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The PlanetChristmas community of decorating enthusiasts gets together each year for our  Christmas Expo conference. In order for Christmas Expo to get better each time, the PlanetChristmas community must continue to grow. You can help several different ways.

If you want to make your own “subtle” version, click on one of these pictures for a .PDF version. Print it on card stock with your printer (lasers work best), laminate the paper and mount it on some sort of backer board (black coro is the best).

The sign above is a “2-up” meaning print it out on standard 8.5 x 11 card stock, cut in half lengthwise, laminate and mount. Click the graphic to the left to get the .PDF.

We even have a generic voice-over sound track using our official theme song if you want to add it to your Christmas show. Thanks to Judy Pancoast, we can use her “House on Christmas Street” tune snippet. The Demented Elf has been so kind as to record everything for us. Download it here. It’s an MP3 recorded at 128bps.

Think you’re ready for the PlanetChristmas screen saver? If you have a Windows based machine, this might work for you. It’s more than 1500 pictures of Christmas displays that randomly cycle thanks to your PC screen saver. It even plays some low level Christmas music and shows a calendar and clock on your desktop. Simply download the file (it’s about 270 MB which means it will take quite awhile), run it (make sure pop-ups are temporarily allowed) and follow the directions. It’s easy!

Several of our members have also submitted banners they include with their digital signatures. Feel free to cut and paste any of these. You can also submit banners other people can use. Typically they are 500 pixels wide and 100 pixels high. Click here to submit a banner!

Thank you Jason Woodside

Thank you Jason SomraK

Thank you Jason Somrak

Thank you Jason Somrak

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