Showing Off 2008

We were definitely Showing Off in 2008!

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Hi Chuck. Here’s a picture of  my yard and a link to a video.

thanks joel


My name is Dan and my wife and I,
along with our two children, love Christmas! And even though in the
realm of static displays, ours ranks small (with 3,100 lights), it’s
still something we’re proud of. Plus, this year, we are collecting
donations for the Food Bank in our area! Merry Christmas and happy new


Happy Holidays from Omaha,
Nebraska! This is our 6th year of decorating our house for Christmas.
Every year our display has grown, this year we are using 112 LOR
channels and 25,000 lights. Again this year we have our display
synchronized to music. More photos and information about our display can
be found on our website

We wish you and your family a
very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Jeremy & Melissa Vanek


Merry Christmas everyone. Here is our Large Poloron Nativity that
centers our display. We live here in Saint Joseph MO. Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year


Home of Alan, Kim, Aubree and Derek Jones in Torrington, Wyoming a small
town of about 6000 people. 11,675 lights were on the house and in the
yard including incandescent C-9’s, mini’s and LED’s. Controlled by 32
channels of Light-O-Rama. Display includes a small nativity, Charlie
Brown, Linus and Snoopy around a Christmas tree, Blow mold Snowman, Blow
mold Santa and a Reindeer Parking blow mold.


Merry Christmas from Oshawa,
Ontario once again this year our display has grown. We broke the 3000
light level this year. This display shows what you can do with a small
yard. For the first 2 weeks we leave the lights on solid. Starting the
beginning of December we turn on the music and light controller. To see
more pictures of the house and eventually other houses in Oshawa go to

We wish you and
your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! From the


Hello and merry Christmas from the Ranchuk Family.. This is our house
located in Burlington Ontario.. We have about 11200 Lights and add more
every year.


Hello from Sydney Australia,

Attached is our Christmas light display made out of all rope lights.
Kids enjoy walking through our outdoor room and to their surprise it
might snow in Sydney.

Merry Christmas From Down Under



Here is our house this year.
25,000 light snowman made of multi lights, 4’x8′ American Flag done with
C-9 bulbs, and 30′ tall Triple LED Mega Tree. Video soon to come


Merry Christmas! We are located
in Corunna, Michigan. This year we have 5,750 lights spread throughout
our front and back yard. We hope you enjoy this years display and you
can check us out on the web at

! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Ziola’s!


Hi Chuck, this is Craig in
Roanoke, VA. This is my 3rd year of computer controlled lights that are
synced to music. This year I have almost 31,000 lights, 112 channels of
Animated Lighting. The size of the display has just about doubled every
year since I started it. About half of the lights that I use are LED.
More information can be found at
Hope you all have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


This house is located on Balboa Island in the middle of the Newport
Harbor, California, which is home of the annual “Christmas Boat Parade”,
known as one of the ten best Christmas viewing events in the country!
The house has over 26,000 lights and is the first house in Newport Beach
programmed with a computerized light show. Lights are synchronized with
the music to twinkle, shimmer, and dim to ten different songs including
“All I want for Christmas”, “Jingle Bell Rock”, and “Sleigh Ride”.
Ninety six computerized channels control the lights and show. For the
computer to control the lights over one-half mile of electrical wire was
added to the display. It takes approximately 5 hours of programming for
every 1 minute of song. Synchronized shows are scheduled every 7 to 10
minutes apart. A new addition this year is a computerized sign, “100th
Boat Parade” sign! The award-winning display has been on national
television, and in several newspapers. Visit


I attached a picture of my home.
Did lights for the first time using c9 on the roof and mini lights on
bushes. My home is on Long Island NY. Let me know if more info is
desired. Thomas Webster


45,000 led’s 32 channels of computer control in Sachse Tx


Merry Christmas from
Taggs Candy Cane Lane ! This our forth year here. Last year was our
biggest year ever. With the addition of L-O-R we received A ton of
traffic. We were featured in our local newspaper. We also made two of
the local news channels. The traffic on our street was backed up every
night. This year we added 16 more channels of L-O-R, more peppermints
and candy canes, 800 more lights to the mega tree, and a new son
Anthony. We didn’t get to add as many lights as planned ( We have twice
as many lights in storage as we have on the house). Cant wait for next
year. Come see us at

Merry Christmas from Robert , Lynette and Anthony Tagg. Mayfield Hts.


Merry Christmas from Central
Illinois. The Little’s Light Show and Display for 2008. We have over
38,000 lights on 128 channels of Light-O-Rama controllers. This is our
3rd year of our display synchronized to music. This year we have added a
train, ferris wheel and 4 leaping arches to our display. More details
and photos are listed at

Thanks to my wife, mother and grandson Kody for all their help.


I have over 50,000 lights up on
three house in my neighborhood all set to my music and run by LOR. I
will again be collecting can goods and new for this year I will be
collecting for backstoppers. They help out families of Police and
fireman that have been killed in the line of duty. more video and
information can be found on my website at


Chuck, here is our home for 2008. 160 channels of Light-O-Rama and over
45,000 lights. We are running 4 songs an Intro this year. This is the
18th year of lighting for us (4 years for light-o-rama) and we enjoy
every moment! Marc and Deb Hansen LaVista, Ne


I enjoy Christmas displays and
technology alike. In previous years my house was viewable and
controllable via the internet. This year I decided to take it small
scale. Now you can have an entire miniature village under your control.
The site is:
playing in the village while listening to contemporary Christmas music
on Noelcam Radio. The site is available 24×7 until January 1st. Thanks
for allowing me to send my submission, I am nailed to your site every
Christmas. Thanks for providing it. -Sean


Hi Chuck, My name is Billy Kloos, I am 14 and I put up this display by
myself. We are finally done with our 2008 display! This year i kept
count of the lights while I was putting them up and the grand total came
to 114,372 lights. We also have 7 blow ups and over 100 other various
yard decorations. This is our fourth year putting up lights and we get
more and more every year. This year we had a local electric company
install 9 20 amp dedicated lines giving me a total of 180 amps of
electricity. We are located at 13 Sterling Court in East Brunswick New
Jersey. Thank You, The Kloos Family. Merry Christmas<rte_text>


Hello from Sydney
Australia, First I would like to say Merry Christmas to everyone 🙂 Kids
love to come and take photos in our sleigh and walk around we add more
each year but we have still not set up everything.Raymond


Here is my house 15,000 lights most so far ever for me.




Merry Christmas everyone. This year I started early November to get the
display up and running. Not everything is perfect yet but will be soon.
I’ve added more this year (mega tree, inflatables,etc, etc). I’m up to
about 40,000 lights so far. Mr. Christmas will be running this years
display. Just seems too much work to program {for now}. I’ve added 2
extra 20 amp breakers just to keep up with the power we use. Thanks for
the website. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. The ADAMS family,
Clayton NC. If anyone’s in the area. ENJOY


Hi Chuck, Attached is a picture
of our home in Milford Connecticut. This year we featured 40,000 lights.
You can see more of our home at
Thanks! And a Merry Christmas to you and everyone else at
PlanetChristmas! All the best, Chris


Happy Holidays from
Stafford, Virginia!
This is an image of J.D. and Jinha Harrington’s holiday display called
Stafford Lights. It has 48,600 red, green and white lights that are
controlled by 304 Light-O-Rama channels. The display is broadcast on
103.9 FM. We’re located at
112 Meadow Lane, Stafford,
Virginia and visitors can see the display Sunday
through Thursday from 6 to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 6 to 11
p.m., and on Christmas Eve and night, from 6 p.m. to Midnight. For
directions, visit
Happy Holidays!


Visit Larry & Rachel Charpiat’s
Pilot Mountain North Carolina
Christmas Extravaganza. December 2008 will be the 42nd Year for our
Christmas Display (4th year in NC). It gets bigger and better every
year. The Display will be lighted starting Thanksgiving night November
27, 2008 to January 1, 2009 every night from 6PM to 10 PM. The display
is located 2 miles East of
Old Highway 52 on NC Highway 268 East. We
decorate approximately two acres where you can park your car and walk on
trails to view the thousands of lights and hundreds of figures through
Santa’s Enchanted
Forest. See Our Animated Windows, Santa’s
Workshop; Snow Baby’s playing in the Snow and Mickey’s Playhouse (New
this year). See Computer Animated Displays and a Talking Christmas, Tree
plus much more. The display is free. For pictures and more information
visit our website on the internet at

Santa’s Workshop Area of Pilot Mountain Christmas

27 Merry Christmas from White Settlement, Texas. This is our first year
animating the lights. Our display consists of 64 channels, 14,070
lights, 20 foot mega tree, 3 arches, and a number of wireframes. Our
display was written about in our community paper this last week. Display
will run from 1 – 31 December.

Hi Chuck, Here is a picture of
the 2008 Cook Family Christmas display. It features 392 Dimmable
Channels (All DIY) that control +- 80,000 lights. We’re located at:
10732 Honeynut Drive, Charlotte, NC 28277. Our display dates / times
are: December 5th, 2008 – December 30th, 2008 from 6:00PM – 10:00PM Each

29 Hello, this is the Holden house in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This is the
third year I have submitted my house. We have over 5000 lights, animated
reindeer, 5 airblown inflatables, and a picture projector. Enjoy, and
Merry Christmas!!!

Hi Chuck, Here’s the beginning of my display this year. I’m surely not
the biggest of the bunch, but it’s still fun. Enjoy, and Merry
Christmas! Corey, Freeland, MI<rte_text>

31 Not much to say. Enjoy!

Attached is
an outdoor picture of our 1738 C9 lining the driveway and inside front
yard, and the 1200 mini lights on each of 10 oaks along the driveway.
Attached is also an indoor photograph of my new mantel centerpiece.
Nothing but giant 16″ pine cones sprayed gold, and miscellaneous old
artificial tree limbs. Thank you for the ideas!



This year we
have up 15,000 lights and have added a new blowup. We also added a
musical Christmas tree. Merry Christmas from Sugar Land, Texas.


Would like to
Wish Everybody out there and of course our Men and Woman serving our
Country A Merry Christmas and Happy New-year

From Mike and MaryEllen of Everett Mass.

to see more
pictures and video’s go to My Space and type in

[email protected]

in the My space


Our display is located in Taylor, Mi. This is our 7th year and the
display has grown to 36,000 lights. All the lights on the house are
synchronized to music. We have over 100 decorations in the yard and on
the house with over 35 that are motorized/animated. New for 2008:
animated dolphin, animated sea lion, animated mailbox, animated penguin,
and a parachuting reindeer, and penguin hot air balloon that are
suspended above the yard. Also new for 2008 is a Virtual Santa
projection system that brings Santa to life.


This is our house in Ramsey, Mn. We have roughly 20,000 lights and
several decorations. This is our first year of doing this and hope to
add more next year. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Chuck, Here
is a picture of my house in Fremont, WI. There is 15,000 lights, 7
inflatables which are hard to see and some extra decorations. Have a
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Shaun.


Merry Christmas!! This is our
3rd year submitting to PlanetChristmas and love it. Here is our 2008
Display. This year we added a little bit, but we rearranged everything
and it looks great. We are located in a small town in Eastern Oregon. To
view more pictures and video, visit our website at

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Matt


This our 2008
display at 8016 Upton Circle N. in Brooklyn Park, MN 55444. We have
60,000+ lights this year. Many new animated displays with some of the
lights connected to pre-programmed music box. The display will run
nightly from Thanksgiving through New Years Day. There is much more to
see than what this picture shows. This is the main core but some of the
whole display flows into the neighbors yard.


