees of Light Forest. Photo album available atπd=&wtok=vOpdLP63w7KxQlIJRVFk9Q–&ts=1166640835&.src=ph
Merry Christmas from We have 15,000 lights with 2000 feet of extension cords. This is our first year animating to music using 32 channels with Light-O-Rama equipment. We have 6 songs running nightly. We have been in the local paper and on the Radio and had a blurb in a local Magazine.
241 Merry Christmas from Rick in Millville, NJ
My display for 2006. Controlled by X-10 and Dasher software to a 7 minute loop of songs and my daughter doing the DJ bit on the recording. Broadcast on a home-built FM transmitter from Ramsey Electronics.
Russell A. Adsit
1515 W. Crestwood Drive
Memphis, TN 38119
Welcome to Weavers winter wonderland . I have made a 54 foot long and twenty foot high wooden castle that covers our house. I also made over 100 cut-out characters from all sorts of cartoons and Disney movies. Our garage turns in to a train wonderland with lighted houses. I also made a 6 foot waterfall for the jungle book characters along with two twenty foot characters for neighbors including bumble the snowman and dragon from sleeping beauty. We live in a cul-de-sac the I have created a theme for each neighbor including little mermaid, Cinderella, sleeping beauty, Madagascar and snow white the the seven dwarfs. Visit us at Thank you. Scott, Rochelle and Tyler Weaver
This is my Merry “Fishmas” lights display from Charleston Air force Base, South Carolina. This is my 1st year attempt as creating something . I used the 100 count sets of mini lights and just arranged them into the shapes i wanted. I hope everyone enjoys what i have done. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!! Sincerly, Wendy Schoonmaker
245 these are my Christmas lights merry Christmas from the Lax’s.

James Lax, Nelsonville, Ohio

Hi PlanetChristmas, our home is located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island on Frenchtown Road, this is our first year running computerized lights from Animated lighting, using LED Lights on a Christmas Tree, Broadcasting Christmas Music over 97.7 FM, and thru speakers also, this is only a part of the display that we have decorated, could not get it all in the picture, we have a small pond in front of the display, we have 9,000 lights up this year, we will be changing over to more LED Lights in the future running Animation, MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone and a HAPPY NEW YEAR, from BOB and ANNE.
Hi Chuck, hope you and your family have had a good year! Finally finished putting up the lights for 2006. We’ve had a lot of rain and it always seems to happen on weekends.
Wishing everyone all the best for 2007! Thanks. Marcel
Michael E. Histed, Horseheads, NY
This is my 5th year decorating, and my second year submitting to your site! This year we have approximately 15,000 lights including figurines. We also have finally been featured in our local newspaper, and local TV station! Look for more next year, although we are running out of room fast!!


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! This is my display for 2006 in Waretown, New Jersey. I am hoping to go computerized in 2007. I have been doing this for 5 years. I hope you enjoy it. Paul Z.
We live way down south in Slaughter, Louisiana. Our home has 42,450 lights this year, we would just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!


: “Shamrock Sensations” is located off Lake Elmo, turn onto Emerald at the Giggling Grizzly, take the next right and that’s Shamrock. I happened to come across the web site “Planet Christmas” last Christmas and was totally amazed at the Christmas displays. My original plan was to have a computerized display this year but it didn’t happen. I started buying lights on clearance after Christmas 2005. I have been collecting lights for years with a large display in mind and a dream of winning the Christmas Contest. The next step was to remove two hedges and three huge junipers and make way. My husband is an electrician and I have lots of power and at least 6 breaker boxes!!! He loves the lights and this display is a tribute to him. He was going trough chemo last Christmas and now is going through it again. Every light was put up by me and I started in November. My husband, Paul Schmittou, myself, and our daughter Bridgette Schmittou live here. My friend, Christine Edwards and I made the “mini trees” that dance to music with 300 to 800 lights each. I use a light and music controller to make them dance. The neighbor’s grandson loves the lights and came over tonight and was dancing around to the music. As a child I can still vividly remember going to Black Eagle to see the Anaconda Company’s display. They trimmed all the huge pine trees in green and red. Oh to be a child again!!! See 27 lighted trees, 2 “Firework Storm Lights”, 11 animated, 2 trains, Musical light controller, 30,000 + lights, Catch the spirit of Christmas and leave an everlasting memory for your children or revive one of your ownJJJ!!! My Thanks to the Anaconda Company for my memories and to the folks at “Planet Christmas” for being my companion during this last year. The lights are on from 5:00 till 11:00 every night. Merry Christmas and God bless you.
This is a not so clear picture at the beginning of my sons decorating for this holiday season the sides and the back of the house are done as well since this picture this is the only picture I took of it this yr and wanted to show what my son has done. the house is located in Buchanan, Michigan. The bug has defiantly bitten him. Seasons Greetings
Vic Malvo
Dingmans Ferry PA
Hi = We are Danny and Brandy in Harlingen, Texas, where only within the past 48 hours it has been below 70 degrees! This is what Danny calls ‘Year One’, and if he had found Planet Christmas before Thanksgiving, I would have been up on the roof earlier in the year, which is a proof of love since I fear heights. We used the Vendors link for almost all the stuff on the house. We used the FastTrack system for the lights running across the roof, and purchased several pieces of yardart that were firmly tacked to the roof, as well as what we like to think is wonderful color to the house. Danny’s favorite thing is the Running Lights which you can’t see in the picture, but lead up the left side of the house to Santa and Rudolph. This is our first house, our first Christmas here, and the first time in several years that Danny has not been in pain (he had hip replacement surgery done earlier this year.) We LOVE Planet Christmas Radio, and to quote Danny, who now looks at this site as his mentor, “Wait’ll NEXT year” (Mine is: “I Need to learn how to take pictures at night”)
Hello…welcome to the Flowers family Christmas house in Rochester, Michigan. We are using 575 Amps across 38 20-Amp breakers. We are maxed out and need to do another power upgrade or plan a migration to LED lights. The display currently uses C7, C9 and miniature lights. If all miniature lights were used, we draw enough juice to light over 100,000 bulbs. The main theme is “Peace On Earth”. Happy Holidays…..Norm Flowers and Cynthia Holland.
Merry Christmas from This year I have over 35,000 lights synchronized to music using 160 channels of Light-O-Rama. This is the 16th year for my display in Kissimmee, FL.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Ron Lister
Seasons Greetings from Frank Bustamante
Anaheim Hills, CA

