Star Wars and Christmas. Get Inspired!

Ready to be inspired?  Watch this incredible video of Bryan Shively’s 2016 Christmas display.

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We got Bryan to share some details of this super-creative display.

The Star Wars music features portions of four different tracks that I edited using Logic.  I then used Final Cut Pro to create the video and ad the sound effects that are used in the project.

For the lights and video playback, I use Light-O-Rama S4 Pro.  There are two Light-O-Rama pro controllers for the 14 channels of standard LED lights and props along with four Light-O-Rama Cosmic Color Ribbons around the windows.  Multiple Light-O-Rama CMB-24D’s dumb pixel controllers control the roof outlines, the eight floods lights on the home and the driveway arch.  Another CMB-24D is used to control the four floods that light up the globes on the yard.  I have four Cosmic Color Ribbons that make up the individual matrix displays  on the front bushes and patio.  The 16 foot mega tree features 15 vertical Cosmic Color Ribbons.  Including the house and yard, there are almost 30 LED strobe lights as well.

What about weatherproofing those moving head beams?  

Living in southern California means snow isn’t an issue but rain absolutely is.  Unfortunately, all the cover options I’ve found for both the movers and projector are up there in price. What I ended up doing is running one show Mon-Thursday and the more complex stuff during the weekend.  I then spend about 20-30 minutes before my first static show setting up the moving head beams and projector for the evening.  Fortunately the rain only impacted one show this season.  I found some ideas for a DIY projector enclosure that I may try this year but the mover enclosures are still costly.

All of the props, standard LED lights and dumb pixels are sequenced in Light-O-Rama’s Sequence Editor.  I use an ADJ dmx controller to figure out my settings for the two 300 watt moving head beams behind the house.  Once I get that close to final, I drop those numbers in to Sequence Editor  (thank you Fill Tool!)  I then test the movers out and make any final adjustments and minor tweaks.  The pixel matrix displays and mega-tree are all sequenced in Light-O-Rama Pixel Editor and the Cosmic Color Ribbons are sequenced in SuperStar.  Once everything looks good, I export SS and PE in to my sequence as intensity files.
Being able to work with multiple protocols simultaneously has been amazing.  I’m running the Light-O-Rama protocol, E1.31 and standard DMX-512 and it all works!
 The final element for the show is setting up the 4400 lumen projector that displays on the garage door.
I started out around eight years ago with a single 16 channel Light-O-Rama controller and a couple pre-made sequences from the store.  I think I’m now up to twelve custom sequencing ranging from a couple minutes to almost 10 minutes long.  Light-O-Rama software and hardware have made it possible for a guy, who basically grew up watching shows at Disneyland, to bring some of that magic back home to my family and many grateful neighbors.
Impressed?  We certainly are at PlanetChristmas.  Go directly to Bryan’s YouTube video at
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