This is our first year of decorating our new house in Trempealeau, WI.
We have 6,300 lights in our display this year. Merry Christmas! Sara and
Scott Pastryk


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone!


We are located on Hillsdale
Ave., in Greencastle, Indiana. While viewing our display turn your radio
to 107.5fm, and watch the lights dance to the music! This year, 2008, is
our first year to be computer animated with LOR! For more pictures and
information regarding our display visit us at

43 We are back again for 2008. Our lights are hung and burning! We really
love this time of year. What better way to show it than with Holiday
spirit. This year we are displaying 18-20k lights.(i lost count) The
kids are the real inspiration. They enjoy our lights and seeing others.
We want to wish everyone at PlanetChristmas a very Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year!! Brad, Stacy, Rylie, and Evan Hollar. Morgantown, WV USA


Here’s my 32
channel system. First year doing animated.

Thanks, Mike H, Broken Arrow, OK


This is the Yehling Family display located at 326 Vonder Ln, Geneva, IL
60134. It consists of 20,000+ lights, 9 reindeer, sleigh, Santa, angels,
drummer-boy, snowmen, blow-molds, trees, a train, and much more. Happy
holidays! Glenn Yehling Geneva, IL 60134


The Toole’s Christmas Display 2008. We’re in Wells, Somerset. The
South-West of England UK, near the Roman City of Bath. This year we are
using a 16 channel LOR to control the mega tree. Reindeers, mini trees,
Trio of Trees (Gemmy) etc. Most are 110v which we use step down
transformers to run on our 240v Electric supply. We hardly never have
snow here these days, but i make sure that we do by laying 300 metres of
polyester wadding (Fake Snow) and it really does make a good job of
fooling people. We’re using all LED lamps, coming in at around 16,000
lights. We’re also using for the First time a virtual Santa, he was a
huge hit last night with our Lights Switch on, where 250 people came
from the neighbourhood to count down with us. The BBC came along also to
switch on the lights. Everyone enjoyed beer, mulled wine & mince pies.
The night was a huge Success, and lots of money was raised for the
Salvation Army. We will continue to have a collection during our light
show over the holidays until Jan 5th 2009 for the Salvation Army. People
can tune into 89.2fm to hear the lights which run nightly 5pm-10pm We’re
located at 18 Manning Close, Wells, Somerset. BA5 2XT, England. Enjoy
the holidays, and here’s wishing you a safe, healthy and prosperous New
Year 2009!!! Paul Toole & Family


Hello all from Hiram,GA here. We have around 5,000 lights this year and
are very please with the result! We are located at the corner of
Morningside Dr. & Arnold Lane, down the hill on the right. Hope everyone
has a wonderful Christmas season!!!


Christmas form the Hendrix family in Riverview, Florida 2008. It was
hard to take this photo we have music with flashing lights!


Merry Christmas from the Roberts Family in Andrews, Texas. For our
second year, we’ve added much more color to the show. Last year, our 50′
Mega Tree debuted with 38,400 Clear and Multi mini’s. This year, we’ve
increased the tree to 60′, added 51,200 red and green mini’s, as well as
red and green C7’s to the house. Another major addition is DMX stage
lighting to our porch, two including moving yokes, a laser, and eight
1200 fog machines. We’ve moved (and expanded) the nativity scene to
front and center, and to feature it during Elvis singing the Battle Hymm
portion of his American Trilogy, we have a 102′ guy line covered with
clear minis extending from the Nativity Star to the manger. The 32
channels, each with a full 25′ string covering 2.5′, create a ‘beam of
light’ to guide the three wise men to Jesus. We’ve kepted the dogs and
“Yellow Snow”, and added “Disco Santa” from Holiday Express. Four foot
tall “N O E L” letters during the YMCA spinoff portion of the song get
the crowd moving. Our county commissioners, in co-operation with our
neighbors across the street, have provided bleachers to make the
experience even better for onlookers. Raising money for charity and
making children smile is priceless. Randall and Kandi Roberts


Well, my dad worked tirelessly
again this year for over 110 hours get his house decorated for Christmas
again this year @ 793 Pinemont Ave, Port Coquitlam – as always – he did
an outstanding job. He has over 50,000 lights and lots of characters and
gadgets he’s made up so that the kids can push buttons to turn on more
lights. My dad is one of the most selfless, kind & thoughtful people. I
know I say it each year but we are so proud of him and are privilege to
know him. Each year he is outside setting up his display despite the
weather and does it only to bring joy to other people who have the
opportunity to see it. We are so grateful and appreciative that he does
this for all of us! Thanx Dad!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!! We will be having our
Annual Hot Chocolate & Picture Nite with Santa on Sat, Dec 20th from
7pm-10pm. Please come by and enjoy complimentary Hot Chocolate & Picture
with Santa. Please visit his website @
All Donations to the BC Children’s Hospital. Signed Proudly, Carol, the
Xmas Guys Daughter)


Hello and Merry Christmas from
Hendersonville, Tn. From all of Us at the Hamlett Family wish all a safe
and Happy Holidays.


This is our first year of
adding animation. It has been quite a bit of work, and LOADS of fun at
the same time! 10000 animated LEDs with 80 channels of Control, along
with approx 1500 static lights and the “token” blowmold Santa! We had so
much fun with this even lit our backyard, and have a spinning LED indoor
tree! For more info please visit
William and Kim Morris, Glendale Az

Hi, thought you might like a picture from outside the USA too! Merry
Christmas! Andy, Milton Keynes, UK.
54 I’m a newbie to planet Christmas. I’ve been setting up a static display
at my house for about 10 years .I Purchased a GE lights and sounds of
Christmas for my first animated display this year. Went from 10
inflatables in 2007 to 18 in 2008. My theme for this year is a candy
cane theme. I have about 12000 lights. I live in West Boca Raton FL MY
address is 18415 Tapadero Terr Boca Raton Fl 33496.

We live in Downers Grove
Illinois. At 6305 Barrett street. We love Christmas and love to decorate
the inside and the outside of our house, Christmas is a big deal in our
house. We really enjoy family coming over and friends and neighbors
knocking at our door wishing us a Merry Christmas. From our home to
yours we wish you and yours a truly merry Christmas and a safe and happy
holiday season. love Trish, Ashley , Chris, and Brandon Black. Merry

Visit our website


Hi, Love you site. I am on it all year long. Just had to submit some
pictures this year. Attached is our home from Spring Texas. One during
the day and one at night. Merry Christmas to all. Thanks. Debbie


This is my
3rd year of decorating my home. 7500 lights, 2 blow ups, and 4
characters. We are located in Delray Beach Fl. Merry Christmas.


I would like to added to the showing off page. My display is located at
1312 E. Jade Dr. Chandler, AZ. It has about 22,600 Mini-lights that
dance to music w/o using computer control. I have 5 air-blown
inflatables and three yard cards. The show runs every night from about
5:30 PM to 10 PM. The nights I stand outside and take song requests are
Friday and Saturday nights. All other nights will run automatically with
a song playlist. My videos are at: Thanks
for looking.


Hi all christmaslightfanatics!
Here comes a picture from Sweden. Its my second year running a animated
lightshow, this year to music! Almost 16000 lights on 149 lightstrings
are up. I can rotate the colors between white, red and blue. This year I
also tried to make the “leaping arches” which I have seen on some sites
here is US, I got a great result I think. I used 800 goldcolored LED’s.
For more pictures and movies visit my homepage at:

Merry christmas! / Niklas Adolfsson


Happy Holidays to all, Hi we
are the Speakman Family. We live in Soldotna Alaska. This is our 4th
year putting up lights. This year we got to 52,000 lights. We purchased
the Gemmy Light and Sound show this year to give it a try and their
Icicle lights. It is holding very well with over 1/2 the yard on it. In
the future we plan on bigger and better shows. We make all our own trees
10 big, 12 small. Our MERRY CHRISTMAS was made out of wood. This year we
really hope to win our City of Soldotna lights contest, through the

If your in Alaska feel free to come on by 138 Farnsworth, off the Kenai
Spur Hwy behind the Salvation Army. Enjoy, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW
YEAR The Speakman Family


My display changes themes each year; this year I have 51 mini trees that
vary from 3 to 6 feet. display is red, white, and green; 18,000 mini
lights and over 500 C9 big bulbs with 100 feet of garland. Merry
Christmas to everyone for the 2008 season from Colorado Springs. Alex


Our display is located in Troy,
Michigan. I don’t know how many lights we have, but we have a one
hundred amp service and I’m using most of it, utilizing six 20amp and
three 15amp circuits. We are still doing a non computer display with
animation and airblowns, nine total. Would like to wish everybody out
there a Merry Christmas and Happy New-year…from Mike and Margaret
Downes. To see more and a video go to our website:


Happy Holidays from the Hayward’s in Joppa MD. We are located at 3008
West Franklinville Rd. 21085. This is our third year on Planet
Christmas. We have about 50,000 lights, 4 blow up’s, a projector image
and most items are homemade since we set over 350’ off the road it has
to be large to see what it is. It takes me about 4 weeks to complete
(still adding more) and covers about an acre an half of my property.
Power to supply this display is 1-30 amp 2-pole breaker, 7-20 amp
breakers and 1-15 amp, with a lot of extension cords and electrical
romex. As with most of us that light up the neighborhood we continue to
add and change each year. Merry Christmas to all!Thank you, the
Hayward’s in Joppa MD.


Thanks Chuck.
The Display is called Christmas in Reno. Leon


Static this
year. Computerized next year. Merry Christmas everyone from the Yost

66 Happy Holiday’s from the Howard’s in Maumelle, Arkansas. This is our 6th
year to decorate. We love Christmas and we really love Christmas Lights.
We have mainly a static display boasting +20,000 Lights. Our backdrop of
Snow Flakes are controlled with Light-o-Rama. Merry Christmas everyone
and Happy New Year.Our Contact Info: Kyle Howard

Hey and Merry Christmas for mesa, AZ. I have been decorating my house
for 8 years adding a little every year and now were up to a mix of
around 15,000 multicolored, white, icicle, C9, and LED lights with a few
reindeer as well. Love decorating it, hope you enjoy! 😉 Ben Hagner.