This is the 10th year of decorating our house. We have approx. 16,000 lights and it takes me 4 weeks to get it all put up. The pine trees are 40 feet up and to get the stars up in them I have to climb the tree to attach it. I have a lot of handmade decorations throughout the display which you really can’t see in the pictures but look great in person. A couple of the hand made items are the wreath on the garage door that splits in two places so we can open the door and I built a ginger bread house that is 5 foot tall and has approx. 1000 lights on it. Well, Merry Christmas to all and we’ll see you next year. Frank Merhaut.

259 This is my 7th year decorating on my third different house . We stopped counting after 70,000 lights . There are lights inside and out . I do all of this for My wonderful Wife of 8 years , Debbie , who was diagnosed with cancer over 1 year ago. Steve and Debbie Pennington , St. Petersburg , Fla. USA.
Located in Yuma, Arizona, the house of Butch & Kim Koretz. This years display had over 100,000 mini lights and twelve computer controllers from Design Specialty . We also had over 20 wire frames and 25 inflatables, plus over 1000′ of rope light to make up the display. New for 2006 was three large computer controlled crosses and the large arches over the driveway changed seven different colors. The arches over the driveway had over 10,000 lights. The display is over 240′ wide & 140′ in depth. Merry Christmas The Koretz Family

This is our 4th big year, 100,000+ lights. 250+ channels of LOR Computer Control. Located in Northbridge, MA. Rich and Leslie Arsenault Merry Christmas, Rich


Lights for the Children. My wife and I have two children that we adopted from Cambodia. This year we have over 26,000 lights with the theme Lights for the Children. We have been doing a fund raiser for the orphanage were our two kids stayed at in Cambodia. Our house is located in Wuerzburg, Germany. We bring a touch of the American Christmas to the German people and with our donation fund raiser we bring even bigger lights in the eyes of the Cambodian Children that we help to have a little bit better life.

Hi, this is from Beverly Hills, FL. Central part of the state, west coast. Greetings from Les and Pat Tovig, 4743 W. Phoenix Dr., Beverly Hills, FL — Pine Ridge Estates. The picture leaves out about 30-40 feet of display on each side. The total frontage of display is 265 feet. I can not tell you how many lights I have, but I am running 15 seperate 20 amp circuit breakers to run the display. 75% of all items are animated by either motors or light effects. There is also a spectacular fully animated display in the garage. The display is on 6PM–9PM nightly until Jan. 4. If you can, come by and enjoy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
Hi Chuck,
a Few more from a sunny South Africa. For 2006 we have a Neighbourhood Craft Market under thousands of Christmas Lights. We and the kids dress up in Santa suits and we were very privilege to have a troop of the world famous “Kaapse Klopse” to attend and join in our festivities. We have our event broadcast on KFM for 2 days and the outcome was out of this world. We nearly couldn’t cope with all the people. Once again thank you for a wonderful inspirational site. Our best wishes for 2007 and may their be peace all over the world for each and every one.
Marius & Hetta
Parow, Cape Town – South Africa
Here are some of our photos from 2006’s Christmas showing….. It was great to have been included last year, and I love what I’ve seen on the site thus far! Doug Allen

