Weatherproofing is worth the effort to keep the water at bay.

Darryl Brown has the solution to weatherproof your computerized lighting electronics!

I just built a container for a 16 channel controller using a plastic two dollar container from K-mart. It was difficult to cut this plastic at first, then I went and got a Dremel cutting tip for plastic. It cut without making a gooey mess.

I mounted plastic weather proof outlet covers on the outside. Both boards use the same power cord. I glued the Dasher board stand-offs with hot glue. They stay pretty snug.
The RJ45 jacks are at the bottom right of this picture.
The covers will help shield the light plugs in case of rain.
Everything seems to fit tight.
This is were I will probably mount it on my tree. Might move it, not

A very special thanks to Darryl Brown for providing this information! [email protected]

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