Merry Christmas from the Mills
family in Bowling Green, Ky. This is the first year we have gone this
far with the lights and my wife, Carol, is a little nervous that I have
caught the bug. My son, Devin and I (Robert) put approximately 3500
lights on the house. We originally connected them to the 6 channel Gemmy
Holiday Lightshow and couldn’t figure out why they would quit working (I
guess I blew it up). So I went back and purchased the 12 channel unit
and it works fine (for this year). After seeing some of the amazing
light shows out there, I have decided that starting in March 09 I am
going to switch up to the LOR system. There is a tree in the front yard
where the branches don’t start for around 40ft and I think it would make
an awesome candy cane. You can view what we have done this year;
If you need to find us we are at 549 Denali Street, Bowling Green, Ky.
Just off Veterans Memorial Blvd., behind the water park. Thanks so much
and have a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!! Robert


Hi we have done our house up this year with led lights and have added
more for a brighter merrier Christmas. Hope that you all have a merry
Christmas for 2008 from all of us here 12 Concorde place St. Clair
Sydney Australia nsw


~~Happy Holidays~~ Hi- we are a family from Buffalo MN. I am sending
some pictures of our light display for all to enjoy. The lights flash to
the beat of the music, which my husband has hooked up larger speakers
to. The neighbors love that! Anyway we used to do this every year
something we enjoyed as family. Then we had a death in the family and
made this kind of sad to do. With time passing and healing we now are
getting into this again and as before it is a way to spend time as a
family doing something together. We used to have about 45,000 lights and
we sold or gave away everything at that time now I haven’t counted but I
think it looks pretty good for starting all over again. Hope you enjoy
the lights and thanks for your time. The Erickson family wishes all a
very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Mike, Nadine, Mike Jr,
Tiffanie, Stephanie, Jordan and Grandpa Bill. For those who would like
to drive by our address is: Erickson’s, 1705 15th Street ne,


My house has just under 7000 lights and 16 Light-o-Rama channels. About
15% of my display is static this year. This is my first year with
light-o-rama, I plan to add at least 32 more channels next year. Richard
Lammers, Omaha, NE


This is Dave and Kates static display in Livonia , Michigan. We decorate
both the front and back yard. Merry Christmas !


This is our light display this year…the cluster on the left are 6
reindeer and a Santa sleigh..Not sure of the number of lights a few more
than last year at least 18k…closing in on Griswold numbers!! Merry
Christmas to all from the Muise family!!


We live in Downers Grove
Illinois. At 6305 Barrett street. We love Christmas and love to decorate
the inside and the outside of our house, Christmas is a big deal in our
house. We really enjoy family coming over and friends and neighbors
knocking at our door wishing us a Merry Christmas. From our home to
yours we wish you and yours a truly merry Christmas and a safe and happy
holiday season. love Trish, Ashley , Chris, and Brandon Black. Merry

Visit our website

75 here is a pic of my display for the 2008 Christmas season. i have a 12′
Santa, 7 inflatables; light house snowmen arch race car, star 22′ in the
air, 5 spiral trees, 4 deer, 2 skating ponds, 150′ icicle lights,
helicopter landing on roof with landing lights, lots of pathway lights,
and adding more all the time. i switched to led lights this year and
added lights n sounds of Christmas box’s (4). i plan on putting at least
30 strings on my roof next year with another controller box, if i don’t
go to a light a rama controller. this display is in Spokane Wa 1203 e
kiernan thanks for looking Tom Knapp

Extreme Christmas in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Mark and Kathy Hyatt, 11201
nw 14 street, plantation acres, Florida 33323, Here is a Youtube Video
of our Christmas Display this year:


Hi PlanetChristmas, I am sending 2 picture’s of the display this year
because the display is so huge, our home is located in East Greenwich,
Rhode Island on Frenchtown Road, this is our third year running
computerized lights from Animated lighting, using LED Lights on a house,
4 arch way’s over the drive way, and also running a skiing polar bear
display with animation, we have 3 animation display’s going this year,
Broadcasting Christmas Music over 97.7 FM, and thru speakers also, we
have a small pond in front of the display, we have 4.6 acre’s of land
here to decorate, we are doing a little more each year, we have 22,000
lights up this year, we will be changing over to more LED Lights in the
future, you might even see SANTA and Mrs. CLAUSE here this year, MERRY
CHRISTMAS to everyone and a HAPPY NEW YEAR, from BOB and ANNE and Grace.

78 Hello everyone, and Merry
Christmas. My name is Summer Fern, and I live in Lawton, Oklahoma. What
in the heck do I do with the candy canes?? If anyone has a suggestion,
please email me

[email protected]
. Thanks.
Happy Holidays!!

Chuck here is a picture of McKenzie Family Christmas. I have about 15000
lights 18 inflatables. My theme for 2008 is red & white candy cane. Hope
every one has a Merry Christmas. And a Happy New Year. My address is
18415 Tapadero Terr Boca Raton FL 33496. Thanks Charlie McKenzie

80 My name is Paul Berzins from Painesville Ohio. Here are some pictures
and a video* of my Vegas-style light show I put on at my parent’s home.
My show is bigger than ever this year with several additions since I
last presented my display on this site in 2006. Our front lawn has been
transformed into a grove of fireworks and palm tree lights that put on a
perpetual fireworks finally all evening long throughout the holiday
season. The fireworks lights, which are by far the main attraction of my
display, stand from nine to twenty feet tall and have explosive
diameters from six to sixteen feet. There are also life-size coconut
palm tree lights which give a taste of the tropics here in the Northeast
Ohio snow belt. The newest additions include the 15-foot tall palm tree
and a new electronic firework. The display also has some old favorites
from yesteryear which include a 15 foot tall candy cane and a animated
train. Bright cascading white arches shine vividly at the entrances to
our circular drive. Our home has kind of become a holiday landmark with
this unique one of a kind light display and is known well throughout the
area. The display has also been aired on Cleveland’s Channel 3 News two
years in a row. Each year, like roller coaster enthusiasts eager to find
out what new attraction awaits them at their favorite theme park, the
neighbors are always excited when they see me start putting up the
display the day after Halloween. They are always trying to figure out
what I new piece I am adding to the display each year, though I like to
keep it secret for as long as I can to keep everyone in suspense! Enjoy
the pictures and video and have a very happy holiday season.
81 Merry Christmas from the Mulville’s in Yuba City, California

I have attached a photo of the
static version of our animated display in Cincinnati, OH.


David Peterson

A Colter Christmas


Hi, this is
the Jay house in Omaha, Nebraska. I am Brian, and am 19 years old and I
do all of the work myself. I am normally working late into the evening
since I have such a busy schedule. This year I have 10520 lights on my
house, and no LEDs. Hopefully next year I will have more time to put
more out.


Our theme this year is “Crab
Encounters of the Christmas Kind” because we wanted to support the work
that the Chesapeake Bay Foundation is doing to clean up the Chesapeake
Bay. Since 1990 the Chesapeake Bay crab population has been reduced by
70% so we wanted to do our part to help out in order that there will
always be “Crabs for Christmas”. We’ve incorporated a couple of David
DeBoy’s popular Baltimore Christmas songs into the display along with a
couple of other surprises. The show is professionally announced and runs
for 20 minutes. You simply tune to 88.7 FM and listen to the broadcast
and fun announcements while you watch the computerized lights flash to
the beat of the music. We feature the following songs in our display:
Crab Encounters of the Christmas Kind (Crabs for Christmas), Blue
Christmas (in honor of the Chesapeake Blue Crab), Aluminum Christmas
Tree, and Silver Bells. The highlight of our display is Crab Encounters
of the Christmas Kind where our blow-up characters act out their parts
to the song, and we have an extraterrestrial visit by a very large …
well, you’ll just have to see. Our 2008 show began on Thanksgiving Day
and will continue to New Year’s Day from 5PM to 9:30PM every night. You
can visit our website at
So if you are close to Pasadena, MD come enjoy the fun at 8371 Sail
Circle. By the way, most of our lights are energy and environmentally
friendly LEDs.


Here is our display in Chula Vista, CA, just under 12,000 lights and 32
LOR channels this year and we have begun the conversion to LED. My
daughter calls the people that come to enjoy the lights customers. Merry
Christmas. Thank you, James Bryant


Hi Planet
Christmas! Happy Holiday’s from the Museum of Science and History in
Fort Worth, Texas! Our Christmas tree this year is titled under
construction due to our grand re-opening come 2009 of next year. It is a
15 ft. Tree which is now showing in the “Link” which is the first new
section of the museum completed and opened to the community. I hope you
enjoy it and please come visit! Happy Holidays!


Hello from Livermore CA. This is my first posting. We are very happy
with the display this year. 18-ft tall mega tree with almost 3000 LED
Lights. I love Christmas, and I love decorating. Raymond A. Fassett


7,500 lights
and growing. Merry Christmas from Port Charlotte, FL.


My Christmas lights display in Quakers Hill ,Sydney Australia. This year
I have around 10000 lights and have introduce approx 20 rope light
motifs to my display. All the cut outs I have made myself using patterns
from the Winfield collection and currently total around 40. Its hard
work but rewarding. Regards Chris Collier


1723 Savannah Dr, Fort Smith, AR 72901. My 2008 Christmas display is
entitled “A child’s Christmas” includes; 44 characters, 36 trees, 12,000
lights, 4 ft star 40 ft in the air, juggling snowman, and one naughty
elf on the roof. 90% of the entire display is homemade in my workshop.
My daughter calls me her “Christmas Daddy”. I have filled the yard and
started on the roof, so next year it looks like it’s time to start going
upward. Jeremy Ganes


Breton Lights 2008. We are in
Folsom, CA and this is our 3rd year doing a light show. This year we
have 48 Light-O-Rama Channels, almost 21, 836 lights. Major changes for
this year include 4 water fountains – sequenced to music, a “snow”
machine, and the collection of non-perishable food items for Twin Lakes
food bank. All the details, as well as videos, are at

Thanks! -Mike Breton

92 Greetings from Midland, Texas! This is Ricky and Lucy Thames’ 2008
Christmas display. This is my 11th year of decorating and my sixth year
on Planet Christmas. Below are a few statistics of this year’s display:
Lights – 52,243; Amps – 200.59; (Animation – 125.1 amps peak, Static –
75.49 amps) Installation time – 194 hours; Extension cords – 244; Length
of extension cords – 5830 feet; Watts – 24,070; Timers – 20; Three-way
taps – 62; Spotlights – 15; Strobe lights – 34; Circuits – 18; LOR units
– 10 (152 channels); Cat 5E cable – 599 feet; I started putting out the
lights on October 5th and had the grand lighting on Thanksgiving night.
New in my display this year is shooting stars, radio station, Sea
Monster wire-frame and six 5′ PVC stars on the roof. The lights change
colors from clear, red, and green. This year we are collecting canned
goods and toys for the local Soup Kitchen. We have been featured on all
3 local TV Stations this last week. We have a lot of traffic every night
looking at our display and taking pictures and video. Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year!

This Christmas almost didn’t
happen because Mrs. Claus had a major fall November 1st and broke her
T12 in her back. So Santa is calling for all you “INNER ELVES” out there
for a lot of help. The “Lighted Gingerbread House” with more than 85,000
lights. Santa & Mrs. Claus will be here so check out our website for
dates and times. Kids will get a candy cane, tell Santa their wish list,
have photos taken and can drop their letters in the Santa mailbox. Our
4th Annual Christmas Toy & Food Drive in full swing so bring toys & food
for the donation barrels. Donations accepted here & thru our website –
We accept cash, checks and credit card donations on the website & on
location. To see our updated Santa Schedule dates & locations see

Santa is for hire for corporate and private parties and you will receive
a 100% tax-deductible receipt because hiring Santa goes to help out our
non-profit and toy & food drive. Our donation barrels are in 10 stores –
Safeway, Food Maxx, Rite Aid and Longs Drugs. Santa’s goal for Christmas
2008 is to get a Suburban or large Van for our Food Bank Ministry. On
our website you can click on links to TV interviews – The 12 Daves of
Christmas on Channel 13, KCRA3 and My58, all in Sacramento. Thank you in
advance for your help and have a Blessed Merry Christmas!! – From
Pastors Daniel and Mary Gromer, Destiny Faith Center, 4025 Diane Drive,
Antelope, CA 95843, Phone 916-332-3447 or 916-335-8566


Here is a picture of the
Palombo Family house for Christmas 2008. This year is our first year
decorating in this fashion as well as having animation. Last year we put
up clear light strings on our topiaries and had two deer with clear
lights setup in the front yard. In 2007, my 4 year old daughter
commented that our lights were not as pretty as the others in the
neighborhood. This caught my attention and I decided to act upon her
comment and challenged myself to give her something special for 2008. I
immediately thought of the houses I had seen on the web showing their
dancing lights to music. I did my research and planned my display from
December 2007 until I turned on the lights on Thanksgiving night. The
best part is that my daughter and I go outside every night to watch the
show before she goes to bed. She is even commenting on songs to use for
next year. All the time, effort, and money involved to pull this off has
been worth it. I even surprised myself with the results. This picture is
only a still shot with about 3/4 of the lights on. Please visit

for more information and videos.