Here is the Ahwatukee Holiday’s 2006 Christmas lights display. The display features 60,000 lights that are all set to computer animation with 256 channels. This is my second animated year, and my first set to music. You can also look for a 30,000 light mega tree next year, along with a few other surprises. You can read all about it, and watch video’s of the songs at

This is our first year with a AL 16 channel animated music and light show in years past we were static and our Halloween show was animated. we used over 5500 LED lights and 1200 feet of cord. visit to see it in motion. while it may be small compared to some we took great steps to focus and the location or all the lights and the use of all 16 channels. thanks for looking and watch us grow for next year. Best Regards and happy holidays.
Lorne, Tracy and Paris Counter
Sparrow house in Oshawa, Ontario. This is my first attempt at starting to light up my yard.
269 The Moss family House on Cape Cod in South Yarmouth. My father and I have been lighting up the neighborhood for a few years now. we have to upgrade our service next year we still currently have a fuse panel in the basement and we are maxed out but once we upgrade then all the lights will be going up. oh how much fun we will have. Any questions e-mail me at [email protected]. Merry Christmas. From the Moss family
270 These are a couple photo’s of my house that I thought might make it to your web site — let me know what you think — thanks
271 Here is our house for 2006. We have over 57 thousand lights this year. You are welcome to get out and walk thru the yards. We had so many lights we had to borrow the neighbors yard to display them all. We have been adding new things each year for 12 years. We are located on the Easter Shore of Maryland between Salisbury and Ocean City Maryland Merry Christmas
This is my home in Tulsa, Oklahoma located at 14108 E. 19th St. My display consist of around 40,000 lights and have been adding since I was was ten and this is my 10th year. The display consists of a driveway arch’s, animated wall, a steam with deer, and many others. Thank you for looking.
273 Merry Christmas From the Garcia Family in Detroit Michigan
274 Merry Christmas to all PlanetChristmas visitors! Here is our 2006 display….

This is my first new home here in Ferndale Michigan. We have over 5,000 lights and maybe add more next year. I hope you guys enjoy it. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Luis and Scott
275 This is my 6th year decorating and we have a total of 35,000 lights with 112 channels of LOR. We also have animated figures, 220 + blowmolds. We live in Monee, IL.

Merry Christmas, The Sawallisch’s

Merry Christmas from the Parcell Family in Geneva, IL


Merry Christmas from Al Zaragoza
Anaheim Hills, CA
LOR controlled 248 channels. Lots of lights. West Haven, Utah
Thanks and Happy New Year! Dave
279 Michael and Missy present Christmas in Eustis! We have over 30K in lights, 16 channels of LOR, 7 songs , 22 trees wrapped, 4 deer, 3 sets of wireframes, and a whole lot of fun! Merry Christmas from Florida!
280 Hi Chuck, Our house is located in Santa Clarita, California. We are running over 6,000 lights this year. Our display consists of C-9’s, C-7’s, mini-lights, icicles, rope, animated reindeer, blowups, snow-globe and more.

Merry Christmas!! The Lewis Family

35,000 lights and working to double 2007 Christmas.


282 Holiday Seasons Greetings to Everyone! This is the first year for us setting up a animated light display. We have close to 5000 lights and 96 channels of D-Light boards. We were featured on our local Fox News Cast and received a award from our city council here in Ferndale, Michigan. Next year hope to get a earlier start and increase the size of the display. Visit us at Jeff Squires
283 Hello. My name is Tony from Attleboro, MA. Here is my 2006 light display. This is my third year putting lights on my house but my first year submitting my display to PlanetChristmas. I have over 6000 lights and it won’t stop there next year because the numbers will grow. Happy holidays to all.
284 Happy New Year everyone!!!! Our 2006 display featured 51,928 lights, 128 LOR channels, 8 km of wire, etc, etc. We raised nearly $5,700 for the Canadian Cancer Society. More info and videos at We hope you all had an excellent Christmas, and wish everyone a great 2007. Dan, Cindy, & Kyle Lagerstrom
Greetings from the piedmont of North Carolina! Don’t have a clue how many lights we use, we just enjoy the results. We just started doing this last year and won “best decorated” in our neighborhood. It seemed to inspire others in the neighborhood, because we had quite a few join in on the fun this year. Happy Holidays from Ben, Katrina and “Buster”.
286 Here’s my lights for 06. Total of 6375 lights. (last year i only had 2700). Next year I’ll have the 32 channel light-o-rama package and I’m already syncing the lights I have and am getting to music using the demo version (might as well get a jump on things). Next year I’m planning on jumping from 6375 lights to 19975 lights with a handmade wooden Santa and moving reindeer for my lower roof powered by a drill on slow speed and a ton of other things (my daughter calls me crazy).

