X-10. Dated technology but it can still be used.

whatisX10-0.gif (10576 bytes) The easiest (but dated) way to control your Christmas lights is to use X-10 Technology. The price is right and it’s easy to understand. The history of X-10 is even fascinating!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to understanding this technology and how to use it at your house.

  1. Read how controls are sent to turn the light on and off by clicking here
  2. Click here if you are super technical and want to see what’s on the sine wave.
  3. Want to modify your X-10 modules? Click here!
  4. Determine what you want to control
  5. Control it manually to make sure it works
  6. Automate it with your computer. May we suggest Light-O-Rama or Animated Lighting?

How do you link the computer to X-10? You start with a gizmo that connects to the serial port of your computer and then to an X-10 module. Checkout these SmartHome pages for details on a serial interface device or USB interface device.

Other Resources:

  1. SmartHome
  2. X-10 Pro
  3. Modify your X-10 modules
  4. X-10 Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Control your X-10 from the Web!
  6. Interfacing with Macintoshes

PlanetChristmas also lets the computer control some gigantic X-10 modules. Below is a special lighting module for dimming up to 2000 watts. All of the incandescent light icicles around the house are connected to this so they all dim and brighten at the same time.

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