This home is in Plantation Fla, well over 120,000 lights, all walls are
covered and a 1/2 acre of display. We have been doing this for over 20
yrs and collect for local charities, we hope you enjoy it as much as we
do. Christmas in Florida Hyatt style! Mark Hyatt


I promised our 2 boys that since we didn’t do the haunted house for
Halloween, we would go crazy for Christmas. Boy, did I back myself into
a corner. Took about 50 hours total over the course of 4 days. Here’s
the technical info: Our 2008 Christmas display features approximately
25,000 lights, approx 60 old-style plastic figures, including many
vintage figures up to 40 years old. Santa and his nine reindeer are
launching off the roof toward their next house. Spotlighted are vintage
carolers and a life-size animatronic singing Santa. We even have a fresh
layer of snow! The display is spread across 5 separate electrical
circuits (2 dedicated) with digital timers and pulls 4,447 watts/ 37.8
amps. We have the display on Dec 5-Jan 1, 7 days a week, 5:30-10pm.
Weather permitting (rain may cause GFCI blackouts!) For those of you
that are local, please come by and see us! 5172 Huntswood Circle La
Palma, CA 90623

97 This is my display for 2008 in Woodson Terrace MO. (Saint Louis) I have
a little over 5000 lights. I made the Merry Christmas sign on the roof
from your link. I keep adding more every year. Happy Holidays, Mike

Happy Holidays To All, It is
that time of year again and I have setup my Christmas Extravaganza 2008.
This year I have built a Bi-Polar Spa. This is a indoor water part for
Penguins and Polar Bears. We had raised $250 last year for the Hemby
Children’s Hospital in Matthews, North Carolina. It took the me and
Santa’s Helpers 201.5 man hours to set up this year’s display. There are
56,413 lights with our other favorites like Santa’s Castle, Gingerbread
House, Santa’s Train to name a few. Click on the following link and
enter the Christmas 2008 site to view all the spectacular view (select
SLIDE SHOW for ease of viewing).

I would like to wish you all and your families a Happy Holiday and a
Wonderful New Year. Nikita


I would like to submit a couple of pictures of our 2008 Christmas
Display. This is our 15th year of putting up our Christmas Display. It
has steadily grown over the years along with our children, and has
turned into a Family event every year. We have slightly over 34,000
lights, approximately 150 yard displays, most of which we have made
ourselves. Our three children have made something for our display every
year since they could scribble on plywood. It has become a crowd
favorite as visitors walk through our display tracking the yearly
progress of our kids artistry as the have grown up. We have a snowman
who blows life like snow out of his top hat, dancing snowmen that wobble
and sing Santa Claus is Coming to Town. All of our front windows (5)
have some sort of animated display in them. Also, Musical bells, a
parachuting reindeer, Flying Angel and much much more. Thank you, Jerry
Pinola Santa Rosa Ca, 95401


Merry Christmas from Sheridan, Indiana; just 15 miles north of
Indianapolis. For several years we have decorated our house for
Christmas, but this is the first year we set the light to music. We have
11,000 lights using 32 Light-O-Rama channels, with the music broadcasted
over 88.9 FM. The display is a combination of our two son’s 4H project.
The eldest built the FM transmitter for his electric project, while the
younger boy wrote some of the sequences for his computer project. We
have a collection at the end of our driveway for contributions to the
local food bank. We plan on taking what we learned this year and
building on the display next year, as the boys build a LOR controller
for this year’s electric project. Ron and Nancy Powers


Tim & Jackie Puppe Greetings from Rochester Minnesota. We have been
adding lights every year, this year there are 11,573 lights. already
planning for 2008! Love the website, thanks!


Hello, This is my house out in the Bay Area of California . Hope
you all like it Happy holidays


Christmas to all, from the Schultz family. 52,000 lights with 112


Hi there and Merry Christmas! This is the display my brother and I do on
our mother’s house in Louisville, KY. My brother and I are 25 and 23
respectively and have been doing this since we were 15 and 13. We have
approximately 25,000 lights and over 100 blowmolds! Enjoy! -Casey Wagner


We are located in Covina, CA. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All.
The Aclans


Here’s our
Christmas house lit up for the Christmas season. There are about 12,000
lights on the house with a couple of snowmen skiing , ice skating rope
light structures 10′ tree with train, and nativity in front. Hope to go
computer controlled next year! thanks for such a great sight. From the
Breese’s of Canton, Illinois


Hello from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, This is our display which
received a highly commended award in our local competition this year.
The display consists of 20,000 lights. Around 8500 of the lights are
hand painted with glass paints to create an artistic and colourful
display. Our children love handing out Christmas lollies to all the
visitors that come around and really enjoy the atmosphere and spirit of
Christmas. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and fantastic 2009. The
Ford Family


All 9
reindeer, including Rudolph, are flying up into the sky. The display
started in Wisconsin, but was relocated to Cedar Hill MO.


This is our home in Arlington, TEXAS. We love the Christmas and
decorating our cul-de-sac home gets the neighborhood in Christmas
spirit! I really love the site and thank you so much for all the great
ideas! Merry Christmas everyone!! The Lubin Family


Hi Chuck, We’ve setup our first
synchronized light display. I say first because this year we are using a
16-channel controller with a “monster brain” and 99% LED lights (some of
the static items are non-LED). Last year I used the GE
Christmas-in-a-box. I’ve attached a static picture and the video can be
seen and downloaded at
Many thanks and Merry Christmas! Glen Pierce, Sterling Bryson, Surf
City, NC


Hello From the
Schrimp / Guerena Family of San Juan Capistrano, CA. This is our 14th
year of decorating. We like to do things a little different and do not
like to have the same type of decorations that you might see at another
home, so we custom build 80% of our decorations. We have over 25,000
lights, falling snow, 3 dozen animated characters, a 10 ft. tall
drumming toy soldier, a 12 ft. tall Ferris wheel, and so much more for
all to enjoy. New to this years decorating is a laser light show that
runs all night. We hope everyone in the area can come by to enjoy our
contribution to the holiday spirit. 31142 Via Cristal, San Juan
Capistrano, CA. 92675



Is our website. Lights of Modesto is a computer controlled Light-O-Rama
house that takes Christmas lights and seasonal decorating to a whole new
level. All of our controllers are built from scratch with hours, weeks,
months, and years of programming and construction put into the annual
show. If you’re looking for a house where you can view lights from your
car, this is the one for you. Turn your car radio to 92.3 FM and watch
as our commercial grade lights dance to the music. Merry Christmas!
thanks =)

113 Attached are three photos showing the lights along the Rio Grande
Southern Railroad of North Carolina, my live steam railroad used to haul
firewood. The train is on the large Dogwood Trestle bridge. Thank you,
Robert Herronen, Randleman, North Carolina, Builder, Rio Grande Southern
RR of N.C.

Showing a
little Xmas Spirit in Sunny San Diego. 48 Channels, All LED lights.
Domes on top of tree contains Hundreds of crystal lights and take 8


Hi Chuck,
Happy Holidays to you and your family as well as everyone in the Planet
Christmas World. Here is a picture from my display this year. I had
thoughts of giving up on doing a display but I guess it just in my
blood. It is really fun to hear the children and their parents comment
on the lights. It gives you the warm feeling inside. Have a safe and
happy holiday season. Jon and Carol Fiedler Ellicott City, MD.


This is 5yr old display in
Hastings, New Zealand. We have over 31,000 lights and the bubble machine
is a hit with the kids. We are also the home of
An On-line community of lighters from New Zealand. Merry Christmas to


Hello, Here is our 2008 Candy Cane Christmas House located in St. Louis,
MO. This is our 4th year of decorating. We’ve made it to about 75% LED.
Hopefully next year will be 100% with computerized lights. That’s our
goal. Thanks for letting us show off. Our house is located at 5505
Oakville Heights St. in South County St. Louis.


Hi Chuck, Here’s my submission.
Hi-Res version here:



Merry Christmas! Dave Severns, Sunnyvale, CA


Hi Chuck, My name is Wayne and I’m attaching a picture of our house,
located in Whiting, NJ, displaying our Christmas Light Show. This is our
second year and we have graduated from a 16 channel system to a 32
channel system with approximately 10,000 colored/white lights and two
standing deer. We programmed our show with four songs, one from Mannheim
Steamroller and three from Trans-Siberian Orchestra. My wife and I spent
from October to the middle of November stringing the lights and making
the necessary zip cords need to attach the various lights to the
controller boxes. All of our neighbors have been anxiously awaiting the
new show for this year, we’ve gotten quite a lot of positive feed back
and our dead-end street has seen more activity since running the show!
Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and health New Year
from the Asonys!


Mele Kaliki Maka from Kalaheo, HI 96741. Simple display with mixed of
inflatables, wire & molds (some 25+yo), mixed (50%) of regular bulbs &
led’sthis year is 26yrs for our display for all the children on Kauai,
very easy to find… GPS point for the 25ft lighted Xmas tree = N 21d 35’
40.61” W 151d 31’ 41.18”, if you don’t see from Kaumualii Hwy then you
are LOST… Aloha/


Christmas from San Marcos, CA. Here are pictures of the outside and
inside of our home. We have about 28,000 outside lights with assorted
blow ups, blow molds, and animatronics. The inside is decorated with
Santas that we have collected over 30 years. Christmas is our favorite
time of year! Brad and Denise Bradshaw<rte_text>


Holidays from the Myers Family. Military Housing only allows a few
decorations to go up, one day I hope to have a house when I retire to do
it big like the rest of you. This site is wonderful and always cheers me
up. Seasons Greetings and thank you for your support of the military.


Christmas from Bullhead City AZ. This is our second year, and we
growing larger every year. If your in Bullhead City look for us
on Patillo Dr. Merry Christmas Aaron


Hi Chuck: This is Michael
Wright in Fayetteville. Wanted to say Merry Christmas and hope all finds
you and the family well. Also, My first cookbook AT HOME WITH MICHAEL:
MY MOST REQUESTED RECIPES came out November 8 and it has exceeded our
expectations. I was wondering if you might say something about it in the
PlanetChristmas community. The book is now profitable and I am now able
to donate some of the proceeds to charity. You my also review my website
That is where my book may also be purchased. Hope we can work together
as I will add a link for PlanetChristmas to my website. Merry Christmas,


Hi Chuck. Emailing you this
years photo of our display in Birmingham, UK. This has been collected
over many years and is set-up by a 17 year old lad (me) and his
girlfriend. This year we are doing it for Charity. More pics and
information can be found at

We hope you like our efforts. This is definitely our best year yet!
Bring on 2009! Cheers, Dave


Dale Woodall, Pickford Point,
Madison MS. 40,000 lights on 200 LOR Channels. for details, go to


Thank you for allowing me to be
a member. I trying to start a online business selling inflatables. It is
here that I noticed in

under ‘plus’ your PLUS2009 was not listed. I’m looking for ward to
seeing this in KY. This is a trip for me is from one end of IN to the
other .and ‘over the river’. When my site is running I would to be link
to yours. Again Thanks for reminding me about keeping the joys of
Christmas year round. Merrily yours Joe Olenik


Here is one photo of our home.

