We’re looking for magazine articles!

The staff is working on the next PlanetChristmas Magazine but we need more stories.  Now is your chance to write for a digital publication read all around the world and in the process maybe become famous!

We’re looking for articles centered around Christmas decorating.  It can be anything from building a pixel tree to fixing a broken ornament.

We’re also looking for time-saving tips with a goal to get more people decorating for this holiday season.  Know how to store a lot of lights in a small space?  We want to know how you do it.  How do you keep track of a zillion extension cords?  Share your tricks with others.  Fixed a broken figure in a nativity scene?  No doubt others have had the same challenge and can learn from you.  Inquiring minds really want to know!

If you have a new Christmas-centric product, want the world to know about it and can write a story describing how it can be used, then we’re interested.  Our only request is to save plugging your company until the last paragraph of the article.

Scared about writing?  Don’t be.  Write what you know about and it will be easy.  Don’t worry about how many words or the length of the story.  PlanetChristmas editors will make sure you look great.

Send us an email if you’re interesting in writing for the magazine:  [email protected]

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