Here is my townhouse in Birmingham, Alabama. We have roughly 5,000 lights and we are already planning for next year! We hope that you enjoy our humble display! Merry Christmas and thanks for letting us show off!

288 Merry Christmas from Gwyneth of San Diego, California.
Merry Christmas to all! 100,000 static light walk around display with window displays and new age, jazz, and classic Christmas music that truly brings out the Christmas Spirit in all who interact with it. Christmas in Winter Park continues to draw 50,000 plus visitors. My lovely wife Betty is in remission on her cancer and is doing very well. Visitors this year included Ron Lister and of Kissimmee and Gilbert Ramos with their computerized displays from Kissimmee and Goldenrod area of Winter Park.This picture is from Orlando Sentinel shot at F8 with a Nikon D2 on tripod using a wide angle lens to give the full view of the display. We are also listed in Chuck Smith’s Planet Christmas The World’s most extreme Christmas Decorations, Collins & Brown ISBN 1-84340-325-0. We wanted to post earlier in the season but just to busy with work and being a traffic cop along with maintenance of display. As usual, Thanks to all our visitors and Chuck Smith and this remarkable web site. Bob and Betty Petersen.
290 2006 was our first year animated. We had a grand total of 22,000 lights and 30 strobes. It was controlled with 144 LOR channels. It ran at 72 amps when everything was on. Most of the decorations were grabbed at flea markets or scavenged from the trash. Thank you PlanetChristmas for being a great place for all us wacky Christmas light people to gather and share ideas. God Bless! Dawn and Jeff Millard, in Maple Shade New Jersey.



Hi Chuck! Our first computerized display (Thanks to PlanetChristmas). Over 100,000 lights and 250 computer controlled channels. We did six synchronized songs and even my 13 year old son did one! We had such a good time and made many new friends. We look forward to Christmas 2007!!! Kevin Thomas, Christmas in Kent

Hi, I have just been looking at your site and I love it, I have attached some photo’s of my house to be added to your site. I am very new to this and I find it a bit hard as I don’t have a lot of room, because I have a high fence at the front with a swimming pool. This display took me and a friend weeks to do as I kept changing my mind about where things should go and if I should use white or coloured lights Well this is the end result, and we were very proud of it. there are many thousands of fairy lights, I don’t like to use lots of rope lights, as I think they are to bright and take away the magical feel of the fairy lights. I love the fact that from the start of December we have so many small children coming and sharing their delight with my house I also dress up as Mrs. Claus every night and a friend dresses up as Santa, as we live on the Gold Coast in Australia our outfits are made of cotton and are short sleeved. I hope to get some idea’s for next year from your site. I Love it Christmas Rules. Margaret Books
MUSIC, MOTION, AND MERRIMENT. Newport Beach, California is home of the annual “Christmas Boat Parade”, known as one of the ten best Christmas viewing events in the country. This award-winning house with over 25,000 lights, located on Balboa Island in the middle of the Newport Harbor, is viewed by thousands of visitors who came by car, by foot, and by boat! This is the first house in Newport Beach to use a personal computer to synchronize the lights to dance with the music! Ten songs are programmed (including “Jingle Bell Rock”, “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, “Sleigh Ride”, etc.), to create a fantastic light show with the lights twinkling, shimmering, and dimming, to the songs. Eighty separate electrical circuits draw 11,000 watts of power are all utilized in the show. For the computer to control the lights over one-half mile of electrical wire was added to the display. It takes approximately 5 hours of programming for every 1 minute of song. Synchronized shows are scheduled every 7 to 10 minutes apart. visit
296 Our synchronized Christmas display is dedicated to celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our 2006 display included 13,000 lights-with chasing candy canes, a “Remember Jesus” sign, 2 arches, LED tree, and more! Visit for more information.
297 hello this is my 4th year i have much more that i didn’t even use i have a 6000 watt generator too it is awesome i add some every year and i just mo0ved to a new house so it’s gonna be off the hook next year. i made it in the cranberry eagle and butler eagle this year. so have a great year and you’ll see me again thank you
298 Hello PlanetChristmas. Our house is located in Amherst, ohio. We have decorated the house for the last. 6 years. We have 5000 lights on our house due to shortage of power, 58 amps( not for long). We have 25 strands of C-9, 11 reindeer,1 sleigh, and 20 sets of mini’s. Planning more for next year. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Thank you Chuck. Brian Bowmman

299 Happy Holidays from Billings Montana! We decorated 2 houses with 56 Channels of LOR! The display raised $250.00 for the Montana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s association! The Kelly Family and Fay McCoy.
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