Randel &
Tatyana Gilmore


Hello from the yard of Alfred
and Cheryl von Hollen in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada. Our 2008
display includes more than 8o,000 LED lights, 74 inflatables, and four
nativities. Two controllers animate twenty artificial trees in the front
and twelve stars in the back. There are numerous static displays of blow
molds and inflatables. Thousands of visitors park their vehicles and
walk the pathway that encircles our home. Our town designates the lane
behind our home one way during the light display hours. We collect food
for our local food bank and are featured on radio and television as well
as the local newspapers. Please click on this link to take a tour of our

Have a blessed Christmas.


Seasons Greetings! I thought that our giant reindeer should be on your
site. My husband built it out of PVC pipe and it is 16′ tall. The head /
neck unit is animated and moves back and forth. The reindeer is located
in Boulder Creek, CA. Here is a picture of it we took this morning for
our Christmas card to send out this year. Cheers! The Ellis family


is our 2008 static display. We finally attempted the mega tree –
14 ft with 2000 LED’s – a success and a bit hit in the
neighborhood!! Our display has several themes throughout
including, several cut out’s from The Grinch, as well as an
arctic scene with a river, polar bears, penguins, etc. The
display has 21,000+ lights up from 8,000 last year. Hope to
animate next year! Merry Christmas!


8000 Lights (mini, rope, C9,
flood) 64 dimable channels (REN-C + Grinch) 10W Sterio amplifier and
outdoor speakers Vytautas Ziukas


This is my
fifth year. Not much has changed since last year. Added a blow up Santa
and a few more animated deer. About 6000 lights now. The worst part
about this year was I broke my ankle leaping from the roof. I learned
that isn’t the quickest way to get off the roof. Either way I finished
it with a cast on my leg and in crutches! Merry Christmas from Dave and
Windy in Clearwater, Florida 2008.


Here’s some pictures of my house, I have been doing the lights now for
25 years and add on every year. I live so close to BWI airport that I
have to call them so planes don’t think it’s the runway. there’s over
2,000 sets of lights ,That’s right I said sets. Mickey Mouse ridding a
train around the yard, yard blow ups, and you can listen to Christmas
music in your car on 87.7 or hear it playing through speakers in the
yard and watch some Christmas lights beat to the music. Some nights
there is over 200 cars a night to see the lights. I also do the
neighbors house’s to and to the festival of lights. The lights are on
from Dec. 1st to Jan. 1st 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm. 528 Delmar Ave Glen
Burnie, Md 21061 [between La Fontaine Bleu and Harundale plaza , off of
5th Ave] Tony and Darleen Iorio


Christmas from Pennsylvania! Here is our family’s house for the 2008
holiday. Every year I try to add a few more lights. This year I added
four dedicated 15-amp GFI circuits just for Christmas lights alone. I
tried to get as much of the house in as possible. This year, I decorated
the deck and the shed. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a safe
and healthy New Year!!! David Reiner


Chuck, I
would like to submit my pictures for the 2008 showing off section on the
site, This is my 3rd time around doing this, It’s More or less the same
with exception of replacing standard bulbs for the brighter and much
nicer led lights in a lot of areas. I just want to share my holiday
spirit and wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Martin & Cindy Hodgson ,
Bayport NY


This is our first year running Light O Rama animation on 40 channels.
Our display includes a 15 foot mega tree and strobe strings on the
house. We are very proud of our display; so much time and love made it
possible. Merry Christmas everyone! Tyler


Merry Christmas from Slapout
Alabama! Our display this year consist of a 15ft mega tree with over
6,000 lights. For more photos please visit:



This is our
6th year of lighting up the block. This year we have over 18,000 lights
with 1,700 lights on the tree in the back yard and 2,800 lights on the
chimney. “Hoppe” Holidays Micah Hoppe, Camarillo, CA


Happy Holidays from Kenosha
Wisconsin. This is our third year with an animated display of
approximately 25000 lights. Our newest display addition this year is
Morris. As a kid, I often listened to Morris the Moose by the Peppermint
Kandy Kids. This years show included his theme song. The 2 pics I’m
including are one of the house and one of Morris. Here is the youtube
link as well if you’d like to hear this awesome song:

See you again next year. James
& Carri Kiehl


Clem P. Vinas
of Potomac Falls, Virginia, Happy Holidays.. been decorating for the
last 15 years


Dear Chuck, I’m glad to send
you my web site
the number 1 in Europe with its 232,728 lights and LEDs and with 248
channels. Happy Christmas to you all! Max Goglio from Italy


Hi – hope you
are having a great holiday season. I have attached a photo of the
display – we call it “Christmas in the O. C.” This is our first year
doing animation and the response has been overwhelming – with the p.
With over 15,000 lights, 5000 feet of extension cord and 80 channels,
the lights in the O. C., Oak Cliff Texas are officially dancing. North
Oak Cliff is in Dallas – 75208. Featured are dancing candy canes, 70
feet of chasing garland, a firework palm tree, smoke puffs from the
chimney, and a parachuting Rudolph! The show runs on Sunday – Thursday
nights from 5:30pm to 10:00pm and Friday and Saturday nights from 5:30pm
to 11:00pm. Thanks for allowing us to show off!


We have over
20,800 lights. I made a 15 foot Megatree with 2” Pvc and it has over
4200 lights. We have 16 Minitrees that have 300 to 600 lights. I have 2
Polar Bears that are skiing down a steep hill in front of the house
along with 3 11’ Pole Trees at the bottom. We have many Deer and other
decorations scattered throughout the yard and front porch. Next year I
plan to do Light o Rama as I ran out of $ this year. We are located at
424 Anna Mattison Rd. Oxford, AL 36203 Scott.


Chuck buddy! Our house was
recently shown on a local ABC news cast and then aired on Fox and
Friends National TV morning Show and ABC World Television worldwide. We
are over 45,000 LEDs and counting daily on 288 AC channels and 16DC
channels. We have had an estimated 1200 vehicles Friday night, 1600
Saturday night and about 1400 Sunday night. Tour busses out of Syracuse
are now bringing people in from miles around and I have been receiving
fan mail from as far away as Vancouver Island, BC and Europe. You can
visit us on the web at
We just want to spread the word!!!


JD Schuck

Katy Texas


This year we felt it was important to go out of our way to make the
world laugh when designing this Hawaiian display of lights because so
many in the world are so depressed this year. While sitting this silly
display up people stopped and said “Thank You” to us to putting it up.
Thank you for putting up a Christmas display? That just made us cry so
we decided to add more to this tropical celebration of life holiday
display. We replaced some lights with tiki torches and silk red and
white flowers to show our support to conserve energy this year. This
year we have tiki gods to protect all from despair this holiday season.
We have pink flamingos to signify life is just peachy even when doom
glooms over us. We have palm trees swaying in the winds to show change
is coming. We have all sorts of crabs, sea horses, and tropical fish
swimming in lighted kelp along the display’s outer edges to show that
sometimes all we need to do in life is just go with the flow. We have a
Christmas fire breathing dragon wearing a Santa hat to say to all those
who have lost their homes in the fires these past few years you have not
been forgotten. We have frogs leaping for joy in the background to say
things will not last as they are now there is joy in the world. Of
course we have HULA GIRL in the middle of this telling all that none of
us are strangers in this world but instead we are all friends just
waiting to meet. And we put a huge sun over her head to show Christmas
does not have to have snow … Christmas is where the heart is… Over
head on the roof we have Santa on a Jet Ski with his bag of good stuff
for the world to enjoy. And also in big letters through out the display
are signs which reads “MELE KALIKIMAKA” which means Merry Christmas in
Hawaiian. This Hawaiian light display is our gift to the world to show a
change is coming just hang in there people. We have tried to get this
whole display in pictures but can’t seem to get it all in so these are
just some pictures we took of it this year. To get a good laugh you must
see this in person…


Merry Christmas! This
is our fourth year decorating for Christmas. Our display feature
lots of different decorations but our favorite is our blowmold
collection. Our house is located at 1111 16th Street North in
Princeton, Minnesota. I would love to hear from other Christmas
decorating enthusiasts. Please email me at

[email protected]
Thanks, Nathan, Amy and Aaron Morton

149 My name is Wayne and my wife, Carol, and myself have put together a
musical light show to celebrate the holiday season. The show consists of
approx. 10,000 lights and perform to the songs ‘Joy To The World’,
‘Wizards In Winter’, ‘Christmas In Sarajevo’, and ‘Oh Come All Ye
Faithful/Oh Holy Night’. We live in Whiting New Jersey, there’s an
attached picture of our display. Thank you for your time and have a
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We don’t use computerized light shows or airblown inflatables, just
50,000+ lights, some animation, a few blow molds. Merry Christmas from
the McCall’s in Archdale NC


Here’s our
place in Fredericksburg Virginia for 2008! Howard


Merry Christmas from Mike &
Tami Medhurst (aka – Greeley Grizwalds), Greeley, Colorado. Our display
has over 108,000 lights, and are on nightly from 5:30 pm till 10:00 pm
from the day after Thanksgiving through New Years Day. The display is
computer controlled with 240 separate light channels. The lights are
synchronized to music. The music is broadcast over a low power FM radio
transmitter. In the yard there is over 20 animated decorations. There is
a Santa’s Workshop that is 12′ long with 3 windows and 9 animated elves
and Santa. The giant tree stands about 48ʼ high. 10 multi color and
clear arches, 36ʼ feet wide, span the driveway. 26 separate red, green,
and clear sections cover the roof along with five 11ʼ tall trees. The
yard and house is also decorated for Halloween (the month of October)


Chuck, Here
is my display in Ruskin, Florida. This was my first year using the
animated Light display system. Thanks to Jeo Frelin, Paul at animated
lighting and Ben Debrocke in Riverview, Florida for their support in
doing the animated jump, I have 13,500 lights this year. I also need to
thank my family for their support in getting this set up and my brother
Steve for his patience with me during the placing of the lights. The
c-9’s the the GE C-9’s that really help in calculating the amps for the
controller. Next year I hope to add to the light total as with more
channels. I had 16 channels with the animated light system. Maybe 32 or
48 channels next year. Have a great Christmas from sunny Florida. The
Klieger Family


Merry Christmas from the
Ransbury’s in Powell River B.C. We truly enjoy your site and have been
coming in here for inspiration for the past few years. This is the first
year we have submitted a picture and we realize we still have a long way
to go. We started a small web site this year mainly for family and
friends but please feel free to take a peek and share any input. It can
be found at
We also enjoy decorating inside and that we start in early November.
Thanks for All Your Great Work. Please keep it going. Herb & Franca


Christmas from Minnesota, we live in Golden Valley a suburb of
Minneapolis, and have enjoyed lighting up for 18 years. Each year I say
this is the last but the thank you cards and comments through out the
year keep us going. We have a large tree in our yard so we actually have
two separate looks to our display.


Christmas from The Shumans! This our 4th year of having the
neighborhoods biggest light display here in Pickerington, Ohio. We hope
to have even more next year! Merry Christmas from Justin, Kris, Pappy
and Chuckie!

157 Hey Chuck, we’ve been
decorating our home since 2001 when we first moved in and as the years
have gone by it’s become more and more of a crowd favorite. Each year we
add or change something just keep people guessing. However, this year
means a lot more to us. This year we are collecting donations for a very
dear friend of the family. 7 Year old Jessica Liggat-Wilcox is battling
a very rare form of Brain cancer and she is only the third person on the
planet to deal with this kind of Cancer. So this year we are collecting
donations to help with the Families Medical bills and Expenditures.
Merry Christmas — visit us

The Norris Family

Christmas to all, from the Bill and tara 50,000 lights with 144
channels, 3 hours of synchronized music. Thanks to Christopher from
Atlanta for taking the picture. Bill Learning

159 Hello, This is our house from Toronto, Canada. We use about 45,000
lights and have been doing this for about 6 years. We would like to wish
everyone a very Merry Christmas to all!Tony De Freitas

We have been
lighting up the block for 7 years now. My 9 and 13 year old sons help
get the display started the week before Thanksgiving. This year we are
just shy of 20,000 lights. I like creativity and went with a simple
theme; red, white and green lights. We put 1,700 green light on our tree
in the back yard to give the house some depth and 2,800 lights on the
chimney (my personal favorite). The wooden trees in the front yard our
hand made as is the “Hoppe Holidays” sign above (our last name is
Hoppe). The wreaths are all hand made and wrapped with lights. The 6
poles in the front of the house are wrapped with strands of red and
white multi channel light that have been wire-tied together. The white
lights twinkle and fade in and out to give life to the display. The
Angels are new this year and they twinkle as do the snowman. The
twinkling gives the house a great effect. The lighted trees are made
from upside down tomato holders. This year we put 1000 lights on the
X-Mas tree inside the house. Every year we add more and more and the
best part for me is the bond with my sons as we work together putting up
the display. Our neighbors really enjoy the lights as well. I get
comments like, “we look forward to your lights every year” or “Your
house looks better every year”. Seeing families and children enjoy our
display makes the hard work pay off in the best way. I love it. I hope
you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy putting up the lights.
Season’s greetings, Micah Hoppe and the Hoppe Family


So I upped it
this year and went partly animated… Using a few chaser controllers to
animate the spiral trees, and another one to alternate green candy canes
w/ green c9’s outlining the yard to red candy canes with red c9’s
outlining the yard. Also decided to put my theatrical background into
use by projecting snowflakes onto the garage – 500w in itself! Added
some blowups (inside the gate unfortunately); and a total of 8,400
lights! Merry Christmas from San Jose, California!


Hi. Here we go again for 2008 Christmas festivity. We are from 11
Lebanon crs Mulgrave Australia and we love to add lights to our house
and give that special Christmas Spirit. We take about 6 weeks to
decorate and put all the lights on. This year we have 35.000 thousand
lights plus motorizing items, they are home made and from USA. We also
collect money for Make a Wish. We wish to all a Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year


I have only
been putting up lights for the last 4 years and for the last 3 years we
have had a Christmas Light contest. I am hoping that this year I can win
the neighbor best lights prize.


Happy Holidays from
Savannah, Georgia!
This is my first year of decorating our house for Christmas with
Light-O-Rama controllers. This year we are using 48 LOR channels and
~41,432 lights, and next year once GA Power runs me new mains I will go
to 336 channels and ~400,000 for the house. Photos and information about
our display can be found on our website

. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
David Peabody


Chuck – Here is a quick picture
of our display this year. The static photos don’t do it justice. More
info/videos/pictures can be found at

. We sponsor Toys-4-Tots yearly and last year had more than 1800 toys
and $800 in cash donated at our home for the program. Happy Holidays to
you and the rest of PC! Cheers, Joe.


Greetings and
Merry Christmas to everyone, and a big thanks to all who are serving and
who have served in the armed forces. A big thanks to you all! Our
display is In Davenport Acres in Ludowici, GA. It has both static and
animated displays. Many inflatables also. We are running 80 Light-O-Rama
computer controlled channels with about 10 songs. Show runs About 30
mins then starts over. Hours are Mon-Thurs 6pm-10pm and Fri-Sun
6pm-11pm, Does not run if raining. We have many lights, how many i don’t
know. Will have to count them some day. Come on by and enjoy, Tune your
radio to 99.3 FM to hear the music and watch the lights.

167 The Davis Christmas Wonderland, near Jacksonville Ark, This our 8th year
setting up the display & we have over 100,000 lights, this year. I enjoy
setting the display up, then watching as the folks drive by slowing
enjoying the lights. We call it our wonderland, cause its a wonder we
get this many lights working at the same time. Its our Christmas gift to
everyone. Merry Christmas!!!!!

Our house is decorated with animated lawn ornaments, musical Christmas
trees, and thousands of lights..Neighbors stop by every night and view
the display. We received a letter from one of our neighbors saying that
we have “captured the essence of Christmas”. Have a wonderful Christmas
and Happy New Year! The Tarantino’s


Chuck here is a picture of my cubical. I used 4260 lights, pulling
almost 15 Amps from several places around the office. We do this every
year but this year I put up a few extra lights!


Chuck, Please place the attached pictures in your showing off section on
Planet Christmas. Thank you, Don Bixler


Stephen Blue’s 2008 Tacky Light
Display in Deltaville Virginia – over 55,000 lights, with a 20’ mega
tree, 2x – 15’ semi-Mega Trees, and more than a dozen 10’ PVC trees to
form a forest of lights. A real boat (with lights, of course) sits in a
pond of lights, fed by a running river of lights. Penguins sit on an
iceberg of lights nearby. Numerous other figures and features are spread
over the 100’+ wide display. For more pictures, visit


Trans-Siberian Orchestra –
Boughs of Holly. D-Light. Aurora. 96 channels. 6 ACx16s. 50,000 lights.
1 Firefly. 7 inflatables. 2 blowmolds. 10 songs total. Christmas
Where does our Christmas spirit come from? It started when I was a
little girl. My mom was always very into Christmas, but she would never
decorate very much. I was always fascinated with the Christmas trees
that we got. I would lay under the tree and gaze up at the beautifully
glowing lights. As I got older, I would decorate my parents homes, and
then when I moved to college I had as much of our tiny apartment
decorated as possible-with the theme of those beautiful glowing lights
that would remind me of my childhood. My husband and I would watch
National Lampoons Christmas vacation and I always told him “I want that
to be us! I want to be incredibly decorated!” But he always told me
“then you get out there and do it!” Finally last year, GE came out with
their lights and sounds. My husband being a programmer, bought it for
me. And that is where the addiction started for him. We had a nice
change from our normal Christmas’ that year. But my husband wanted more.
So, unbeknownst to me, he started searching for ways to make a larger
scale than the GE offered. And he found D-light. He spent the entire
year-from January all the way through October of this year-buying and
soldering controllers and gathering Christmas items and lights. Then on
October 6th, he presented me with a van full of stuff. There were lights
and animated sculptures, bells and wreathes. I was so excited! We
started decorating that day and it took us until the middle of December
to finish. So why do we spend what our friends call “so much time and
dedication” creating this massive light display? Aside from the little
girl inside of me that says “more of those pretty glowing lights!” we
want to bring the Christmas spirit back into an area that is losing it.
Local news stations are reporting that as a result of the economy,
people just are not decorating. And indeed we can see the results. Very
few people have decorations up outside at all. We have had two big
viewings of our display this year so far, with a third lined up tonight,
and the reactions we are receiving have made the months spent well worth
it. “You have made my Christmas, thank you so much!” “I cannot decorate
in my tiny apartment and you just brought the Christmas sprit our for
me, thank you!” “This is unbelievable!” are some of the comments we are
receiving. We also decorate big inside. There are lights everywhere, on
top of the largest real tree we can fit in our house-10ft. I have my
Christmas village sprawling along the backside of my living room. We
aren’t stopping here-there are grand plans for next year and people
can’t wait to see them! Tara and Chris Barr


My display consist of over 140,000 lights, neatly arranged in a winter
wonderland theme. I’ve been decorating my house for over 15 years, each
year adding something new. I have 19 blue spruce trees with white
lights, that grow each year. This year I had to add 22 boxes of net
lights to cover them. I have many figurines, including, deer, angels, a
red nose Rudolf leading the other 7 reindeer pulling Santa on a sled,
Santa ridding bicycles, Santa in a model T pick up, a projector showing
Christmas videos, a 4 ft man in the moon with a Santa hat on 24 ft. in
the air, Santa fishing with fish jumping out of the water, and many more
decorations. I’ve won several local contest with this, Thanks
PlanetChristmas! JIM & SHIRLEY COREY 1411 LAKEWOOD DR.,AMELIA,OH,-45102


Sorry for the blur, it was snowing as the picture was taken. I did
manage to get to 9050 lights total in this picture though.


Sorry for the blur, it was snowing as the picture was taken. I did
manage to get to 9050 lights total in this picture though.


Tim & Jackie Puppe. Greetings from Rochester Minnesota. We have been
adding lights every year, this year there are 11,573 lights. already
planning for 2009! Love the website, thanks!


This is our 2008
Christmas display in Pawtucket R.I. indoors, and outdoors!! Usually my
father decorates the inside, and I decorate the whole outside! you can
see more pictures and videos at,

or contact me at

[email protected]


Merry Christmas from Royal Palm Beach, Florida. We love Christmas in our
house with our four kids and have always decorated inside and outside.
We discovered Light-O-Rama on the Internet last year and it was
definitely for us. We have 80 channels and approximately 38,000 lights.
We have created 11 musical light routines and are still working on more.
In addition, we have some static lights creating our “pond” where the
deer can get a drink of water. Tinkerbell highlights the back left
corner of the yard sending her pixie dust up to the palm trees. We hope
to be bigger and better next year. We have put our house up on You Tube,
just search for Sleek Family Lights. Enjoy. Jeff and Jessi Sleek


Merry Christmas to all from the
Fuller Family in Clayton, NC. This year we have 48500 lights with about
¼ of those synchronized to music on 64 LOR channels. Additionally we
have numerous handmade displays and hundreds of other decorations. This
is our first year using light controllers and we have challenged
ourselves to create a display of lights that has a balance of
synchronized lights and static lights. While the use of light
controllers can create dramatic effects, we want to offer an experience
that is not only dramatic but peaceful, joyful, relaxing, and one that
brings back memories for adults and creates memories for children. We
will be a part of a thirty minute Christmas special on NBC 17 this year
and have made several local news broadcasts. For more pictures and
video, please visit our site at
May your wishes become reality, The Fuller Family – Blaine, Kim, Chris
and Valerie.

180 Hi, this a picture of the 2008 Eugene Christmas Light Show for you to
use in your website etc…

Merry Christmas from
Bloomington-Normal in IL! We have 500+ blow molds, almost 40,000 lights,
104 channels of Light-O-Rama, Leaping Arches, Mega tree, Strobes and the
famous The Christmas Story Leg Lamp. Check out our website for more
information and photo’s of our display.


182 Our house has 6250 lights this year, about 1300 more than last year! We
decided to retire the icicle lights and go with the C7 led bulbs. There
are 800 led bulbs including the snowflake that outline our house. I
wanted to get a little creative this year so i put together a pond out
front that includes 1600 minilights and a couple strands of 18ft. rope
lights. We enjoy coming to your site and checking out all the pictures
people send in every year! Michael & Christy PrivettNicholasville, Ky

Holidays From The Bustamante Family, This is my First year with LOR 32
Channel Controller. Oh what fun it is with hundreds of feet of extension
cords and 14,000 lights.


Happy Holiday’s from Kathie’s
Lancaster Lights. We are located in Lancaster, CA. We have just over
5000 lights in our new home. 80% of my display is handmade. Here is my

Kathie’s Lancaster Lights |

Kathie’s Holiday Light Display
Merry Christmas!! ~Kathie


Hi Chuck, Here are some photos
for your 2008 Showing Off section. Belardo Lights is located in San
Diego, CA and in 2008 we proudly present an animated Christmas Display
consisting of 58,000 lights, and many home-made items and decorations.
We recently added Singing Reindeer, Sparkleballs, the Christmas Word
Tree, the Dancing Stephen, and much more. Our display is a labor of love
and provides therapy and father-son time with our two boys Brandon and
Stephen. They were both diagnosed with Autism at age 2, and have made
large strides with early intervention and associated therapies. The
Belardo Lights display is our way of making memories for both our boys
and the community. More information is available on our website at

Thanks, Randy Schimka


This year’s Christmas Display
is 20,000 led lights sync’d to 64 channel of LOR that run nightly with
10 different songs broadcasting on 106.7fm. We are in Middletown
Delaware. Be sure to visit

for directions and links to other Delaware homes.

187 The Davis Christmas Wonderland, near Jacksonville Ark, This our 8th year
setting up the display & we have over 100,000 lights, this year. I enjoy
setting the display up, then watching as the folks drive by slowing
enjoying the lights. We call it our wonderland, cause its a wonder we
get this many lights working at the same time. Its our Christmas gift to
everyone. Merry Christmas!!!!!
188 Our home is in Hiawassee, Georgia. This year we have close to
100,000,lights.It also includes 22 inflatables, over 40 artificial
trees. We have over 200 wireframe figures. And close to 200 plastic
blowmolds. Santa was also here for the weekends. It is hard for me to
get the best picture ,it is spread out so much It is a lot of hard work
but it is worth it. Robert Buchanan

Merry Christmas from Research, Victoria, Australia. This is our 2008
display that includes inflatables, blowmolds, animation, and sound
activated items.


Here is my
neighbor’s yard and won the neighborhood contest 3 years ago. His whole
yard is covered in penguins.


Merry Christmas from the Zentner family in Hemet, California. 10,000
lights and getting bigger every year. Dave Zentner


ok, here’s the deal for 2008.. my display (the top balcony) really
didn’t turn out but it’s bright.. it’s a much better view from inside.
the neighbor below me participated…. if i knew they were going to have
that “stairway” of lights happening i’da done something different with
my display to accompany their work. happy holidays folks!


Christmas to everyone from Plant City Florida! No snow here but lots of
Christmas spirit in our neighborhood. We hope everyone has a wonderful
Holiday and Happy New Year. John and Terri Carroll


Hi, where Justin n David from Saint Mary’s, Pa this is a few pictures of
our 2008 display including 130 blowmolds…30 + wireframes….7
inflatables….3100 lights….we wanted more but have to add more power
lines………been doing this since I was 4! I’m 25 now so theirs only
room to grow! enjoy


Aaron and Kristen Jabkowski of
Mesa Arizona. 13,000 lights, using 40 channels of LOR. 11 ft statue of
liberty mural, 18 ft tall Times Square Building with a lighted motorized
new years ball , check out the youtube video


I also have 15 ft tall world trade center tribute in light and a big
apple. A few other important things are a 4 x 6 ft flag on the roof and
a memorial to Andrew Peter Charles Curry Green, a relative of my wife
who was lost in the terrible tragedy on September 11th 2001. Please
check out the other video on youtube of the full show




Our 2008 display with 125000
lights using wire frames mini,rope,LED,C-7 lights with computer
animation More info at


James & Camille Wagoner

Edgewater, Florida

Happy Holidays Everyone!


2008 Light Estimates Total
Light Count – around 15,000 Total extension cords – 60 at various
lengths, (approx 3750 ft total length) Total Computerized Channels – 48
Total Amps – 90 (potential) Total Watts – TBD Total Time Involved – 2-3
hours per minute of each song (75-100 hours total for the 2008 show)
Planning – all year, all the time Show Times – 5:30-10:00 pm

Mike Cotrill


Hey Chuck, Here is my showing
off….. 32 channels… Located in milford, Ma. This is our second year.
Here is the link to the Youtube video.



and attached is a photo from the local newspaper. Thanks Nick


This is our third year for a
synchronized display. My son and I synchronize the songs. and we have
two friends help setup in November. We have over 100,000 lights which
are mostly LED’s. Our show runs from December 1-31st every year and we
collect donations for the local food bank. Our web address is

Kevin Thomas


Halina and Frank Rossi, League
City Texas. 80 channels of LOR with 18,000 light. This is our first year
with LOR and you can see videos at


Marty Slack’s Christmas Utah is
an animated display synchronized to music. The display features singing
and dancing animated figures, an animated band, video, and music
broadcast on FM. The show is controlled by 544 channels of Light-O-Rama.
For more details visit


My Mum & Dad Do The Lights Every Year For There 3 Grandchildren, My
Sisters Two Kids Courtney Age 4, Keira Age 2, And My Son Jayden James
Age 7Month, We Have Put Pics On Planet Xmas For The Last Couple Of
Years! This Year Were In A New House And Every One On The Street Loves
The Lights! Thanks Roxanne Halpin And My Mum Tracy & Dad John.<rte_text>


Pic from Chandler, Arizona. Idso Family 2008. Vintage Blowmold Heaven!


Hello Chuck and fellow PC visitors. Hereby a picture of our small
balcony display. Unfortunately we don’t have much more room outside our
apartment. Wishing all of you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for
the upcoming year. Fons, Margo & Stephanie

206 Sal and Maria Sciangula , Bensonhurst. Brooklyn. 82 Street 18 Avenue

Max McKeever. Producer of Max’s


Hello and Merry Christmas from Abingdon, Maryland. Samantha and Dave


Greetings Chuck. Here is a
picture of my house for the 2008 showing off page. Now this may not look
as great as so many other houses do, but what is special is that for
only the 3rd time during my 50 years it snowed in central Mississippi
during the Christmas Season. I have 50k lights of which 30k are in the
back yard with my new 48 channels of Light-O-Rama I have a new nativity
and still broadcasting on Low Power FM 107.9 “Mayton Christmas Radio”.
Season’s Greetings to all as I begin thinking about next year. Bro.
Larry. Puckett, MS



Merry Christmas to Southwest Michigan!! This is our 8th year of
automated lights. Our Third year using Light-O-Rama. Last year we had
80-channels this year we have 128-channels of LOR all sequenced to 5
songs with a small FM modulator with RDS. We have over 12,000
mini-lights, 50 C9 lamps, 4800 lights on 25ft Mega-tree, 12 Mini-trees,
2 10ft Leaping Arches, 3 blowups, 3 blow molds, 2 hand made wireframes
with tube lights and over 300 foot of tube light on the house. Check out
our videos on youtube “Lights on Bell Road 2008”


Your site is amazing. We submitted a photo back 2002. The old photo
still comes up in a web search. Because of this last week we were
contacted by a long lost cousin we haven’t seen in almost fifty years.
WOW!! Talk about a Merry Christmas!! I just had to send in a photo of
this years’ display. We have added quite a bit since 2002. Thank you for
all your hard work. Jack and Donna Lotts. Titusville, FL 32796


Hello everyone! I’m from Serbia, Europe, and I loooove Christmas
decorating.. 🙂 My display has over 8.000 lights, 1.000 are ice white
LEDs that I purchased from USA. I have a lighting ceremony each year,
when all my friends and neighbors gather to see the show of lighting the


Graham Family Christmas lights
in Chillicothe, Texas welcome you to our 3rd year of animated lights. We
have 112 channels controlling a 14’ diameter circle(trampoline frame),
16 mini trees, shooting star, 4 leaping arches, house lights, and a NOEL
sign. Seven songs sequenced this year for your enjoyment. You can view
videos from all 3 years at

Hope you
enjoy, James and Gloria Graham

214 Merry Christmas from the Slaters, In Livonia, Michigan.We’ve been decorating since 1997. Things have been getting bigger and
better every year.Our light count has reached an all time high of over 40,000! We also
have a Santa Sleigh and reindeer flying over our house. Our snowman is
also having a snowball fight with the neighbor’s, over the street. We
have added more color and increased our Computer control from 96 to 192
channels. The lights are sequenced to 14 different songs and we have
voice-overs to make us should like a real Christmas radio station. Enjoy
and Merry Christmas! The Slaters

Merry Christmas to everyone from the DeVan family in Powder Springs,
Georgia. This is our first year synchronizing to music. Lot’s to learn,
LOL. Many thanks to all the generous and helpful friends at PC and LOR.
We wish everyone a successful and joyous new year!


Christmas! Bill Weis


Hi, Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Here is our 40,000+ light static
display in Bolingbrook, IL. Many of the lights on the house and in all
the trees are chasing lights and give the place a sense of movement.
This is our 19th year decorating. The neighboring town has 4 trolleys
running every night and drive by several times a night. It’s so funny to
be outside and hear the people on the trolley shouting with surprise as
they come around the corner. They all get out and walk around. Many have
come to the door to sing Christmas Carols to us. Being on the corner
gives them an opportunity to see our display from different vantage
points. So many people are so thankful for what we do. They tell us
stories about how they have been coming here for years with their
family, how it reminds them of what Christmas is all about and for those
that have had tragedy in their life have told us how our display helps
them get into the spirit. To all of you — THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO TO

218 Christmas tree in the sunroom. Yard by Steve & Rebb. Tree by Tammie

Hi C.Smith. Hello from
Denmark/ Europe.
Glædelig Jul & godt nytår// Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Home of
Olympia ,Michala & Morten at the country side of Fredensborg. This is
the number 1. Christmas light display in
Denmark ! There is 20.014 lights. Happy
Holidays from Denmark
this is our 4th year of decorating our house for Christmas. Every year
our display has grown, this year we are using 20,014 lights. We wish you
and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!, We hope
you enjoy this years display… We are looking forward for next year….
Julelys I røven gir varmen…// Have a nice Christmas. Marten Z. Honore


Hi, Merry Christmas, for you too! I am from Brazil and I work with
recycle materials in Xmas. See my house in the photos. Bye and happy new
year! Rosely


Hi Chuck, Picture of the Parcell Family display in Geneva, IL.


Happy Holidays to everyone from
Marlton, NJ…. What a tough time trying to get a house that has over
100,000 lights to sit still long enough for a picture. We also had 16
fun and unique inflatables, animations, Santa Claus, fire trucks, police
cars, and so much more… We had a great year this year with our
Christmas Spectacular 2008. WE worked with 2 charities, the Evesham Twp
Fire/Rescue and also the Yellow Ribbon Club of Marlton, NJ. What a great
bunch of people who are there for the troops when they come home from
overseas. We had over 200 people at the house when Channel 10 out of
Phila, Pa was filming! The only thing missing was the big top, maybe
next year…


Well till next year, another six months to rest before we do it all over
again!! Tom and Beth Ronketty. Marlton, NJ


from The Sweet’s Family in Miami, Florida. Not much going on, but we
still wanted to share our display. Thank You PlanetChristmas for
allowing us to SHOWOFF in 2008. We’re planning BIGGER for 2009. LOOK



225 Located in “sunny” South Orange County, Ca. this house looks great both
daytime and night. With over 100 hand-crafted figures on a “snow covered
yard” it’s a truly Yule home. But at night hold on to your seats where
over 30,000 lights controlled by 96 LOR channels go to work. There are
20 trees on the roof, a 20’ Mega tree with 9600 lights, a dancing Santa
and singing reindeer beating to the tunes of 8 songs including Boggie
Woogie Choo Choo, Wizards, Carol of the Bells, Boogie Woogie Santa.

Hi I’m Chris
and I’m 17 years old. this is my house in Farmingdale long island. I put
up this display with my dad and my brother. this is the first year I
computerized the display with 32 channels. next year I plan to make the
display even bigger. I have been doing this for about 6 years and every
year it grows. I am already working on new ideas for next year. new this
year are the 2 Christmas trees. they switch colors from red to green and
are broken up into 4 sections and are animated by 16 channels. we came
up with the idea last January so we had metal frameworks made up and
then in September I started wrapping the trees with lights. they have a
total of 5,000 lights on them. the whole display I estimate has anywhere
from 15 to 20 thousand lights. happy holidays and happy new year from
the Catalano family


G-Town Christmas

32 channels of Light-O-Rama Gardner, Kansas. First year computer
controlling. Tyson & Natalie Hofsommer, Gardner KS 66030


This is the
first year we have gone animated, and we have a 64 channel LOR system
running 15,000 lights. Although hard to tell, the mini trees have three
separate colors and total 4,200 lights alone The whole family was
involved in creating, building, programming, and managing the project.
My 17 year old and 11 year old boys were of great help in building and
they even programmed their own songs. Our oldest son’s friend also was
our narrator, and programmed his own sequence. We are located in
Summerville SC, and have put up a display since moving in 2003. Rob


Merry Christmas all, 100,000-110,000 estimated traditional static walk
around light show here in
Winter Park, Fl. is a huge success again drawing
over estimated 60,000 visitors. At times just before and on Christmas
Eve as many as 500 are walking in and around the walkways interacting
with the display. Our show is now in it’s 15th year of providing many
smiles and great adventures for the young and old at heart. Our display
has grown to one of the most beloved in the
Orlando area that consist of many animated
sculptures, scenes, window displays, toy carnival, antique blow molds,
etc all orchestrated to traditional and new age Christmas music. Indeed
a great experience for us and we are so happy to make so many a very
special Christmas to their family. Thanks to Chuck and this Web site for
all the great things here and thanks to all for the great displays
pictured here. Merry Christmas forever to all, Rob and Betty Petersen of
Winter Park, FL


Hi Chuck, Here is a picture of my 2008 display. I live in Greenville,
Rhode Island. This is my first year computerizing my lights to music
using Light O Rama 32 Channels. Happy Holidays! Wes


Nothing but blow molds! This is
Thomas and Doreen Steiner’s 2008 Christmas Disney Display in Huntington,
IN., located just five blocks from the Huntington County Courthouse. We
have been decorating our yard with lights for 40 years. Although I don’t
run a computerized display and don’t really plan to, there are still
some elements of control to everything. We have around 2,000 lights and
50 different blow molds for this year. We cut way back on lights due to
the economy this year, and just went with 2,000 mini lights, all blow
molds, and a few wireframes this year. We also feature a Gemmy Ferris
Wheel (new for the 2008 display) & Santa Train and Tender Car. We also
cut way back on lighting for 2008 due to spending more time with our
lovely granddaughter, Autumn, 5 years old and our grandson, JJ, who is 1
year old. We have 700-plus blow molds, but we don’t use all 700 in our
display. We change the blow molds around each season to make the display
look differently. We have been doing a Christmas display for 40 years.
We have been featured in The Post & Mail newspaper, Columbia City, IN
and The Huntington Herald-Press newspaper, Huntington, IN. We have
raised over $3,005 for the Toys For Tots Campaign for 2008.We love what
we do best for the community of Huntington, IN. Please check us out on
the web at

232 Hi, This is our house in Townsend, DE. My wife and I
have decided to do “themes” each year. We chose Candy Land in case you
can not tell. All of the characters are hand painted by my wife. I am in
charge of lighting. Thanks and Happy New Years. The Getty’s. short
youtube video:


This years
display is up about 10% to 17,500 lights. Our third year at this
location and second with LOR control of 8 songs. We try to add a few
blow-ups, lights and LOR channels each year. We hope everyone had a
great Christmas and are looking forward to seeing all the great displays
next year. Happy New Year from the Dimmocks- Augusta GA<rte_text>

234 Here is just a few pictures of our display and me as Santa which I
dressed up on the weekends and handed out candy canes to the children
young and old and let them get their pictures taken with Santa and the
decorations we all had a great time also this year we won the chamber of
commerce award and the cape Christmas decorating committee award. hope
you enjoy. Chaplain Terry Wildman

Dear Chuck…..I visit your
website every Christmas to view the houses and get idea’s for when we
are decorating……this last weekend we went to Edmonton (Alberta). and
viewed this house…….it is truly unbelievable……I just thought I
would pass on the web-site so you could have a peek……this is his 5th
year on decorating and I have never seen it on the planet Christmas


It truly is a “Magical Christmas House”…….I hope you enjoy looking
at it as much as my family did. Til next year….. Debbie Hollman
(Camrose, Alberta, CANADA)


I have had a static display
since 1997 and had my first animated display in 2007. For ’07, I had
13,900 lights with 40 channels of computer control. For ’08, I had just
over 30,000 lights with 88 channels of computer control. I am very
pleased with the way my display turned out this year, and I have
received numerous compliments. I even had people coming to my door, to
thank me for the display/show! Feel free to check out my website at
And big Thank You to everyone who has given me guidance & support,
without your help, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Happy Holidays to


This year’s Christmas display
has two running trains, 35 foot long animated Toy Factory, and a 24 foot
tall artificial Christmas tree. This is our 9th year running the bigger
train pictured here. More information is available on our website at

Thanks, Bryce. Frisco, Texas


Greetings from the “Crossroads of America” Joliet, Illinois. We have
been decorating for 10 years, and have close to 200 blow molds in front,
side and backyards. We have “Snoopy” overlooking Interstate 80 nightly
from atop his lighted house. We setup our display is “Themes” like a
full “Nativity” display, The “Snowman Convention”, “Gingerbread Houses
with Family and Trees”, Penguin Family with Igloo”, “Choirs with Steeple
Church”, “Santa Express Train complete with Elves”, “Support Our Armed
Forces Display”, “Mickey and Minnie Mouse going on vacation in 1971
Winnebago”, “Bear Family with baby bears going down slide and teeter
tottering (1st try at animating), “Angel Choir singing in front of 10
foot lighted cross with the “Reason For The Season” and the blue and
white “Rockdale Star” above it. We also have Candy Canes”, ” Blinking
Lights”, “Spiral Trees’ New this year was the 10 foot cross and my
wife’s hand painted signs “Welcome To “Cassem’s Christmas Corner” “The
Reason For The Season”, “God Bless America”, and “Support Our Armed
Forces”, these signs really stand out… We light up on December 1 and
shut down on January 2, lights are on from 5pm to 10pm. Outside Music
from “College of St Francis” nightly. This been a real tough year with
ice, snow, and high winds but we managed to come through it…….Next
is the disassembly and storing it till next year! See you then! Happy
Holidays to one and all from Jerry and Ruby Cassem


Welcome to the Hallum’s House
Of Lights 2008 Computerized Christmas Lights Display. This year we are
excited to announce we won the Worldwide Computerized Display Contest on
Planet Christmas. Our 2008 display includes over 155,000 lights and 224
LOR channels. This was our first year using LOR. To learn more about the
display and to watch videos, you can check out our website at



My wife and I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and will
have a prosperous New Year. This Christmas, our display was seen by more
people than ever before. We had a steady stream of cars and people
walking by our home every night. Our entire street got in on the fun
this year with lights on nearly every house. It was really something to
see. The picture that is shown here is just one side of the display. Our
big addition this year was a choir scene telling the story of Christmas,
along with a Ferris Wheel, a Carousel, and some cute yard decorations.
We want to invite everyone to come see us in Spring Hill Tennessee in
2009 and visit our street. The street name is Paradise Drive. Our theme
will be “Christmas on Paradise”. Merry Christmas and we that you will be
blessed throughout the year. Glenn and Christina Barber


Christmas from the DeLauro and Cianflone families in Dyker Heights,
Brooklyn, NY. We have over 12,000 lights most of which are L.E.D. Our
display has it’s own radio station and is controlled by 24 computer
channels. Our neighborhood is known for having some of the best
Christmas light displays in New York. This year we were featured on HGTV
(What’s with That Decked Out Christmas House), The Learning Channel
(More Crazy Christmas Lights) and Treasure HD on Dish TV (Magnificent
Obsessions). Come by and check us out. 1121 – 1125 71st Street Brooklyn,
NY 11228. I hope to see you soon… Robert


Liquori Family Winter
Wonderland 2008, Here is Michael and Rosina’s Display from Glen Cove
Long Island New York. We have 25000 lights 500 blowmolds 40 airblown
inflatables, giant toy soldiers, candy canes and more. This is our 21st
year decorating. Boy how the time has gone by. We have been featured on
all the local news channels, also CNN, HGTV and we have been shown in
Spain and south America, and Japan Television. This year we’re honored
to be a Planet Christmas Decorating Contest winner in the Blowmold
category. You can learn more about the display from our website at:


Hi Chuck. All the way from
Perth, Australia. Please find attached my 2008 Christmas Lights Display.
I have 27,400 lights. Each year my collection of lights grows… This
year I raised over $5,000 for Canteen – Kids With Cancer. website:

Thanks, MARIE


This is my
house. I love to decorate it for Christmas. Thanks, Happy Holidays and a
happy new year! Elaine Cardello.


This is our second year using
LOR controllers. We have 144 channels this year with 28,000 lights.
Videos are here

Directions are here


We are located in Ft Worth Texas, come see the 2009 show, it WILL be
worth the drive!!


Foghorn wishes you a Merry
Christmas from Spokane, Washington. Farm-ish light show with over 66,000
lights and 392 channels of LOR. You can visit

and view videos of Foghorn, Porky, Dominick, the Three Chicks, and more,
singing and dancing to the music.


Hi Chuck, please review the
attached information regarding our display. You can also find more
information at
Below you can see a photo from last year’s display which won a
decorating contest. This year we have over 48,000 computer controlled
lights synchronized to music. We have two different shows which start at
the top and bottom of the hour. Each show runs between 15 and 23
minutes. The display features a 25’ mega tree, a fifteen foot mega tree,
a virtual Santa and a life sized nativity. Music is broadcast on a low
power FM transmitter so visitors can listen to the music while watching
the lights from the comfort of their cars. Mike Mackey

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